A subject we haven’t really gone into are all the LIVE MUSIC Venues in and around Honolulu and Waikiki.

People come all over the world to mingle in our oceans, hike our trails and sunbathe on some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth…but people also come here to wine and dine as well as dance the night away listening to great live music.

Today we give you the MOST COMPLETE LIST of Live Music Venues…some have Live music every night and others only a few nights a week, but everyone that is on this list allows you to get close and personal with the bands and musicians as many of these live music venues are small and intimate allowing you to be right in the middle of the music and get up close to the artists. That’s one of the things we love about Hawaii…all the seats are good seats when you go to a venue that has live music in Hawaii.

and last…THE STUDY (At the Modern)

21 thoughts on “LIVE MUSIC VENUES in HAWAII

  1. Bruce,

    It was cool running into you at Costco today :). Me, my wife, and three children (8, 5, and 3) moved to Kailua in June 2016 — and the advice I received from listening to you and Wayde in the lead up to our move was very helpful and made our transition here that much easier. And I still listen here on island … I find it a great recap on what’s going on locally every week.

    Let me know if you’d like the perspective of an east coaster (D.C. to Kailua) moving a family to Hawai’i – would be a pleasure to stop by for a chat, and to thank you both in person.

  2. Hi Bruce & Wayde! Great show as usual.

    Bruce, thank you so much for calling Wayde out on his periodic insensitivity. All of us know that Wayde isn’t racist, so it’s best that he not masquerade as one from time to time.

    Wayde, I like you and I know you have a wise and beautiful, spiritual soul. I’ve been listening to you long enough to realize this. I’m also a haole who doesn’t like my race and this is why: our ancestors have committed blatant atrocities and have caused untold suffering throughout history. Hawaii’s so-called statehood is one of the most recent examples. I believe that it’s important for our generation to take ownership of this fact and to start treating other races and cultures with the respect and kindness that they deserve. Let’s start expressing a bit more empathy and living Aloha. Don’t you think it’s the least we can do?

    I propose that you have a guest on your show who is very passionate about this topic. His name is David and he lives on Oahu. I’ve been following him on Periscope for quite some time and I think you both would be interested to hear his story. He’s @maynard on Twitter and @maynard808 in Instagram. If you reach out and invite him on the show, I’ll donate $150. How does that sound?

    My hubby and I are booking a tour with you when we’re on Kauai next month. Can’t wait!

    Much Aloha,


    • Wow, you don’t like an entire race. That would make you a racist by definition, would it. Couldn’t you leave your self loathing to yourself and not pass judgment on your entire race. By the way you didn’t mention what race you are. If atrocities being committed by ancestors is your measure for condemning an entire race then you must judge everyone.

      • Vince, you talking to me or Bruce? Are you talking about the comment I made about not liking the Human Race? I think Bruce and I agree…humans are not the best species on this Earth. I guess when I say race I mean the Human Species. as for breaking it down to races…I’m considered a Haole here in Hawaii…My family is mostly Sicilian and Irish as well as a little Polish and Russian. When I discuss that I don’t like the Human Race…there are things I don’t like about myself as well…Humans are a HIGHLY FLAWED species! We are more flawed than any other species on Earth. Ever hear of Speciesism??? It is the most violent, despicable and disgraceful form of Racism on Earth. It creates more slavery, more suffering, and more death today than in the entire history of our Human species. Humans are the most raciest being on Earth and our racism has no boundaries against every other species on Earth including our own. So yes…I don’t like the Human Race…or better put…the Human Species. History proves these facts. The Earth would be in far better shape without our Species on it…and I have made every effort to live as one with the earth, not separate from it like most of our species does. Watch the following two movies IF YOU CAN in their entirety…most people can’t…they either make them sick or highly disgusted with their own species…The first is: (EARTHLINGS) The second is: (SPECIESISM) In the meantime watch this TEDX to get an idea where I’m coming from:

        • Wayde
          My comment was aimed at Meadow, but WOW on your response. The human race has many negative traits but is it always bad? I watched the ted talk you linked to. I respect the speakers opinion however using the words someone or somebody to discribe animals I just don’t agree with. The problem begins with humanizing animals. Show me evidence that a chicken has emotions or fish have feelings. I do have a problem with corporate farming, but only for the fact that production is more important that producing quality safe meat. I don’t want animals to be treated with cruelty either, but who definition of cruelty do we use. You have a pet bird. Many people would say you are cruel for keeping a animal from its natural environment. I refuse to condemn the whole of humanity because we are able to shape our world unlike any creature on earth. Do we do bad things yes we do. However if we are so unredeemable one might as well jump into the ocean and feed the fish for a change. I respect your views Wayde and I’m looking forward to getting your ebook when it comes out.

          • Vincent…I don’t have a lot of time to get to all your questions in detail, I’m just running into a busy time, as like you mentioned about my ebook…I am wrapping up the website for my ebook this weekend…So lets quickly break down what you have said and thank you for the questions: I will be using your words (quotes)::: The human race has many negative traits but is it always bad? No…10-15% of the Human Race are awakened and conscious of what the rest of the species is doing…I fall in line with those 10-15%. I watched the ted talk you linked to. I respect the speakers opinion however using the words someone or somebody to describe animals I just don’t agree with. You don’t agree with the speaker describing animals as someone or somebody because you are Raciest against other beings that are not human…it’s call being a “Speciesist”…You’re not alone…around 90% of the Human Race are Speciesists…it’s a term not learned in school, because society and the structure of how we grew up was created by the Corporate world for us to be consumers…OF EVERYTHING and put our own species above all others! The problem begins with humanizing animals. Show me evidence that a chicken has emotions or fish have feelings. THEY DO…it can be proven, but I don’t have the time to write a book about it…there are plenty of books for you to read and purchase…just search all the books yourself, google them, looks on Amazon and Ebay…watch more informative videos on youtube…and by the way scientists believe Dolphins are so intelligent that man can’t even fathom how to communicate to them, but slowly scientists are learning. I do have a problem with corporate farming, but only for the fact that production is more important that producing quality safe meat. WOW…that’s the reason why you have a problem with factory farming…because you are not sure they produce quality meat? I just can’t discuss that with you…that is spoken like a true Speciesist…It’s hard to have a conversation with someone who has a mind set like that…Maybe you are a little ignorant of these new terms…I was once, but I learned and gained a lot of knowledge about these subjects…take the time to look into these things some more…You can educate yourself…Humans can always learn new things and have compassion for other beings other than themselves…you have it in you so please take the time to expand your mind. I don’t want animals to be treated with cruelty either, but who definition of cruelty do we use…Well that’s easy…we clearly have used the HUMANS version of cruelty or we wouldn’t be enslaving, creating suffering and slaughtering TRILLIONS of animals every year. Humans DICTATE what animals feel…not animals and this is the problem with 90% of the Speciesists of the Earth. You have a pet bird. Many people would say you are cruel for keeping a animal from its natural environment. Yes…I have a Pet Bird and he is treated like a GOD…he has more than he would ever have in the wild…his wings are not clipped more do I take any of the measures many take with pet birds…he is a WILD Animal and I treat him as such so that he may live his life as a free bird…I did not BUY HIM nor would I ever contribute to buying an endangered species or an AMAZON Parrot in general…this was an Abandoned Bird without a home that would surly die if released into the wild and so I felt it my duty and because I love animals more than humans to learn from this amazing being and take care of him so that he would give me the great honor of trusting me with his life and so I love him and will continue to love and care for him the rest of my days. I refuse to condemn the whole of humanity because we are able to shape our world unlike any creature on earth. O yes…We have surly shaped our world…we have shaped our world in such a way that by 2100 we will be close to the 6th Extinction of our world and Man will be solely responsible for it, but not before we take most of every other living being on earth with us. I’m on the front line man…My nonprofit sees everything first hand…You have no idea what I see…Man has created Hell on Earth and is taking the entire eco system down with him! However if we are so unredeemable one might as well jump into the ocean and feed the fish for a change. We won’t need to do that…in time, because of man, there won’t be anymore fish to eat us. I have no problem with you feeling the way you feel Vince…I simply want to awaken as many people as possible as well as be on the right side when we all die fighting for what we believe in. Hopefully I can awaken you to a different way of thinking…If you don’t acknowledge Humans have a a serious problem…things will never change.

      • Vincent…
        First of all, I mentioned that I’m a haole. If you don’t know what means, feel free to look it up. Second of all, I was agreeing with Wayde’s comment that he doesn’t like haoles. Maybe he’ll enlighten us with his own reasons.

        My comment actually came from a place of love and respect for Wayde, and I’m choosing to reply to your comment with the same intentions. Everyone has a right to their own point of view, but we should also listen and learn from different opinions and perspectives. We will never learn from the mistakes of our ancestors if we ignore them, bury our heads in the sand, and laugh at racist jokes. Ignorance will only serve to perpetuate intolerance, disrespect, and injustice. No, I don’t have pride in my ancestry. How could slavery, invasion, and genocide followed by rampant hatred evoke any emotion other than guilt, shame, and remorse?

        Will the majority of my race ever be willing to rightfully honor the cultures we’ve persecuted? Taking ownership is the first step.

        • This makes good sense…but we didn’t learn from what we did to the Native American Indians…we didn’t learn what we did to Puerto Rico and we didn’t learn from what we did to Hawaii and it’s people as well. These things are not taught in school on what America did, has done and continues to do in many places around the world today.

        • Meadow
          Beginning your reply in such a patronizing way makes me question how peaceful and loving you are. I did follow your advice and looked up the definition of haole. I can’t seem to find a definition that connects the word exclusively to one race. I have gathered that you meant you were white. Just curious to know why you didn’t come out and say it.
          Peace and love to you

    • Totally missed this…I didn’t know Vincent was talking to you Meadow…I was thinking he was asking me or Bruce about race and why don’t care for humans…So if anyone is interested in knowing why I say some things and think some things I answered Vince in one of the comments above so have a look ^…but to expand on what I was saying…I simply has a disdain for the Human species in general…in many ways you could call me a Misanthrope…To explain more…90% of our HUMAN Species are “Speciesist” meaning they are racist against not only almost every other living being on Earth, but each other as well, BUT morally they consider Human life more valuable than any other species, but they are also raciest against each other and kill each other. The issue with all this is most Humans don’t even or won’t even acknowledge this fact about themselves. We are taught racism against each other in school, but never taught about speciesism. We are continuing the violet cycle of Slavery, Suffering and Slaughter of everything on Earth and passing these ways on to our children…including killing each other. We are headed to the 6th great extinction, but it will be humans who create it…not a natural event. Humans have NO…let me repeat that…NO purpose on this Earth…If you remove the Human Species from our planet the EARTH would flourish with our departure and the other beings that live here would flourish as well, but if we simple just removed our bees or sharks or whales from our world it would collapse and would take generations to come back from…why is this? Why is the only species that doesn’t belong on Earth or follow the circle of life, us? Any human with an intellectual mind knows this…they know we are a form of Cancer on this Earth, the way cancer grows within a humans body is the same way we humans are growing on Earth. These facts are clear, BUT because 90% of the Human Species are “Speciesist” they will never acknowledge this truth or accept it. So when I say things about a race or a human being in general it’s not coming from the fact I am racist or I sometimes say racist things…it’s the fact that I’m a Misanthrope and don’t like my Species…period! I have no sympathy for Humans, because Humans, in general, have no sympathy for other beings or our Earth. The mental illness of the human mind when it comes to Speciesism can be broken down pretty easy for example…You can have a Dog or Cat for a pet, treat them just like family, be sad and cry when they die, even bury them when they pass away, yet make the choice to eat Meat or any other animal which has been enslaved, suffered, and was slaughtered for you to consume…this is racism in the name of Speciesism. This is just one example of hundreds.

  3. Hi Gents, I wanted to clarify about the blood pressure vs red blood cell count. Yes a double of bp is usually a “sign” of a stroke most people think it’s the cause but instead it’s only a verifiable sign. A clot causes the stroke and then ur body does whatever it can to resume blood flow through clot, including increasing bp as high as possible to maintain blood flow. And I had mentioned that a doubling of red blood cells (rbcs) can increased risk of clots of all forms. All MDs are always ask medical advice no matter where we are so it never bothers me to inform anyone about health. Thanks for keeping us in touch with the aina and the aloha spirit. Can’t wait to join you guys there in a few years. Good luck guys and stay healthy.

    • So I had my blood taken and went from 146/90 to 124/78…Also have gone on a straight Veg diet for thinning of the blood…it’s worked. I really owe it to my Doctor for being hands on, ensuring I’m on the minimum drugs (2) and working with my diet, but also the fact that checking my Blood every 3 months has been a huge help in controlling my body and health…I recommend everyone over 40 does this!

      • Absolutely definitely need to be more proactive as we get older. Get Bruce to do his blood work at least twice a year things have a tendency to go to shit really fast. I have been trying to get more of the medical community to initiate chest x rays as a screening tool especially for smokers/vapers over age of 45 there’s a belief that your lungs will heal if you stop smoking, it doesn’t the damage doesn’t get worse once smokers quit but it never heals itself so be careful and stay healthy.

  4. Hey, y’all!

    I love your guys show and have been listening for about a year. You both really know how to keep it interesting and I like how you aren’t afraid to talk about the good and bad about Hawaii. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to come to Hawaii and possibly move there one day. Finally, I have the opportunity to visit! My fiancee and I are getting married on Kauai in July! We are very excited but I have a few questions and concerns for the both of you. I am from Houston, Texas and it truly is a melting pot. I try to be sensitive to those around me and don’t want to disrespect anyones culture. My question for you is, is it disrespectful to come to Hawaii and get married on a beach and have a traditional Hawaiian ceremony performed? I don’t know what all a traditional Hawaiian ceremony entails, and I don’t know how I feel about this, but my mom really wants us to do it. I just don’t want to be disrespectful, ya know, being a haole and all.
    On a different note, we already booked but are interested in Island hopping! Is this something your company could help out with?

    Thank ya!


  5. Aloha my Brothers,

    Yet again another great episode!

    I was wondering if you guys had any medicine you can recommend?

    The issue I seem to be having is every single day I wake up, walk into my Hawaii Themed living room, make a cup of 100% Kona coffee that I have to get shipped in from Hawaii, watch dog the bounty hunter and then drive to work listening to the podcast reminiscing about Pupu’s with Bruce, Yaling, Yogi on the Lani and dinner with Wayde at Haleiwa Joe’s and driving the Pali Pali.

    My guess is there’s only one cure for this 🙂

    On the topic of music though just wanted to share that Kristina and I just got tickets to see Soja in Toronto completing out Hawaii music tour without ever leaving Canada. We have now been blessed to see JBoog, Comon Kings, Majic, Anuhea and Soja will complete the 5 Favorites 🙂

    Mahalo nui Loa as always boys Talk soon.

    Shout out to my countryman and friend Paul living the dream for both of us!

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