*UPDATE: NOV 2017: Wayde has been working for sometime on releasing his BOOK “LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII”. If you are interested in living a sustainable lifestyle and this topic interests you, please head on over to his WEBSITE and download his eBook: Living Off Grid in Hawaii:

MLIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAIIany people DREAM of living “OFF GRID” wherever the live, but to live Off Grid in HAWAII…yeah, that’s the APEX of sustainability and self sufficiency, because unlike other places around the world and in the United States that’s JUST NOT COMPLETELY POSSIBLE like it is in HAWAII…Of all the places in the World…HAWAII is the Perfect example of OFF GRID PERFECTION! From Gardening, to Solar, Wind, Water Catchment, Septic Drainfield System, Satellite Internet System,  Smart TV and Streamer Player Boxes…IT’S ALL HERE in this Podcast…This is your GUIDE to going OFF GRID in HAWAII!


SOLAR…If you’re going off Grid you’re going with Solar. Considering Hawaii gets more than 275 days a year of SUNSHINE…you would be crazy not to take advantage of this! Solar technology continues to accelerate with new developments and greater efficiencies in the solar collector, higher wattage collectors continue to grow every day. If the Sun shines and the Clouds are not so thick, these solar collectors will gain and generate power in the daytime for between a 5-8 hour stretch. Using less power at night is suggested, candles and going to bed at a reasonable time will not only benefit your power usage, but you and your family…Spend your evenings going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up earlier to enjoy the fullness and sunlight of your day.


WIND is another amazing option to use to supplement your SOLAR. Hawaii is well known for it’s Trade and Kona Winds…once again, not using these natural resources would be crazy! Using Solar and Wind together will be an amazing Combo for your Energy supply. Wind generating turbines are the second most common power generation system after solar, and will deliver quality power when installed properly on a Household roof.  Installing a Rooftop system will cost much less than a separate Tower system on the front or back of ones property. Most common turbines are vertical and are elevated to capture the full power of the wind.

MICRO HYDROMICRO HYDROELECTRIC…Now some of you may not have considered this, but this is the TRIFECTA of trifecta’s! To Combine SOLAR, WIND and HYDRO Power to to ensure you OFF GRID Power supply…BUT…naturally you need a Water source on your property…A Stream or Waterfall to be exact. If you do have enough WATER POWER on your property a micro hydro system CAN be installed and the great thing about this system is that it will provide 24/7 POWER GENERATION (as long as the stream is flowing with enough water). A properly installed system can reasonably generate enough power per day for an entire household in a normal manner. Combining SOLAR, WIND and HYDRO will be all the power you’ll need to be OFF GRID in Hawaii.


WATER CATCHMENT System, now that we have our ENERGY SUPPLY taken care of we’ll need to deal with our WATER SUPPLY…You want to have a properly set up rainwater catchment system that you have complete control of. On average for a family of 4 you should have a 10,000 Gallon Tank catchment system. Your system will include a food grade liner, a first flush diverterfloating intakes, a dual filtration system and a UV sterilization unit. A well-planned and complete rainwater catchment and storage system will provide safer, cleaner and better tasting water than can be obtained for residential use from any other source!

SEPTIC DRAINFIELD SYSTEMSEPTIC DRAIN FIELD System is an absolute necessity when building an OFF GRID system for your Hawaii Home. No Septic system…well…no nothing. You can’t just crap in a hole…you need a system that is environmentally friendly and can actually be used in a positive way on your property. When creating and designing your own Septic System this will need to include a Drain field or Leech Field as well. There are two main types of systems used…a gravity fed system and an aerobic treatment units (ATUs.) Putting in a Septic system will be one if not the Highest investment of your OFF GRID system setting you back between 10-15K.


We are getting very close to being completely SELF SUFFICIENT, but we are not there yet…GARDENING is esstential if you wish to not only live OFF GRID, but live a HEALTHY & ORGANIC lifestyle. Growing your own fruits and vegetables IS FREEDOM! Freedom from Chemicals, freedom from GMO’s, Freedom from the MAN! In Hawaii it’s NO SECRET…anything and everything grows here…ALL YEAR LONG, but this is where it gets INTERESTING… When Purchasing your land to build your Off Grid Home or if you purchase a Home already on the land, it’s best to get land that has FRUIT TREES already growing on them and are MATURE. If you plant Fruit trees we all know it sometimes takes many years to grow fruit so your other option is to buy and plant trees that are already maturing, but this can sometimes be costly…Your Fruit options are endless from Mango to Lychee and everything inbetween. So we haven’t talked about actually Gardening…Well, that’s where Aquaponics comes in…I’m sure many of you haven’t heard of this…but you will here.

AQUAPONICSIf you haven’t heard of AQUAPONICS well you have now! It’s the easiest, quickest and the most efficient way to actually Grow a Garden and Fish all at the same time and it pretty much takes care of itself…Yes…Veggies and Fish that take care of each other…who would have guessed! So what is Aquaponics all about…Aquaponics is a self-watering closed-loop system that uses fish and plants in a complementing recirculating environment to grow vegetables at an accelerated rate. The fish in the water produces waste (ammonia), which is converted by bacteria into nitrates, which fertilizes the plants and water is then is returned to the fish tank. Plants grow at a much faster rate, organically. A Aquaponic systems never needs to be traditionally watered, because it waters itself! The water recirculates! NO dumping water into the ground! Because of the closed loop system, aquaponic systems uses less then 1/10th the amount of water then a normal garden and the raised beds mean less bugs and weeds! You can grow your own vegetables and fish with ease with just 15 minute a week. There is nothing like your own organic fish and vegetables.


We have our Fruit Trees, we have our Gardening and Aquaponics and now we have our FARM FRIENDS. Yes…friends…they won’t be raised to eat or consume…they will be raised to produce, protect and take care of your off grid property. These wonderful and loving beings like the chicken can keep your land clear of bugs and can produce an endless about of eggs for you and your family…Yes you can eat them as well…but that’s your choice. Next up we have the Goat…He’s the Protector of the farm and the females will give you all the Goat Milk and Cheese you could ask for and they will eat your organic garden waste to boot. Last we have the Sheep…The Organic Lawn Mower…Put a couple of these guys out there and you wont have to worry so much about mowing the lawn as often…they also produce milk and wool. All three, if you choose, can be eaten for their meat as well, but to have a happy farm and family it’s best to treat everyone like Ohana and use them for what they had been intended for…they had been here long before man so man eating them wasn’t a part of the master plan 😉


SATELLITE INTERNET SYSTEM…You got your SOLAR, WIND, HYDRO Power, Your WATER CATCHMENTSEPTIC, AQUAPONICS and GARDENING…now it’s time for the the Creature Comforts of a OFF GRID HOME…a way to get your INTERNET and CABLE with a DISH SYSTEM. There are MANY, MANY Dish Satellite Internet Systems on the market…You’ll have no issues finding one…which one to choose will be your problem. Cable and Internet costs are getting out of control and it’s not just the people OFF GRID that are looking for ways to get away from these high insane costs…A few of the Great Satellite Dish systems are: EXEDE INTERNET, HUGHESNET, DISHNET, WILDBLUE & STARBRAND...All Services start between $39.00 to $49.00 a Month.

SMART TV STREAMER PLAYER BOXNow that you have your SATELLITE INTERNET SYSTEM…You’re going to need your SMART TV and STREAMER PLAYER BOX. Choosing a Smart TV is pretty easy there are so many reviews out there so picking one will be under your control, but the LG SMART TV, PANASONIC SMART, SAMSUNG SMART & SONY SMART which range in size from 42-64 inches. Once you have your Smart TV it’s time to pick your Streamer Player Box…The Streamer Box streams your channels like a cable Box to your Smart TV. There are MANY WELL KNOWN Streamer Player Boxes like: APPLE TV, ROKU3 TV and the AMAZON FIRE TV.


We at “Lucky We live Hawaii” have put together one of the best and most comprehensive Blogs on EVERYTHING you need to know and do to have a COMPLETELY OFF GRID HOME in Hawaii, but this goes for anywhere you choose to go OFF GRID.  Purchasing Land in Hawaii that has good sunshine, good rainfall, good wind, a water source, good growing soil and even Fruit trees already on property would be very helpful in your achieving your dreams and goals of going OFF GRID.  We are happy to be back and provide everyone who listens to us a much needed and valuable Podcast on Living in the most beautiful place on Earth.

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  1. Glad you guys are back, looking forward to this ep! Just wanted to let you know a bit about me… Found out about WWH on YouTube while planning my Hawaii trip for this December a few months ago and since have listened to all the Podcast you guys and Bruce does. Enjoy both your websites, FB pages, and IG posts. Always lots of good info provided and although I cannot provide a donation I will spread the word about your tours and hopefully when I or friends visit the Island will use your services. I know Wayde and Bruce do not dislike Japanese I think you guys are a bit harsh… FYI, I am an ex-PAT in Japan and think the overall majority of Japanese love Hawaii for its beauty not what Waikiki has to offer… Japanese do enjoy the shopping but why the market tailors to Asians is the availability of a lot of things stateside residents do not crave while in Hawaii. Also, availability to tours and car rentals does limit most Japanese tourists to other locations on Oahu. Anyways, will keep listening if you keep Podcasting!

    • Valid statements Jay…We agree on some points, but not on others…We are glad you are listening and we hope you continue to do so~ much aloha your way and if there is something of interest you would like us to talk about in an upcoming podcast let us know!

      • Hi are you on Oahu? My family are going through an off grid process right now and had some questions that maybe you could answer. Do you have an email or phone number I could contact you at?

  2. Great to have you back guys. I love the idea of going off grid. To be able to live off of the aina and have animals such as chickens for meat and eggs etc… maybe a few cattle too for meat and milk, imagine making your own cheese etc! ~ i am really getting into bbq-ing which isnt always easy in the uk due to our crap weather lol. But hve found some great rub recipes online.Are bbqs common in hawaii? I don’t recall seeing or hearing much about them being used but i am sure they must be with the climate you enjoy over there!
    If you wanted to go out on your boat to catch your own mahi mahi or some fresh ahi, do you need a permit to do this?
    I look forward to the next podcast and hope to see that ‘button’ return so we can donate.
    Cheers from rainy england!
    PS , wayde, i didnt know about the Azores having connections with Hawaii, i am gonna check that out! I am relatively close to those islands, in fact we are headed to Gran Canaria in august, which as I’m sure you know lies to the south east of the azores.

      • Nick is that all you have to contribute to the conversation…Good lord…go have your lady wear her WWH HAT or something and post it on Wayde’s Group…he doesn’t ask for much from you…fucker…lol

    • Dave…we are the masters of the BBQ! For you guys visting it’s called a Luau here…for the kama’aina and locals…it’s called a BBQ!!! No permits for fishing…just respect the Kai and Aina and only take what you need…never over fish…it’s Kapu 😉 The Azores are amazing…you have to visit…São Miguel is a MUST!

  3. Glad to have you guys back! Not that I agree with it, but do you have any updates on the construction going on in Kakaako, Haleiwa and the International Market Place?
    My great-grandparents are from the Azores and although I’ve never been there I’ve seen pictures and it DOES remind you of Hawaii.
    Keep up the good work!

    • I am in the process of buying a lot for my younger sister that is off grid . If anybody knows of any off grid homesites that are vehicle
      friendly and on any island I’d appreciate a point in the right direction.


      • Big island and Kauai are the best islands to live off grid, but you can live off grid on any islands depending on what side of the island you live. Most untouched land on Big Island and Kauai at least have dirt roads…it’s best you have a Jeep or 4×4 to access thse areas.

      • I live in Ocean View, just above South Point on the Big Island, on 2 acres. I have a 20×24 ft redwood cabin, with indoor plumbing and kitchen, a 6000 gallon redwood catchment tank, solar, with 8 6 volt batteries rigged as 12 volt, the system can handle 600 watts of solar panels, or it can be set up as 24 volt, which doubles the wattage capacity. Also have a 4000 watt Coleman generator. I have white peach trees (at 4000 feet elevation, it gets cold enough in winter to produce fruit), plums, macadamia nuts, figs, loquat, banana liliquoi, Koa, Jacaranda, Ohia, Silver Oak, and several varieties of huge Fir Trees. Set back from the road, in a thousand year old Ohia forest, I have complete privacy. As a bonus, the house was built by a Kahana (Hawaiian wise man or shaman), in 1969; people come on my land, take a deep breath and sigh with contentment. I named it Hale Maluhia, which means house/home of peacefulness/serenity.
        I am selling the place because unfortunately, I have to move back to Florida. If interested, email me at

  4. Hi Guys—Love the podcast. I’m so glad you continued the show. I believe you have to think of the podcast as your best advertising. This is what the “big guys” don’t have personal service. We never would have booked our recent Hawaiian vacation without hearing your podcast. It was completely the motivation for our trip. I started to realize that it was do-able. Before listening, I felt the cost was out of reach. Also, before the podcast I would have booked with a website because I felt travel agents were for much more upscale customers. You saved us so much money that we had additional funds to treat ourselves to some extras. Everything was seamless. Not one problem on the trip. I urge listeners to book the Jeep Tour it was the highlight of our trip. Thank you for your program. We would have never had the wonderful experiences we did without this podcast.
    Thank you for your efforts—we had a great time. We continue to have so much fun following you now that we are home. You made us feel like we had friends in Hawaii. We look so forward to returning again. We are so grateful.

    • That means so much Liz…mahalo…Next time you return we can hook you guys up with our personal Condos…you can’t beat the price…they will save you even more money while you give the finger to the man on your trip to paradise!

  5. Hey guys great to hear you guys back in action again. I enjoyed the featured segment on “Living Off the Grid”. I finished the episode trying to think of ways I can adapt my townhome in Illinois with some of this equipment that you mention.

    This may not be podcast worthy but I’m a bit of a rail fan and last summer when my wife and I were honeymooning on Maui we ran into the Sugar Cane Train and I enjoyed learning the little bit of history of the Lahaina, Kannapali, and Pacific Railroad which is the trackage that the Sugar Cane Train runs on. Are there anymore historic railroads like this on Hawaii?

    Keep up the great work gentlemen!

    • Talking about the OLD gas rail system that went around Oahu may be fun to talk about Tim…We’ll look into it’s history and do a little piece at some point…Mahalo!

  6. Imagine my excitement today as I was sitting through yet another boring meeting when my phone notified me that it had downloaded the most recent episode of Lucky We Live Hawaii!! You guys can’t imagine just how excited I was to see that you are back online and just as good as ever. As one workaholic to another, I’m hoping your next break doesn’t happen for a loooong time.

    Since you guys caught us up, let me take a minute to catch you up. As of this moment there are only 27 days and 12 hours before my family arrive to start our new lives in Maui. For those of us that can make a move to the Aloha State a reality its easy to romanticize the entire experience forgetting that Hawaii has issues just like any other state. Your often passionate description of the issues kept me grounded and helped me be honest with myself whether I really wanted to make the move while your detailed descriptions of the Islands many features from food to customs to activities really left me with no choice.

    And honestly I don’t know if you guys realize that there is absolutely no other Hawaii podcast out there that even comes close to yours. Believe me… I looked. I needed my weekly fix. The other ones out there are slow paced and only semi-interesting. Glad to have a couple of guys out there with some edge to them.

    Looking forward to next week.

    • This is great Feedback and it’s exactly what we are looking for Ken…We are excited about your move…it’s only a matter of time before we have you on the podcast when you visit Oahu talking about your transition to paradise!!! CHEEEHOOO!

  7. I was so very pleased to wake up this morning to find episode one of your new season waiting on my podcast feed. It’s great to know that we’ll be able to count on you for many podcasts to come!

    In that same vein, I hope you will bring back the option to allow us to support your endeavour. You’ve been a big help in planning our upcoming trip to Maui, and I would love to be able to show my appreciation.

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Toronto Girl!!!! Keep contributing and we’ll keep doing the podcast…we should have the donate button or contribute button back at some point…Mahalo for your support!

  8. Welcome back guys. i missed the show while you were gone. Wayde, you must be happy that planning permission to expand the Turtle Bay resort at Kawela Bay was rejected 🙂 Keep up the good work. Nick from the UK.

    • We are overly excited about the STOP and SMACK DOWN put on Turtle Bay…sadly we didn’t stop the Mormons from building the Marriot on the North Shore…News on this will be coming in soon! WE ARE PISSED OFF!

  9. welcome back guys!

    speaking of powerplants, you guys ever head out to kahe point/electric beach? i’ve seen a lot youtube but i’m always down to hear personal experiences. a lot of the stuff on youtube is more focused on scuba instead of snorkeling or is kind of old.

    we’re 48 days away from our VRBO in Mokuleia, I’ll make a note to keep a lookout for a black tesla, congrats bruce!

    • Snorkeling at Kahe Point is killer…best snorkeling during the summer months from June-Sept…only issue…if you go out to the water heater vents and get flushed out to sea…you are fucked! NEVER kick it in front of the Heat vents…always stay behind them…either way…fish are so kick ass here as well as Honu and dolphins because the water is about 10 degrees warmer with the heat flush from the powerplant that is use to cool things down there. Also…I get you are staying on NS…but next time if you want to save money and don’t mind staying in the rat race of waikiki…we got some condo’s we run…$89-99 a night…these are killer spots…brand new and they are honestly worth much more per night…just saying brah~ shoots

  10. Hey guys,

    So glad the new podcast is up! (whether they’re weekly or a couple times a month, so long as they keep coming, they’re great).

    I think many of us have thought about the huge advantages of cutting the cord from local resources (especially in a place that is ideal and can support these new technologies). Along with the Eco-friendly reasons, there is the Economic reasons…utilities are too expensive!! I’d like nothing more than to disconnect from a grid that is inefficient and overpriced. Rolling blackouts, fossil fuels, soaring energy costs…no thanks. Cannot wait to use solar and cut the cord.

    One comment about wind power though. It’s really not a very efficient setup right now, has spotty performance, unpredictable output, and the big ones take up too much space and distract from the beauty of the landscape (much like power lines or telephone wires of the past).

    Coastal areas need only to look to the sun and the sea to solve their energy problems. Hawaii and other islands could use deep sea ocean currents, wave and tidal energy, to power the whole state with clean energy, if they were serious. The technology is available where this can be done without harming ocean life. But coal and nuclear power are the norm. Instead of tapping the biggest resource around–the sea!

    Well, great topic guys, I’m sure we’ll hear more from you about these ideas. So glad that this is something being covered. More people should think about how to become free from the grid. From compost toilets to heat pumps, there are so many ways to live without being dependent on the local systems.


    • Mhalaos SD…yeah Wind has it’s issues, but we are thinking small kine stuff…it’s to only be used with Solar and Hydro…it’s to help in a 3 prawn attack for green energy, but we get what you are saying…they are god aweful to look at…lol…geothermal energy is a big one heading our way from mother Pele herself 😉

  11. Hi guys, so glad you guys are back !

    Living OFF GRID was the amazing episode, it made me think about how important sustainable living is, as well as preparation for possible natural disasters in Hawaii, including tsunami, earthquake and volcano eruption. Hawaii truly is beautiful islands, but vulnerable. I still remember hurricane Iniki back in 1992, which damaged Kauai so bad. I visited Hawaii in 1993, the islands were still in catastrophic shape.

    Again, I’m so happy to see Lucky We Live Hawaii podcast is back. If you know any ghost/spirit stories of Hawaii, please tell us about it ! Hawaii has very unique history and culture, I heard several interesting stories such as “taboo of taking volcano stone from Kilauea.”

    Looking forward to next episode!
    Aloha 🙂
    Reika from New York

    • Reika…BINGO…We are so stoked you bring this up…HAWAII if filled with folklore and mythology that will give you the shakes and make you shit your pants…WE ARE ON IT…Expect to see an upcoming Podcast on it! MAHALO!!!

  12. LOL that is so right! I was so stingy with my money while in Hawaii. The flight and hotel was just so expensive :-/. Also, if I had known about the blog before I definitely planned my trips with you guys. I think this podcast is going to pay off in the long time. Keep it going guys!

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Lisa…yes, next time our give us a heads up and lets plan your vacation…We’ll hook you up with a Jeep Tour and a sweet Condo that we run ourselves…$89-99 a night for a new place? You CAN’T BEAT THIS DEAL on all of Oahu!

  13. Great to see you two are back! I assumed that you guys were just too busy with the businesses and that the podcast must obviously be put aside in favor of business interests for awhile. This was a great episode and applicable not just in HI but in other locales as well.

    BTW don’t stop the cursing!!! LWLH is kinda like the “After Hours” version of the HVC. In a way, it’s more honest because HVC in its own way must build up Hawaii and can’t really scare off the timid. LWLH is someone giving you the no-bullsh*t version of how things really work: good or bad, warts and all! It’s not Lucky We Visit Hawaii. You guys “Live Hawaii” and have to continue to endure the iffy parts that visitors can avoid and forget quickly. Fortunately, like most things the good outweighs the bad.

    As for Wayde’s closing remarks, I’m expecting one day he’s going to totally explode and simply tell us “F*ck developers!!!” but Hell he could start off a whole show that way and not need to do closing remarks at all.

    How about a show about the biggest/funniest inaccuracies people believe about Hawaii that they get from popular media? I mean, you two sometimes mention mistaken beliefs that you have to correct on the jeep tours. Whether it be the little grass shacks expected to be on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii being a foreign country, human sacrifices to every island’s volcano or the mysterious lack of vehicle/pedestrian traffic in downtown Honolulu as depicted in Hawaii Five-O there’s got to be some WTF moments you guys hear about on the tours.

    • Mahalo Dale for the feedback…we need that from you guys! Yeah…we are who we are…no ones going to change us and if you don’t like it fuck off and Aloha…ther’s the door! lol…ok…as for your idea of inaccuracies…I think we beat that to death on one of our last podcasts…We see a lot of shit from people…but it gets to a point where we are making fun of our guests sometimes, but the truth is…the people we seem to get acutally know what the fucks going on in Hawaii because they have been listening to us or know our history…they seem to be better educated about where they vacation…some not so much, but most do…it’s usually the people who never leave Waikiki that are fukcing idiots! We don’t get many of those idiots…we get the ones seeking adventure down the road less traveled because those are the ones who find us…you know…the ones who acutally look on line instead of being cattle waithing for the HTA to wipe their assholes for them…

  14. Maybe an idea for a future podcast would be to break down the whole leasehold versus fee simple situation that’s happening over there. Especially for those of us looking to entertain the idea of retiring or relocating. From time to time I see a condo or something that looks reasonable, then I see it has all these added stipulations ontop of the mortgage, fees on the land and other maintainence fees. I get that some neighborhoods have HOAs or other neighborhood dues, but what is up with the maintenance fees going on there? Sheesh. No wonder there is a housing problem. Are these fees for landscaping? On top of the utilities, or do these include utilities? Not sure. What do you guys do? Pay a neighborhood fee each month? Electricity bill, water, etc.? It would be a good idea to break down what type of costs are involved in the day-to-day living situation. Thanks!

    • You got it Max…If you own, things can get crazy…so many fees…if you rent, you actually got it easier! We’ll look into doing a future Podcast on owning or renting a property…go figure, after we just did a Podcast on “OFF THE GRID”…that’s your best bet! NO FEES PERIOD!

  15. Love the information about living off grid! My husband and I are moving to the big island next year. We will be building our home and had already planned on living off grid but the information you provided is still of great benefit. Living off grid is much less expensive and much better for healthy living. We are so excited about the move and living aloha! Wayde, I started watching your videos of Wayde’s World Hawaii several years ago and love all the information and beautiful videos of amazing places to visit! Mahalo for sharing so much about Hawaii that some people may never know otherwise. You are a blessing!

  16. Wayde and Bruce,

    Welcome back! I’m so happy to hear your voices again. Can you please put the donation link back? I think all of your regular listeners got a serious reality check after your hiatus. I started listening to your podcast last year after another amazing trip to Hawaii. Like many others, I felt a closeness to Hawaii the very first time I got there. I’ve been to the Caribbean and other various beautiful places in the world, but for some reason, Hawaii felt like home to me. My husband and I currently live in Northern California and plan to move to Hawaii island in the next couple of years. We wanted to start our own business, but in listening to your podcast, we know that we have a long road ahead in planning it. But this is exactly why I love listening to your podcasts. Literally each topic has been relevant to what I was interested in. You are like mind readers. Keep up the amazing work. Like I said in a previous comment, I love hearing your voices when I’m commuting my job every morning. Love you both- keep it up!

  17. Hey Bruce & Wayde,

    Great to hear you back on the podcast! I’m on Android and it takes about 4 days until it shows up in my podcast app, so I always feel behind – LOL!

    One comment is that you don’t really need a “smart” TV to get content. If you have the Roku or Amazon box you have lots of options. In addition XBox works well as a streaming box and many DVD players also have “smart apps” built into them. So if you have a non-smart TV you have plenty of options.

    Thanks again for the information on off grid living. I’d never heard of the micro hydroelectric option and it sounds really interesting. The various options you listed aren’t just for Hawaii, though – I am thinking about how to implement some here on the mainland. Won’t be able to go totally off grid, but can reduce the need!

    • Awesome Ben…Hydro is great if you have a water source…as for smart TV’s…we suggest you have one…it’s the future…don’t get left behind if you are going off grid…We know you don’t need one if you have apply TV or Roku…but it’s better to have it then not have it.

  18. Hey Guys, Thanks again for another wonderful podcast with great information. I never thought about living off grid but have now started searching off grid homes on the BI. I’m guessing even adding a few of these ideas to an existing home would be a great way to cut down on bills too. Looking forward to the next episode!

  19. Hi Wayde,

    I saw your podcast online on how to get off the grid. Do you give talks on this subject and would you be willing to do one here in Kahuku. We are willing to pay 🙂

    • Lea, Aloha, how are you, mahalo for listening to our Podcast and your desire to live off grid…What does this involve? What type of setting are we looking at to give a seminar on living off grid? Anymore details would be greatly appreciated..Our nonprofit is always spreading the word of sustainabliity and taking care of our island home. Know that 50% of your payment would do directly back to HAWAII and into our nonprofit fund to sustain Hawaii from Mauka to Makai…this payment can also be written off at tax time~ Mahalo

  20. Hi Wayde, Lol, well actually I don’t think I could live off the grid but I know some people in our community want to try. We would be asking you to do a program in our library out in Kahuku. If you are interested can you send me an email to talk specifics. Can you see my email?

  21. Hello! My name is Christen and I’m a Casting Producer for HGTV and DIY television networks. I’m currently casting a show called Building Off The Grid where I’m looking for people who are leaving their traditional homes and will be building a new home off the grid in Hawaii. I wanted to post on your page to see if anyone here would be interested in hearing more about the show that we’re producing. I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me at Thanks!

  22. Hello,

    I live in Guam way out in the Pacific, I have a kid that surfs and is following her dream to become pro. I’m lucky enough to have flight benefits that allow her to visit oahu alot, getting to and from isn’t so costly. My big expense has been lodging at hotels. I am looking for a low cost permeant solotion that gives me a minimalist abode. I’ve looked at camper vans, boats, condos, homes. So far each has a major issue. My budget is 100k to secure a small safe piece of property and a small transient space for week excursions throughout the year. I know thats not a lot but buying a sailboat and paying the slip fee is about that range. any advice?

  23. Hi! I want to live off grid in Hawaii?……..pleeeeeease?………… England is so overcast, rainy and cold all the time. I would love to talk to someone about how to make that transition. ☀️☀️☀️🍉🍉🍉🥝🥝🥝🍌🍌🍌🌈🌈🌈
    My children have left home and I’m ready to make that next life journey for myself ……woooooooo hooooooooo 😎😁

  24. Hi Guys:
    I am considering an off grid development in Hawaii. Are you still active in this concept? thanks, Zane

    • Zane…YES WE ARE…PLEASE, PLEASE Leave us a VOICEMAIL COMMENT so we can play it the next Podcast…We’ll discuss what’s on your mind…remember you can only leave 90 sec message…mahalo…we hope to hear from you!

  25. Guess you probably already realize that sheet mulching with thin paper grocery bags will not stop the weeds! Got to use approx. 4 layers of whole cardboard boxes — that overlap — with no cracks in between boxes.

    • Actually I do a few different things in between the soil beds…I put down plastic or vinyl in a few layers, then cover it very lightly with soil to stop weed growth…but using natural cardboard boxes is a great idea….4 Layers overlapping…I’ll remember that…Mahalo Linda~

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