It’s been a while…3 years to be exact since we last had a conversation on this Podcast about Life Off Grid and living a Sustainable life here in Hawai’i.

A lot has happened over the 3 years since our first podcast on Living Off Grid in Hawaii. Our last Podcast on the subject has been one of our most popular, most downloaded, and most frequently asked about. It has reached #1 and #2 on the Google Search Engine. If you are interested in listen to the complete “LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII” Podcast please click the link:

It’s been a long time coming for this NEW ADDITION of OFF GRID LIVING IN HAWAII. Wayde’s Book Cover LIFE OFF GRID interview in the November 2017 issue of Hawaii Business Magazine and his Ebook has been release. Wayde discusses living off grid in Hawai’i and how to live a sustainable and affordable lifestyle in a State where the cost of living is the highest in the nation! We all know Hawai’i is changing and we must change with it if we wish to stay here. It’s the only way to sustain and protect our family’s future here in Hawai’i. Wayde’s been very excited to share with all of us the future opportunities that will be available for sustainable living here on the Islands of Hawai’i.

LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII will guide you step by step on how to live off grid, live a sustainable lifestyle and lower your energy and food bills while leaving a smaller environmental footprint on planet Earth.

They say there is a price to pay for paradise. There doesn’t have to be, when you start taking responsibility for the choices you make. We CAN afford to continue living in paradise when we take back control of our lives, but we have to stop talking about it and start taking action!

LIFE OFF GRID is a big step for those wishing more control and freedom. For our species to sustain itself for generations to come, some of us must choose to lead the rest of us down a path of sustainable living. If we don’t…we simply won’t survive as a species.

If you are interested in living a sustainable lifestyle and this topic interests you, please head over to Wayde’s WEBSITE and download his eBook:


15 thoughts on “LIFE OFF GRID in HAWAII

  1. I called him a racist because he kept saying “white people” this and “white people” that and implying that all or most white people agree with nazis. Look at his twitter and Instagram. The guy is obsessed with race. He posts a bunch of anti-white stuff on his social media. But of course Bruce is okay with that because Bruce is also an anti-white leftist.

    • Locale…We appreciate your dialogue and there is no issue with how you feel…this is your opinion…but letting us know your real name would be helpful as we are all one big Ohana…it would also open the ability for you to come on the show if you’d like and talk about issue like this and view your opinions…If you are LOCAL we would LOVE to hear your opinion about life and race in Hawaii…I’m serious. I am WELL AWARE of DAVID WILLIAMS posts on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM…He is very Anti-White…I will assume calling him a racist against white people is possible in a certain point of view, however David has the OPPRESSION Card as Whites enslaved Blacks, never the other way around…this is a resentment that many Black people will never let go of…some have, but many will hold this over our heads…even those of us who never had anything to do with slavery…but only because of the color of our skin.

  2. Hi, Guys.

    My name is Kim, and I live in Nashville, TN.

    My boyfriend and I visited Maui and the Big Island in October 2016. I fell in love with the Big Island, especially around the Ocean View area south of Mamalahoua Hwy.

    We are actually looking into buying property in that area, which is mostly off-grid. I enjoyed listening to this episode a lot. Lots of useful information. Thanks!

    I would love to hear y’all discuss the different lava flow zones on the Big Island and how it relates to building a house, insurance, etc.

    Love hearing the show! Hoping to return to Kauai and the Big Island again next year.


    • Kim…We’ll be probably discussing Lava Zones on Hawaii Island in the next podcast…I also think we touched base on Lava Zones on our BI “HAWAII ISLAND” Podcast a little while back already. Mahalo for listening and being a fan of the show~ Aloha

      • I have been to Hawaii x2 and absolutely love any part of Hawaii or the big island. I found out in 1/2016 I’m in stage 4 cancer, guess if I can’t afford to live there, my wish is to creamated at least and have my remains send to sail in the beautiful oceans of Honolulu. Seriously

  3. Great show guys! I liked Bruce’s question about baby steps for people just getting going with living more sustainably. We just built a couple of 4X8 raised garden beds and started planting them – can’t wait to harvest our own veggies from them. We have a mature mango tree and have trained a lilikoi up our fence. Next up is planting some banana, papaya and other fruit trees. We’d love to do solar and get a power wall because we are on the south shore of Kauai and have a perfect exposure for it – looks expensive though. Have either of you calculated the breakeven time for that kind of solar setup?

    • Aloha Matt! Exciting news for you! It’s inspirational to take that kind of control back into your life! Seriously…Kudos brah! Hope you joined my OFF GRID BLOG…I made a great post about Fruit Trees for the Off Gridder in Hawaii a week or so ago…check it out and join so you get updates on my Blog Posts at the OFF GRID HAWAII Website. Also Matt…Concerning the Powerwall 2, Solar, how many you Powerwalls you’ll need, how much it will cost and the calculated break even time is all talked about in my eBook OFF GRID IN HAWAII. Mahalo for listing to the podcast and being a fan of the show~ Aloha

      • The part of Ocean View I visited was in the Kula Kai Estates. Sparsely populated, and very few houses. This area was closer to the ocean. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Another great episode from you guys (this is my second time ever commenting on a show). I didn’t comment on the last episode for lack of time, but I really liked the one about race. I felt like it was just tense enough at times, but it never stooped to the level of personal attacks at each other like most discussions of race turn into. Keep pumping out great content!

    On a separate note, I feel like you guys have been a bit slower about getting episodes out. Everyday I check and am disappointed when I don’t see one. Have you guys been more busy than usual lately? Anyway, I heard a frightening statistic the other day: Scientists are predicting that Pacific Islanders may be the first ethnic group forced to migrate due to climate change. Talk about sad because that could be the end of Hawaii as we know it and Native Hawaiians are already a minority group in their own land.

    Anyway, keep up the great work guys! Mahalo and aloha!

    • Thanks for supporting the show Jeff…I think the show we did on Race could have been better…Neither of us are perfect, but I think we could have done a better job as CAM commented…please see his comment…I guess everyone has their own opinion…if you feel we did a good job on the subject of race, thank you…We are trying to put out good material, but I’ll admit when we don’t always pull off a good podcast. it wasn’t horrible, but it could have been better. On that separate note…Bruce and I have actually been doing pretty well for releasing the Podcasts every week…We know we have a lot of people waiting for the shows release on a weekly basis and have done our best to get a show out every week as much as possible…HOWEVER…we DID skip a week and missed a show on the week of Oct 16-20th because we had been REALLY REALLY busy…other than that as of late we have released a show every week or every other week…We both are not being paid to do this and Donations are the only thing that keeps this show going…Work will always come first over doing this podcast and I hope all the fans of the podcast understand this. If I have a busy work schedule and I’m pretty jammed for a few weeks the show won’t get done and if Bruce is busy with work or on travel it can’t get done either…We do apologize for not always getting a show out every week…WE WISH we could do a Podcast EVERY DAY! Until someone is paying us to do a show daily or host a radio show it’s just not going to happen. Jeff…Do you know what’s happening to the Pacific Islander here in Hawaii today? It’s not Climate Change that will force Native Hawaiians to migrate…IT’S THE HIGH COST OF LIVING IN HAWAII and the shitbag politicians as well as the United States Government and political system that is FORCING Natives Hawaiians to MIGRATE TODAY! Forget today…they have been migrating for years!!! The dirty little secret that the United States doesn’t want to tell anyone is that they are causing and creating a SILENT GENOCIDE of the Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiian people right now as I write this to you! I’m going to look into getting a Kanaka Maoli on our show…I think it’s long over due on what is happening to the Native People…thank you for stirring the fire in me again on this subject! Mahalo~

      • I totally understand Wade. Definitely gotta make your money. Once I get some money saved up I hope to donate to the show.

        That would be a badass show to have a Native Hawaiian on the podcast! One thing that I find particularly interesting about Hawaii is the underground movement for Hawaiian independence from the United States. Admittedly, if Hawaii did achieve independence (which I doubt will ever happen in my lifetime), that would make it harder for me to visit the islands, but I think it’s the least Hawaii deserves for the centuries of oppression that the Native Hawaiians have endured. So what I am saying is that maybe when you bring the Native Hawaiian on, a sub-topic could be the underground movement for independence from the United States and what that would entail for non-Natives if it WERE to happen. Just a suggestion.

        Thanks for the great show you guys put out! I look forward to the next episode.

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