Living on HAWAIIAN Time

I’m sure many of you have heard of it…those who have visited Hawaii…and many have experienced it if living here…HAWAIIAN TIME is a daily event for people here in Hawaii…We tend to call it LAZY TIME as well…although it’s not really “lazy” it’s just the way things get done here in Paradise…Why rush in paradise…Chillax, no worries!

But what does HAWAIIAN TIME really mean?

HAWAIIAN TIME” could mean many things…but the best definition is  a popular Island expression suggesting a relaxed indifference to precise scheduling: 8 o’clock concerts start at 8:15, parties planned for 8:30 often begin at 9:30, the 10 o’clock newscast seldom appears before 10:10, and sports events may be televised with a three-hour tape delay….and that’s just the beginning of what it means…

Late for work, late for a party…late to fix someones car, to fix someones house, late to get your nails done or hair, late to meet up for a BBQ, late to pay your bills, late to do this, late to do that…there is every excuse in the book why people are late in Hawaii…but most, if not all, are invalid…lol.

Hawaii seems to be the only place in all 50 States that it is not only accepted, but expected that you won’t show up on time…shit, you may not show up at all or call till days later…and the crazy thing is…people will be ok with that! lol

4 thoughts on “Living on HAWAIIAN Time

  1. Basic economics would tell you that if everyone got $1,500 a month the cost of housing, food, etc would all go up since everyone has an additional $1,500 that can be spent each month. Br

  2. A couple random comments you mentioned Bette Midler was originally from Hawaii in your last episode. I used to work at the Tower Records by Ala Moana and her brother used to come in a lot. He had some mental health problems but would buy cd’s and pull out big wads of cash. Bette must have been supporting him. Also when I lived in Hawaii I met a Japanese girl and when I moved back to the mainland she would come and visit me for a couple weeks at a time. Her English wasn’t the best and one time during sex she said “I want to drink.” I said ok what do you want water, soda, juice? She said no I want to drink you. Then the light bulb came on!

  3. Love the show. Great chemistry between you guys, always entertaining.

    I’ve dreamt about moving to Hawaii but it’s not in the cards, I have a kid in school, good job, etc. I have to live vicariously through you guys and just come as a visitor. My wife and were both born and raised in California, she’s sure this is as good as it gets and she’s the boss. 😉

    One thing, you guys constantly complain about the high price of Hawaii. I get it and I would too. But, there’s a bright side to it: The islands can only sustain a certain number of people, the cost of living enforces it. A while back Wayde mentioned a book, “The Price of Paradise.” I read it after he mentioned it (and it’s a great book), it goes into a lot of detail about how it’s a necessary evil.

    Take care guys.

  4. My whole life I’ve been the kind of person that is 10-15 minutes early to everything…. I can see how it could get frustrating waiting for people on “Hawaiian Time”, but the idea of just showing up as a please and not being so rigid sounds incredibly refreshing. 2 weeks and I’m on Hawaiian Time!

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