MAKING ENDS MEETIt’s about time we lift everyone up…We need one of these…Moving to Hawaii IS NOT EASY…it’s going to be one of the HARDEST THINGS you ever do…and once you get here things get HARDER! We have told everyone that we don’t sugarcoat things so we are sure many ARE or WILL be dealing with having a hard time here in Hawaii…

Overall the SAME 5 POINTS reach the surface at some point and it snowballs from there:




At 3 you enter the SELF DESTRUCT phase of leaving Hawaii.



Trust me…Bruce and I have seen this again and again…this is the cycle of coming and going here in Hawaii and it’s about a YEAR PROCESS for most…If you make it to year two…you are probably SAFE…you broke the barrier 😉  In the end we don’t want people here that go down the same path all those who leave do…So we are going to give you a  wake up call and slap you around a bit…maybe a good swift kick to the nuts for you men who start down #3…Moving to Hawaii and living here is a HUGE CHANGE from the mainland in so many ways…some people love it, so hate it…We don’t want the haters here…anyone who gives up the chance to live in GOD COUNTRY is just not something Bruce and I can understand…Living here is a blessing…we are lucky to live here and it’s another reason why we do this podcast…We bitch from time to time, but that’s because we have such a passion and love for Hawai’i Nei…We don’t want it to change like the mainland…we’ll never leave and we’ll fight every day to live here…something others just don’t seem interested in…so be gone…be gone…Those who live here and make ends meet…Yeah…We got this.

31 thoughts on “MAKING Ends Meet in HAWAII

  1. Aloha! I live and make a living in New York City! and Yes I love my City been here all my life,yes I’m a Native New Yorker! I live on the Upper West Side all my life, all 56 years! So far. for the most part its still a nice mixture of residential and business. However chains and new building have been creeping in my hood that are starting become touristy and fish-bowl-like, so I can understand 100% your complaints and concerns. I just came back from vacation on Oahu, was in Waikiki, Yes I booked it with Abby at HAT!!! LOVED IT was very relaxing, hadn’t been on vaca in a long time but I did get the chance to travel out towards North shore and saw the protests signs about expansion. I so understand and sympathize[ see above] . Would I want to live in Hawaii? hmmm well, when you’re on vacation mode everything is wonderful, however actually living and making a living, whether its in Hawaii or NYC… listening to podcast right now, yeah it would be an effort, and for me? Would it alright if I just wanted visit from time to time?

    • Liz…visiting Hawaii from time to time is great…not everyone can move to Hawaii…some people like to just visit and not deal with the REAL day to day Hawaii…Hawaii is a fantasy for many, sometimes manking that fantasy too real can ruin it for some, but just remember…those who do live here are making sure you can live that fantasy of Hawaii when you come visit…if not for us who live and fight for Hawaii everyday…you would have no Hawaii to visit.

  2. Thanks so much for playing, “Margarita”! I live about an hour from San Francisco and there’s a lot to do there–mostly touristy stuff, but there’s a lot to do and yes, Bruce it’s COLD and foggy there.

  3. Again another great show. Thanks for the info. Working on making our way there to relocate from the mainland and treasure the info you provide. Our next visit we will definitely use your services. Would love for you to post the names or map of some of those affordable places to live you mentioned so I could do some research on my own. Love the show!

    • Lou…Nick mentioned the ones in this past Podcast, but we did an ENTIRE PODCAST on where to LIVE IN HAWAII…make a little EFFORT and look at our past podcasts and listen to our Podcast on “WHERE TO LIVE ON OAHU” which was posted back on Sept 19th.

    • Rush…I think we got it, but what was your question? did you have one? We didn’t play it I know…we’ll try to next week on the podcast…

  4. Wow! The last few episodes have almost felt like they have been for me and my future move to the BI. I will replay this episode for my wife and use it for future doubts we might have in the future. Thanks again for another wonderful podcast.

    • No worries Rob…stay positive and keep that passion alive…people have dreams and many reach them…the issue is they stop fighting for them once they reach them…once you reach your dreams you can NEVER stop fighting for them!

  5. Guys, I’ve listed to this podcast 3 times already. Great topic. I know people that moved back after a year or two and it was at least 3 of those issues. Everything is sooo expensive, we missed our family. We never really felt accepted.
    I think part of the problem is that people get so wrapped up in moving to Hawaii because it is such an epic move, and takes so much planning that they forget about what happens after they arrive. If moving there is your ultimate dream then you accomplish it the minute you relocate so when it gets hard you are ready to call it quits because the dream is over.
    I’ve been telling my wife from the beginning, we aren’t just testing this out. We are putting down roots and making this our new and permanent home. That means when the honeymoon period is over and it takes real work to survive that we are going to dig our heels down even more because coming back is in my opinion a failure. 12 days until I get off a plane, head straight over to a beach in Paia and baptize myself as an official resident of Hawaii

    My dream isn’t moving to Hawaii, its LIVING in Hawaii. The move is just the first chapter that gets your excited about reading the rest of the book, we still have a lot of pages to fill.

    • YOU NAILED IT KEN!!! It’s not about Moving to Hawaii…it’s about LIVING Hawaii and if you plan on living Hawaii…you better be ready to fight for it!

  6. haleiwa has some epic fucking sunsets bruce… you know this! but i do agree.. not that my opinion means shit but i’m really upset about the kam schools stuff.. it is busy enough as it is…

    speaking of… i know i asked about your opinions on kahe point last time, so here’s another one. what do you guys think about opal thai? dude was cool as hell and the food was pretty good too!

  7. Great show. I think Ken’s comment has valid points that getting wrapped up in the move overshadows the planning for life after you are there. On the other hand I think that people moving back to the mainland is not necessarily a bad thing. I would love to live in Hawaii, but I’d also love to live in Europe, or San Diego, or many others for a while, too. I can’t live in all those places without leaving one behind.

    As you said, life is a book and you write the chapters. I think the fun of that is letting one chapter lead you to the next rather than planning 2 or 3 chapters ahead. I hope one day to have a Hawaii chapter, but if I leave I’ll make sure it’s not because of one of the 5 reasons you list!

    Thanks again for bringing back the podcast. I really enjoy it!

  8. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the podcasts! I will most likely be visiting family on Oahu next spring, but I was curious about all that construction on the North Shore. I remember one of your shows talked about the timeline and I vaguely remember a link to show all the plans they had. As much as I hate that they are changing so much on Oahu I still wanted to b e in the know for my future visits. My husband and I go to Hawaii at least once a year and this next trip with be with our baby girl, who is due in August.


    • Megan…there may be a good chance the construction will be done in HALEIWA by time you come out…However they only just started the construction of the Marriot Hotel on the North Shore near the PCC…This is going to cause much more traffic on a road that CAN NOT deal with anymore traffic…the island is honestly being taken over by the stupidity of self destructive humans. You may be hitting the North Shore just before the Marriot opens so ENJOY YOUR STAY…it may be the last time Haleiwa is COUNTRY!

  9. Bruce!
    You mentioned i left a voicemail , but you didn’t record it! Dangggg!! Oh well , maybe you don’t like my british accent?! Or you don’t understand it?? Haha
    Anyway , just wanted to say how frustrating it is being a non US citizen and therefore how difficult it would be for me to move out there. It remains a dream.
    I bought a lotto ticket today, i presume if I were Fricking loaded I could pop right over?
    Anyway, i will keep visiting as long as my wife Kim will allow me!
    Love you guys, love the show.
    Mahalo for continuing to do these podcasts, you have no idea how much I enjoy them.
    PS love your new ride Bruce!!

  10. You guys are great and i love this Pod Cast it kind of make me feel like im there in hawaii and boy i wish i was i love everything about oahu especially the green forest the trails the beaches everything that Wayde has shown us in his video i love the island and if i would be there i would not want anything else it would be like living in paradise mahalo from Albania and aloha po 🙂

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Gerti…please continue to follow and support us and if you have any questions please ask here and we will get to them in the next podcast 😉

  11. Hey Bruce & Wayde,
    Well my wife and I Got here on March 10th and we went through all 5 phases lol
    (really) But my wife mostly got stuck a bit on #3 The astounding thing about living on Maui is even as each excuse 1-5 came up, it was just as quickly squashed, as our mundane trip to Walmart in Kahului became a dazzling spectacle as we looked up to see the clouds over the West Maui Mountains. Just as she pined for her children we were walking our dog along south kihei Rd. in the most beautiful palm tree lined sunset that we have ever seen in any of our previous visits. I am a house painter and artist. I have a friend in the San Francisco Bay Area (Yes there are tons of great things to do there) who knew a contractor here so I landed with a steady (and well paying) job in MY field doing what I know and love.
    Yes it has had it’s rough spots. Maui isn’t O’ahu and there are still some bitter people here: Islanders that are O.T.K. ( other than Kanaka Maoli ) who don’t like
    our presents here. But they are few and far between and most here are quite pleasant, Hell even wonderful. No…We aren’t going anywhere! Maui is our home now. We have picked two routs that we go on every week and pick up trash (as well as carrying a garbage bag with us EVERY time we hit the beach and people thank us when they see us cleaning up after ALL who came before. We are going on a morning Dolphin watch cruise next week and we know that our time here will be well served if our time here serves Maui well. Yes there are drawbacks but they are far outweighed by the fact that we live in the middle of the Greatest Show On Earth! Aloha Bruce and Wayde.

    • Ben…HOW ARE YOU!!!! Good to see your are settled in on Maui…I am not suprised you have been going through the 5 phases of failure…WATCH IT…don’t let it get to you…Have your wife listen again and again to this podcast…or you…every time you get down on yourselves…don’t be one of the ones that leave and regret it for the rest of their lives! Good Luck, stay strong and be positive…Hawaii is changing like the world is…WE DON’T LIKE IT…but it’s still bettah den anywhere else…We often bitch about things here because we don’t want it to the the mainland…we want it to be HAWAII!!!

      • Yes Still here. lol Life is great day to day. My Wife is a recovering cancer patient so she goes to California
        every 6 months for her Main Doctor visits (made her first trip back on the first of Oct.) Don’t ask why, I could give you quite an ear full about “The System” here on Maui. But the trip gave her a chance to see that there is nothing to miss there in Cali
        (Beside decent medical) and that Maui really is Home.
        We do one touristy excursion once a month and every day on our drive to work we travel along the coast (Hana HWY)
        and Marvel at the incredible place we live Every Day.
        We survived all 5 phases, and here on the other side of them…Life is here, and we are Lucky We Live Hawaii!

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