Where to LIVE on Oahu

Where do I live on OahuToday we talk about keeping the dream of living in Hawaii alive as we listen to Jason Johnston and his inspirational story of making his dream of living Hawaii a reality…We also discuss current events happening here in Hawaii. Our main focus is about MOVING TO OAHU and the major issue of WHERE to live on Oahu…We discuss only the locations Bruce and I recommend…yes there are many other locations and some are better than others, but we go over our favorites from Haleiwa to Hawaii Kai…We talk about the weather of these areas, the prices of rent as well as home prices and other details in making your plans on where to live on Oahu. Hope you guys enjoy and please leave a comment or message or a question and we’ll make sure to air it on the show…

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10 thoughts on “Where to LIVE on Oahu

  1. LOVE the shirts! I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, only one left to do and am listening to it now as you tell us about all the booze in Hawaii.
    If you don’t talk about how to get a shirt during the podcast, then please tell me! I can’t wait to wear one here in little old England 🙂
    I have really enjoyed every single podcast you guys have done.
    I cannot wait to get back over there in 2015 and by then I hope both of your businesses are going from strength to strength and my wife Kim and I look forward to doing the island tour with one of you ! Cheers!

  2. Wow guys best podcast yet. I learned sooo much this one. It’s funny too I have been wanting to ask all the questions you answered today but didn’t want to offend anybody by asking about best vs worst areas, income, pricing for living and such. I have done tons of reasearch on my own but feel better hearing it from you. I now see the whole mountain and it does look daunting for a family that requires 2 bedrooms. I would somehow have to find Kristina work as well. Good news is she is twice as talented as I am. Shirts look great, where do we send the money?


    • Jay,
      You sir are an inspiration. Keep your goal right in front of you and I know nothing will stop you.

      Guys as always mahalo for another great show. Looking forward to ordering my LWLH shirt!

  3. Aloha from Greece! Another great show and very informative.!!
    I was just wondering since u guys mentioned the marina lifestyle, how much would it be to live on a boat? Is it comparable to living in a one bedroom apartment in the waimanalo area ir is too way more expensive?

    PS love the shirt but dont like the color so much, do u have other colors?

    Big Mahalo!


    • Dim…There are pluses and minuses to living on a boat…First off most people who live on Boats, own them…you can’t rent many boats…at least from what I have seen in my time here in Hawaii…I remember when I lived across from the Ala Wai Marina and talked to some folks who owned boats down there…There may be some benefits, but if you won the boat plan on paying higher maintenance costs when you need to pull the boat out or higher a scuba crew to go under and clean it… The cost to rent a slip in many areas continue to go up from year to year…Utilities hook ups you still have to pay for, Water and Sewage…it can get costly, the good thing is you can get up and leave or go to another island anytime you want or move to a cheaper Dock around the island or live on one side of the island half the year and another half the rest of the year…There are goods and bads…I looked into it…I would lean toward more bads…unless I had some serious money to play with. As for the shirts, would Black do it for you? What color combo would you like to see?…Give us some ideas…We are only doing one run to see how they sell first so we are only printing one color at this time…Let us know 🙂

  4. Nice website, except for one thing. I’m a new visitor. And it seems like Wayde, I think it is, has a bad habit with the language he uses. Every podcast I tried listening to, just when I’m starting to enjoy it, he’ll throw in “G*D Damn” or “Jesus” or something else. Is this website intended to promote Hawaii? Or is it just a personal site to just yammer on with no thoughts about offending anyone with religious beliefs?

    • Last time I looked we live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and in the greatest country of the world we have a seperation of church and state and on top of that we have what’s called freedom of speech…Bruce or I can say whatever we want on our website or radio show, just like you have the right to say whatever you want, whenever you want…If you don’t like what you hear, you can just turn us off…That’s the great thing about America, you can do that here without getting put in jail and you can also practice your own religious beliefs without being beheaded, just as I can say God damn or whatever I want without people attacking me about it.

  5. We lived on the big island about 10yrs ago and have always wanted to go back. Now that we have kids its a different story about how to move. Looking at oahu more for work.

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