We have never done a show on what it’s like to be in the Military here in Hawaii…Lucky for us we finally got someone in who has been all over the world and stationed in many places including Hawaii. Of all the places our Military guest ANTHONY has been…Hawaii is his favorite and it’s a place he is working to now to day to move for good once he gets out of the military in his last year in Japan. We discuss what it’s like making a big move and what he likes about Hawaii and the pluses and minuses of living abroad.


24 thoughts on “MILITARY LIFE in HAWAII

  1. Well now I have to defend my shitty name. I haven’t written in to disagree with any thing you guys have said and I have donated once but not to this podcast, to the cleanup charity. The other Danielle is the monthly donator to this podcast.

    I really enjoyed this guest and I like this topic a lot since military life is so influential. There is a lot of crappy things the military is doing but I like the positive story Anthony has about it making him fall in love with Hawai’i. I feel your podcast has been getting better and better each week

    • Danielle…in all seriousness…We are totally kidding and fooling around with the entire Shitty NAME and all…hope you never take it seriously and I have no intention of calling you Shitty D anymore.

  2. That was a fun episode guys. It was the military that first brought me to Oahu in 1995 and my heart really never left. I remember the nights especially, so quiet on K-Bay. It was a real adventure, living broke as hell (possible because rent and food were paid for of course) finding all the little things that make that island special. I especially miss the weekends we would spend at the Hostel on the north shore. I’m sure it’s more now but then $10 per night right on the beach and new faces around the fire and sharing drinks and food all night with folks from all over the world, couldn’t ask for a better experience.

  3. Anthony was a great guest. You should have a third host and add him to the crew.

    Wayne can you talk about how you closed that tour deal with the Four Seasons? Did you pitch them or did they seek you out? That’s an impressive gig to set up, well done.

    • Anthony is only here for a few weeks before he goes back to Japan…He’ll be back and forth for the next year before he moves again to Hawaii in a year or so. He’s been all over the place, but he need to return to duty in Japan for another year. If you don’t know Anthony he’s been in a lot of my Youtube VIDEOS, check him out so you can put a voice with a face: and As for the Four Seasons…I really can’t get into the details, but we did pitch them with my Video Work and they loved it…I came together with several like minded entrepreneurs my age who all had the same Vision and we got a contract done with them. The hope is to secure Exclusive Tours with all the Four Seaons on the islands in the future.

  4. Really enjoyed this podcast! The military life podcast really puts everything in perspective about working and living in Hawaii. You guys are doing a tremendous job bringing in guests with real life experience and having open and honest conversations.
    I recently had my honeymoon in Hawaii and have had several interviews with potential employers but no luck yet (even set-up an interview during our vacation/honeymoon …..Talk about multitasking and keeping the dream alive). Like the Hawaii 4-0 guy, I have a serious plan of getting out there within 4 years. Being a Canadian citizen and an outsider makes it difficult to land a job on the islands. Even though I have American citizenship too, I think employers are hesitant to hire outside of the US. Pretty interesting that one employer I spoke to asked if I had any social ties or support systems in Hawaii to help make it there. \

    It was briefly mentioned it in previous podcasts but it would be interesting to hear from guests about moving to Hawaii who do not necessarily have a support system already established.There’s a lot of talk about not moving there without a job lined-up or being transferred which makes perfect sense but what about not having an established social tie?

    Thanks for all your advice and banter. I left you some bones to support you guys and hope you continue producing podcasts.

    • We may just cover this in our next Podcast Caroline…We haven’t done a Podcast on what it’s like moving here without a support system and not knowing anyone…That’s a great idea…Let us think about this. Mahalo~

      • Hi Caroline,

        Just wanted to Say HI, I’m Jay from Hawaii Four-0. Yeah Wayde and Bruce really helped set me straight on what its going to take to Move my Ohana to Hawaii. There insight and resources have been invaluable. We decided the best way for us to get there is buy a house here in Toronto and use the equity we make as the vehicle to propel the dream of moving there. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions that I can share my experience from. (


  5. Great episode! I was stationed in Kbay and Hawaii really left an impact on me. Of course at first it was hard getting around when all your friends know just as much as you about the island. This is where I see service members and their families fail. They stay bubbled in and don’t go out to explore. Same goes for locals who probably never leave island. For my first year, I was still eating at McDonalds and joints I was used to at home, I know a BIG mistake. I lucked out with my first roommates who were locals. Just like anyone, they had their guard up, but after sometime I was introduced to their way of living.

    Just like Anthony I have gone back to visit. Still routinely visiting my old roommates who since then have established families. Normally a 2 week stay, but always leave regretting I didn’t request an additional week off at work!

  6. holy shit wayde, have you really never had korean food? i know you don’t really eat red meat so bulgogi and kalbi are off the table but there is plenty of other seafood and even tofu dishes. i don’t have any recommendations since we eat it all the time at home, but i’m sure oahu has more than a few good korean restaurants. get on it!

  7. Hey Wayde, I recall a while ago that you mentioned a trip to Idaho would suck so bad one might kill themselves. I thought I might share one thing we have in common, surfing! I know there is no comparison really but, hopefully you guys will enjoy this short clip from our whitewater park here in Boise.

    When guys are stuck in the desert, 300 miles from the beach, they do what they can to get by, enjoy.

    • Larry, if you had been a Funder or memeber of CORE 58’s Facebook Group you would know my every move and what our film team is doing day in and day out with all behind the scenes etc…We already released Footage of Episode II on the Facebook Group. We post every day on there…You can fund and join anytime…only those within the CORE 58 GROUP get inside info on Episode releases, behind the seen footage, photo’s, and future episode concepts and ideas, etc. So I’m sorry I can’t let any info out on Epsiode II or future projects with Core 58 and the Price or Paradise Docu-Series…that is for the Funders only. Mahalo~

  8. That’s cool I’ll just keep hitting up your Youtube channel till it shows up.
    I don’t do Facebook… Fuck Zuckerburg.

  9. Aloha Wayde and Bruce,

    I tried leaving you guys an ITunes message to offset the shitty comments, but it never went through…anyhow…you guys rock! I found your podcast by accident out on a walk about 4 months ago and cannot get enough of it! There needs to be more radio shows like yours, specifically involving the subject of Hawaii in general. It makes me happy. Your back and forth banter is great AND I don’t think you two are negative at all ( as other comments say ). One thing I found by living in Boston is not to sugar coat my delivery and just get to the point already… Anyhow…rambling… I even have my husband listening now and we actually have convos about how we would totally be friends with those guys ( aka you two… not weird at all 😬 , ha )! Anyhow, we were secretly planning our Hawaii move last year…didn’t turn out so well as his parents flipped and mine were surprisingly very happy…needless to say, we still live in a suburb of Chicago ( with a brief 3 yr stint in Boston, MA ) as we are close to family. I appreciated one of your old podcasts on your personal stories since I was debased to postpone our moving to Hawaii plans. Someday…Well, We are trying to visit Hawaii this February and hope we might be able to connect with a tour(s) from you guys. I’ll touch base as we make more solid plans and get more info, but your tours sound fun!

    Thanks again and Mahalo for your fun and entertaining podcasts,

    Meghan Z

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