It’s 2017THANK GOD! 2016 for many of us had been a Shit-show and we couldn’t wait for it to end, but what do we have to look forward to? On this Podcast we discuss some recent news, comments, but we also get into some things that we ALL should change for 2017…maybe some of us have gotten lazy, maybe some of us have been assholes or maybe we have been major procrastinators…What if we continue to push things off because we just fear the idea of taking chances and failing…Everyone fails at some point, but one can’t succeed unless you take the risk of failure…It about time we change our ways and start making some changes in our life and put a positive twist on 2017…because after 2016…can it honestly get any worse?

4 thoughts on “LIVING PONO in 2017

  1. 2017 should be a big year. I’ll be in Hawaii for a week in May, and graduating nursing school in December. Hawaii is the reason I’ve put myself through this hell for the past 3 1/2 years lol. Continuing that grind to get a job and finally transfer out to Hawaii. It’s been a long time coming and has been a lot harder than just a new year’s resolution, as this has been several years in the making. I’d love to possibly get in on that off road jeep tour in May. I’ve heard you guys mention that before and it sounds awesome! I always love seeing all the projects that Wayde gets into. I’ve been a Core 58 supporter for a while and wish you all the best for 2017. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou guys!!

  2. On a recent podcast you mentioned watching a tv show or channel called Hawaii Live. I was unclear on what this was or how I could watch it. If you have more info that would be great. Also, I was thinking about your TV as a window idea and wondering if there are any good live webcam streams from hawaii that you would recommend. Thanks, Dave.

  3. I was born in Hawaii and love Hawaii and really wanted to like your show and recommend it to my friends. However, the lengthy off-topic whining and swearing session at the beginning of each episode turns me off so much that I sometimes fast-forward so much that I miss the main part of the show. I did manage to listen to this entire show, but could not find anything about living pono, which you advertise as the subject of this show. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this show to anyone and probably won’t listen much if at all in the future.

    • We are really sorry you feel this way…this show isn’t for everyone…We never said it was. We have a large following and many love our REAL and RAW take on the FACTS and TRUTH about Hawaii…We talk about why we LOVE HAWAII and are Lucky to Live here and why we DON’T love Hawaii and why many here are having a hard time making ends meet. We Bitch and we Swear…GET OVER IT! It’s been a part of the show for OVER 4 YEARS and we are GOING STRONG and have a Great Following of dedicated listeners, Locally and on the Mainland. It’s pretty clear you haven’t been listening for years and you don’t “GET” what we are trying to do with this Podcast. We talk about LIVING PONO in the entire last HALF HOUR of the show! Pono…living right! Righteously! We talk about the positive things to do in the new year and live a Pono life into 2017. Our Shows average a little over an Hour…The first half hour of the show we talk about current events and news and go over Fans comments, which sometimes isn’t positive, then we play a local Hawaiian song, then for the last half hour we talk about the subject for that show and it’s usually positive and always about Hawaii. So…thank you for the Negative criticisms, but we have NO INTENTION to change how we have been doing this Successful Podcast the last Four years…Good luck and ALOHA~

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