Making HAWAII your second HOME

Everyone wishes to visit Hawaii at least once in their life time…others wish to move to Hawaii and others already live here…Everyone has their own perspective of what Hawaii means to them…for another group of people, Hawaii just becomes a second home. Today we talk Story with the Garcia FamilyJay Garcia and Christina Harrison-Garcia…

These two as well as friends and family have been coming to Hawaii on a yearly basis making Hawaii their second home. They spend their time here in Hawaii like any local family enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer from the beaches, the hikes, the great food, as well as activities here in Paradise.

The both of them and their friends and family have seen so much of they world, but Hawaii has a special place on their hearts…a place they always return to…Their hope is to move for good and retire one day in Hawaii. Today we talk about their journey, hopes and dreams on living in Hawaii for good!

12 thoughts on “Making HAWAII your second HOME

    • Fuck you…….She already explained how she does that the last time she was on the show, I also don’t want her to get into trouble, reach out to her directly

  1. Just found your show last week and trying to catch up on old episodes. Been to HI twice, last time in 2015 took wife and 2 teenaged kids. Was easily the best and most spiritually enlightening time. I can easily say that going to Hi might have saved my marriage with the wife. We were having some major marital issues and disagreements and spending 13 days at Kahala and RItz Maui with the family kept our family together. As an MD and college professor in Anatomy and Physiology I’m lucky to have a great income and ability to find a higher paying jobs anywhere and with wife that’s a RN we could definitely see having a second home or at least having a long term rental in Maui. Bruce,as a brother of recovering addict, don’t be ashamed of the battle you fight everyday to make the right decisions. Your story is one of perseverance and struggle something we all undergo in this life. My wife is a Jew and while I’m a lapse Christian I do know of the chip on your shoulder that is seen in many Jews. Wayde is good spiritual man and the two of you make a great team. Will not be able to get back to HI until 2019 or so have1 kid in private school and 1 in college. But I will definitely use Bruce’s Aloha travel and Waydes Epic Looking Jeeps if we go back to Oahu. We personally fell in love with Maui and can’t wait to get back. Life is always a struggle and good people like you guys handle it with class and enthusiasm,

  2. Thanks for the shout out on the show! It turned out to be and all TX show which is funny since that is where we live as well. I hear you loud and clear on checking out other islands to move to and it is definitely an open option for us. Oahu is just our first choice because of the larger job market, especially in Honolulu. We are still mostly young, both 30, and will need to save for a while until we can make and move and have enough money to float on until we find jobs. Thanks to your podcasts I feel like we are way ahead of the curve and have a good understanding of the difficulties of making the move and being successful on the island. Still, nothing worth having is easy, especially paradise. Thanks again for the great show and hopefully we can meet in January!
    Conor and Amanda

  3. Cheers for the shout out on the last podcast guys!
    I would LOVE to take part in a future podcast, thank you so much for inviting me!
    Unfortunately it will be 2019 before our next visit (to Oahu) as it’s not possible to come to Hawaii every year (well I would, but the wife wants to do Greek islands and Italian lakes – as do I if I’m honest !!)

    But next time it will be Oahu for one week and maybe Hawaii Island for the other (undecided as to which other island – love Kauai but was there for a week on honeymoon – Koa Kea !)

    As I mentioned we are doing the whole of our trip next august in Maui. 4 nights in Kihei and 10 at the Aston at the Whaler.

    I have a couple of questions regarding my trip to Maui next august (yes I’m planning Way ahead)

    Would you say there is a top 5 of must do’s for Maui?
    Secondly what time would you suggest to leave Kaanapali when we do the road to Hana.
    You’re gonna say 6 am ! I know you are !

    Keep up the great work fellas!
    Dave (still stuck offshore on a pipeline project in Mexico)

    • i’ll give you a couple…
      1. buy the maui revealed book
      2. buy the maui revealed app
      3. don’t turn around at hana, keep going all the way around
      4. go to honolua bay around 6am
      5. eat at ono kau kau and maui fish market in kahana

      “Secondly what time would you suggest to leave Kaanapali when we do the road to Hana. You’re gonna say 6 am ! I know you are !”

  4. One more question I have, is there still a fund to help unko George? Just saw Waydes video and Unko seems like the man. Great embodiment for Hawaii

  5. Aloha Gentlemen,

    Kim and I enjoyed another wonderful program. Great news, Kim has reached out to a few places and one of them is working on a solid job offer. So the preparations for our move are continuing right along. We are paring down our possessions to make the move easier. We would like to reach out to fellow 808 listeners for help in planning the move like Beth from Kona. We need to find out about what to bring and what not to bring. I am throwing away the snow shovels away. No one has ever died from shoveling sunshine! Local contacts and help setting up an early support system would go a long way in making the transition much smoother. I will becoming early next year to buy ko makou hale.

    A hui hou,

  6. My wife and I are from Chicago and just discovered your podcast a couple weeks ago as we were beginning a 20 hour car ride down to Florida for a summer vacation. After the drive down and back, I think we counted close to 40 episodes that we listened too (in reverse order which was actually kind of an interesting experience in itself ha)! We can’t even begin to tell you how enjoyable listening to your podcast was! We planned our first ever trip to Hawaii with the wife’s parent’s and her sister for this upcoming winter break almost a year ahead of time, and like many others before us… we definitely wish we would have discovered you guys sooner! We are staying on Maui for 10 days and ending our trip with a 3 day stay on Oahu. The stop on Oahu was primarily planned because we want to experience all of the history at Pearl Harbor. After listening to you guys, how could we not try to make you a part of our trip?!? We will be contacting you soon about the package you have running on a Jeep Tour and Pearl Harbor Visit. We would love to have one of you guys guide our tour (if you are available of course)! I hope this is our first of many visits to Hawaii, and Bruce, when we plan our next trip, we will make sure to start with Hawaii Aloha Travel 🙂 We look forward to visiting and continuing to listen to your podcast. Keep up the great work!

  7. I LOVE the bumper sticker Wayne. You guys crack me up! Been binge listening over the last few days. I listen at work too. Just got through Hawaii (Hawaiian) time and Why you should visit Hawaii at least once in your lifetime. Sorry about the cops Wayne!! Anyway, mahalo for the laughs and for your sincere love of the islands. I will be donating soon. How much to get the kick ass bumper sticker?? $20?
    Love you guys. And I’m thinking about the food tour for my next trip. I’ve been so many times that I’m not sure what I would enjoy that we haven’t already done. I had family there and we’ve explored a lot. But would love to spend a day on a Jeep tour with ya’ll. Suggestions? Keep up the awesome work. Makes my soul happy!! Aloha! Gretchen- founder & creator of Hawaii or Bust.

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