MAUI The Valley Isle


Finally we get to the Island of Maui, COMPLETING OUR GUIDE to the MAIN 4 HAWAIIAN Islands…it’s been a long time coming…We don’t break it down as much as Kauai or Big Island…but we get a lot covered and the most important things to do while there…Maui is known for its beach resorts, diverse geography and outdoor activities ranging from hiking and biking to windsurfing and snorkeling. Sprawling Haleakala National Park encompasses the island’s highest peak, Mt. Haleakala, as well as the pools and waterfalls of Oheo Gulch, accessed via scenic, winding Hana Highway.

The Island of Maui the is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727.2 square miles and at one time was the Largest OF ALL the Hawaiian Islands Called MAUI NUI…Today Maui County consists of MAUI, MOLOKA’I, LANA’I and KAHO’OLAWE.

The major areas of Maui to stay in are: Kahului, Wailuku, Kihei, Wailea, Makena, Lahaina, Ka’anapali, Kapalua and Hana.

Some PLACES OF INTEREST: A COMPLETE guide can be found on Wayde’s Website for Maui at:!hawaii-nei/crxv

Big Beach

BIG BEACH (Makena)

Waikani Falls

Waikani Falls (Three Bears)




The Road to HANA


Sunrise at HALEAKALA


MOUNTAIN RIDES (down Haleakala)




IAO NEEDLE Valley State Park

Flyin Hawaiian Zipline


waimoku falls maui


16 thoughts on “MAUI The Valley Isle

  1. Mahalo Bruce and Wayde for answering my questions. You guys rock! I would definitely be interested 8n cleaning up that mess. I already feel like I need to give back to the island and I am not even there yet. But sure, I’m down for anything to make a difference. Great show this week. I’m about to get educated and listen to you older podcast. Peace brudas!

  2. Thanks for the Mahalo on my Donation! When we make it back to Oahu we will definitely be taking a Jeep tour. We have been to all the islands and we really fell in love with Kauai. We haven’t been back to Oahu in eight years but we will return. I own a lot of timeshare weeks at the Pono Kai on Kauai so that’s where we stay when we go. We’re headed back to Kauai for a couple weeks in February and my wife wants to take the Napali/Niihau tour so we’ll need to talk to you about that. We really love the people on Kauai and aloha we get while we’re there.

    I was always going to donate to the show but just never did but when I heard about Wayne’s project, I knew it was time to give some support. I’ll try to donate some more before the end of the deadline. I’m glad your staying positive and you have a plan for whatever you get. You’ve got my support.

    Love the show. You can tell you both love Hawaii but you tell it like it is and that’s what your listeners need to hear. Keep it up. Mahalo.

    • Mahalo Jeff…no matter what happens one needs to be positive…if we don’t raise enough money for the Crowdfunding project the money WE DO raise will go to a good cause so that we can RESTART our YOUTUBE PAGE again…It’s going to be bigger and better…We are going to touch many subject as well as make exciting cool Vids like we did before, but with better production and direction value…the money will pay for video and computer gear. If we fail to raise at least 10K…we will work at getting our first new Video out JAN 2016.

  3. Why do they call it the valley isle? I always figured they called it the valley isle because the whole island is one big valley…Haleakala on one side and West Maui mountains on the other with the flat area from Kahului to Maalaea in the middle.

    • Paul…EXACTLY…Good Job…The name is derived from the fact that central Maui sits between two mountains. Haleakala to the east and the West Maui mountains to the west. Nearly all of central Maui is no more than 200 feet above sea level, while Haleakala stretches to some 10,000+ feet above sea level.

  4. In response to that lady that commented about Wayde being entitled. Let me tell you something about Wayde. When I moved there a couple years ago, his videos were a huge help but it goes even further than that. I emailed him personally and asked advice about what neighborhoods were like and which may suit my family. He responded with a huge email and described in detail everything I wanted to know. He didnt need to do that and I cant believe he took so much time to do that for a stranger. Wayde is constantly helping people like that and so I feel like he does deserve our help with a project he feels so strongly about.

    • Paul…you clearly have my back…since I took that question to heart and talk to her and talked about her on this podcast we haven’t heard shit from her…I’m a little bitter…Im glad she listens to the podcast, but it seems she has only known us for a year…so doesn’t have a clue what I have done the last 20 years here…You state exactly what I did and do every day here…Mahalo for you support Paul and it truly means a lot…much Aloha Nui your way brah~

  5. fuckin guys! the long awaited maui podcast appears only two months after we got back from maui. 😛

    stayed in a legal waterfront condo in kahana, it was great, but hot as fuccccccck.

    took tons of pictures and videos.

    local food, maui fish market and ono kau kau were probably our best picks for food.

    did a road to/from hana hyperlapse:

    …and one from the summit of haleakala:

    wife chickened out on the kahekili highway so we turned around a little past old waikoloa village:

    molokini snorkeling tour was great, as was honolua and napili bay.

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