Today we are going to talk about our Favorite Movies filmed here in Hawaii…

From Lilo & Stitch, 50 First Dates, Blue Crush, From Here to Eternity, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, A Perfect Getaway, Descendants and the movie called Hawaii to 50 other movies filmed here…We discuss our favorite 8 films and do a short list about a bunch others…


We also have a few special guests in Studio…The Old Socialist Jew Sanders and The Arrogant Orange Orangutan Trump! Lets all have some FUN with this!

ALSO…Watch the VIDEO below to really get a LAUGH!!!!

Below is a list of films SET in HAWAII…there are many more, but the settings wasn’t Hawaii like King Kong, Jurassic Park, Avatar etc.

This is a list of films set in Hawaii.


17 thoughts on “MOVIES of HAWAII

  1. Thanks for referring to me as normal Paul and regular Paul and not shitty Paul or asshole Paul. 🙂

    I agree with you about Kings Corner and International Market Place…IMP was really getting run down…it was actually a bit depressing sometimes…would have been ideal if they could have just upgraded it a bit. King’s Corner was sort of a ghost town…now that you mention it there are a lot of empty properties.

    • It wasn’t doing anything for Waikiki or Hawaii….new shopping or something should be put in, but it looks like Condo Hotels are going in there…I’m not happy about that…more fucking people, more fucking cars!!! The Waikiki strip can’t get wider….this is the problem…they got no fucking clue what they are creating…a fucking TRAFFIC JAM on Kalakaua!!!

  2. Hey guys. Dug the movie talk. I’ll have to check out Hawaii as I read the book it was based on. I was much more into the earlier part of the book but I’ll give it a shot.

    My favourite Hawaii movie is one you didn’t mention. North Shore! It’s classic 80s cheese, but I saw it as a kid and still love it.

    I watched the 30 for 30 on Eddie Aikau last night. I’m sure you’ve both seen it, but if not you need to. So great.

  3. Hey Bruce and Wayde,

    Those impressions were the worst. I wanted to throw my phone out the window, run over it with my far, and then mail the pieces Molokai in order to ensure I’de never have to listen to Bruce’s asian sounding Bernie Sanders impression again.

    I feel like the weekly episodes are stretching you thin, I could imagine its difficult to find topics every week, and then they digress into Trump impressions or reviews of scenes from Sacha Baron Cohen movies.

    Anyway, sorry for what appears to be a negative comment and I know you guys are just trying to please those that want more episodes, but I’m a fan of quality over quantity.

    • First off that was Bruce E Sanders, not Bernie, 2nd you need to lighten up & take a chill pill, 3rd the impressions took maybe 5 minute in a hour show, 4th you don;t have to listen, 5th I really don’t give a flying fuck what you think.

      • I disagree with Jeff. I’m entertained as hell on these podcasts. Bernie was funnier than Trump!!!
        I’ve been around and have been meaning to comment, just got busy. The last episode with the author was great. I loved the topics with the night marchers and Kamehameha stories. Definitely need to bring her back for a full King episode.

        Wayne, I rewatched the price of paradise and tried to see it more from your perspective. I appreciate the adventure and work that you put into your filming. I can’t wait for the next episodes.

        Question for the next podcast, if locals or Hawaiians have so much aloha, why is there anger towards haoles or discrimination? Doesn’t everyone get along?

        Please keep the weekly podcasts! Real fans love you guys

        • Wait till our second episode X…you’ll start to see what I’m doing after Episode 2…it’s going to be up and down…this next episode is going to be up and down…some negative…but I’m going to try to keep the negative on the light side…Episode 3 will be another adventure, more talking and more me on camera…As for your question about descrimination…watch Episode II…We’ll discuss this with a Hawaiian.

  4. I found your podcast a few months ago while searching for something to bring me back to the islands during my commute. Pickings were slim, so I’m really glad you guys are doing this. I’m working my way up through the old episodes, and I’m already almost caught up. Thanks for putting the time in. I appreciate it.

  5. Aloha Wayde and Bruce! Caryl from the East coast again. I’m actually a female, Caryl is pronounced just like Carol except there’s an “y” instead of and “o”.

    Wow, another super informative episode, I didn’t even realize this many movies were filmed on Hawaii! Funny enough I’ve actually seen a few and don’t think I recognized it as Hawaii… Oops lol.

    Your impressions of Trump and Bernie were HORRIBLE which is what made it that much more entertaining and hilarious! I loved it!

    Wayde where do you normally get your Hawaiian avocados from? The farmers market and such?

    Til next time! Aloha!

    • I hike to get my share of Avocados…I have my secret FREE spots…if I can’t find any in the wild I exchange with friends who have…like many things here in Hawaii…We build an Ohana…if I find something I give left overs to my friends…so when they get too much, they give left overs to me…knowing I will do the same for them…if none of us have any or they are not in season in the forests we do get them from Farmers Markets around the island…but that’s last resort.

  6. Good shit boys… keep having fun with the shows. The last few have been killing it. Love how people bitch about a free product… lol not everyone can nail thoughs Impressions like “sour shoes” can… but it was still funny as hell. (Stern reference) Bruce will get it… anyways keep doing your thing don’t try to conform for the pussys… #trump2016 fuck bernie…lol jk but really fuck bernie…

  7. As always, a good couple of podcasts recently! I’d love to hear more from Ellie Crowe in the future and will have to look into her Hawaii-focused books. I suspect that the real estate one with Lorna Gagnon could possibly become as popular as that marijuana one at some point? Thanks for listing the films as I definitely missed a couple there. I made sure to put up a review on iTunes for your show after your last reminder. Keep forgetting to mention Wayde’s YouTube video: I really, really enjoyed it! I don’t know why people were mentioning that there needed to be more Wayde because he was right there amidst all of it and I’m pretty sure for the most part that if the camera wasn’t actually on him then he was behind the camera so he can’t really do both. Plus, (no disrespect intended, obviously) the main draw/star of the show will be Hawaii itself, I’d think? It looked great and I’m sure character development will come in time as the show progresses. Looking forward to trying some Hawaiian avocados sometime but I’d really like to get Hawaiian papayas because those were way better than the Mexican ones we tend to get in Southern California! Hey, noticed there’s been a short break in the HVC shows but I hope you get back to them soon because Lanai & your wife were both great additions to the show!

    • People are use to me inspiring people on screen Dale…my older videos have me with a lot of face time…they expect that and I understand…but I understand your side as well…I can’t be in front and behind the screen at the same time…there has to be a balance…but like many shows out today…Dog the Bounty Hunter for example…he’s in front of the screen not behind it…He’s a character…I’m a character…really the only main one that will be in every episode…all others will come and go. We are still busilding on the series…it’s not an easy thing to do when you are making NO MONEY from this.

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