Keeping The HAWAII Dream Alive


We all want to keep the Hawaii dream alive and once again we have another awesome story about a listener from Cali and now a resident of Hawaii! A very insprational story about someone who had a dream, but knew it was going to be hard to make it here…However with support of her family and friends all things are possible!


Jenely Sarette talks with us about her journey to Paradise…her successes and struggles and her faith in building a better life for herself and her children…With inspiration coming from our Podcast with Jason Otero it helped Jenely make the BOLD MOVE to HAWAII with Kids…one of the most difficult things to do, but Jenely is doing it and making ends meet!

We have a lot of admiration for Jenely, being a single mom and all…but she made a hard choice, but is now making it in Hawaii. WELCOME TO PARADISE JENELY!!!

Aloha and Mahalo for keeping others dreams alive! You not only have the support of family and friends, but us as well…We are a part of your Ohana now!



26 thoughts on “Keeping The HAWAII Dream Alive

  1. Hey Bruce and Wayde, I wanted to leave a comment not related to this episode.

    My father is a fan of Hawaiian culture and history, and I got him listening to your podcast late last year. For Christmas, my parents got me a Lucky We Live Hawaii T-Shirt, likely thinking it was to support you guys. After doing a little research, I then realized that you guys don’t have t-shirts for sale, and its from another clothing brand named Lucky We Live Hawaii. Since Wayde has experience in graphic design and Bruce is the consummate salesman, have you guys thought of designing shirts or other clothes to help fund the podcast? Do you think you may run into issues with doing so because of the other brand is already selling shirts? Just wanted to get your opinions.


    • Jeff…Aloha Braddah…first off…NO ONE ownes the Phrase “LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII” You can’t own that, just like you can’t own “ALOHA” or any other word or Phrase here in Hawaii…That Brand and DESIGN of thier Logo and the “TYPE” they use can be TRADE MARKED…but they don’t own the Phrase. So…Yes we use it, like many do…We are second or third on a Google search under the LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII Clothing Brand etc. We already designed shirts and thier was very little interest so we didn’t bother to print them…If you look back at one of our mid podcasts…around the 50th podcasts or so I think we actually talked about it and even posted pictures of the shirts!

  2. Hi Bruce & Wayde,

    Thanks for the new podcast just download on my way to office and start listing. Got the free tickets from my office for whole family. Condo at north shore (Right on beach) booked car booking done. So Hawaii be ready here i come on 8 July. Wayde about that why we want to stay at beach because of my Son medical conditions we cannot do hikes or day long trip so most of the time we spent on water (I wish i can do hikes and all other tourist activities). Last time i was on Waikiki side was in 2010 after that last 3 trips we stay at North shore site. Let me know if you want me to bring some Ghirardelli Chocolates for you from San Franscisco . Bruce on your road trip in main land which you talk about few weeks ago if you are coming to Bay Area make sure to spare one night for a dinner from us .

  3. so.. yeah about the helicopter. a friend of mine is an apache helicopter pilot and said from the looks of it, the main driveshaft failed completely. so basically the helicopter was either going to spin counter clockwise (you can see it start to) out of control or drop faster. the pilot figured they were low enough and dropping was probably safer. sad that the kid didn’t make it.

    dickies is a actually a dallas thing! one of my friends actually works for their marketing department. I was also surprised to hear they were opening FIVE… not sure their style will mesh with hawaii, but hey you never know.

    good luck to Jenely! seems like she has it figured out.

    can’t wait to hear you guys talk about the eddie on the next episode. i watched it all day, wish they had that on TV here…

  4. Wayde and Bruce,

    My wife and I are working on moving to Oahu. I am currently in the application process for a job island side and am hopeful things will pan out. We were on the island from 2/15-2/21 and no bullshit I saw your jeep pick up a family at the airport on the 15th. Sweet ride man. Love the podcast, love what you’re both doing for the island and people who want to move there. The podcast has been a valuable source of information and a connection to Hawaii while we try and make the move. My wife is a perfect example of the boomerang effect you guys love to talk about. She grew up there left with her family as a teenager and can’t imagine raising a family anywhere else. Look forward to hearing more from you guys!


  5. Wow! Thank you both so much for the shout out. I do just want to clear up one fact as I do not claim to be as nice as you both believe I am. I donated once to the cleanup project but I do not donate monthly. Sorry guys 🙁

    I don’t take anything back I have said about either of you though in the comments. I meant all of that.

    Am I planning on going to Hawaii? Not anytime soon since I am in my Masters studying to be an occupational therapist. I would love to visit Hawaii after I graduate with my fiance and we are already all set to take your guys’s tours.

      • I think they are mixing us up, haha! I am the Danielle that donates monthly 😉 I also left the trip advisor review. You guys had me cracking up when I was listening because I knew some things were about me and some must have been about another Danielle 😊

        I’ve been to Maui 3 times (fourth time coming up in 3 weeks!, Oahu twice and Kauai once. We are moving to Maui next summer.

        Thanks so much for the shoutout, guys! Really enjoy listening to each and every podcast. I know it’s a lot of work and I truly appreciate it!

        -the other Danielle 😝

        • Great! Glad we fixed up the Danielle situation. Didn’t want to steal your thunder Danielle hahaha.

          Love the show all the same and I will certainly let you know when I will come to Hawai’i. Would love to know when Danielle goes as well!

  6. Another great episode guys, unrelated question to the podcast, what is your opinion on staying in a Hau’ula vacation rental? I know you guys don’t endorse vacation rentals but I’m more concerned about what Hau’ula will be like. I like the low key vibe and old Hawaii feel that the description of the rental talks about. thoughts?

    also, Wayde my buddy is going to Oahu in April and I’d like to refer him your way for a tour. I’ll give him your email address. His name is Paul. Hopefully you can show him around!

    You guys will love Dickie’s. They have this bbq sauce called Devils Spit that is amazing on their pulled pork. Finally, gas prices ruled the world so when the prices of oil change, every thing in our economy will change. Its an endless cycle of macroeconomics.

    Appreciate you guys,

    • Hau’ula is fine…it’s pretty chill…it’s also very doubtful there are any legal rentals there. Put Paul in touch and we will discuss…Hawaii and it’s people don’t always catch on to invaders to the island like a Dickie’s…Dunkins never made it here and closed…I’m sure it will end up doing ok maybe, but they should take it slow, not build 5 of them…on top of that small local businesses here in Hawaii DON’T LIKE the Big Food chains coming in here…We need less of that here in Hawaii and more local businesses.

  7. Hey guys. There was a brief discussion on the show last week about problems downloading the show and I think I can shed a little light on the subject.

    I am subscribed to the show through iTunes. So, theoretically, as soon as a new ep pops up and I’m getting a wifi signal, the show should download. It never works. It downloads like 99% of the show then says there is an error and it can’t be downloaded at this time. What I end up doing is when I see that there is a new show, I search for the podcast and if the new episode is listed (usually the same day, sometimes it takes a day or two) I download it from there. I assume I’m not the only one that has this problem. Not a major issue, just takes a minute to circumvent.

    Anyway, mahalo for keeping the podcast going!

    • Matt…got no idea what your issue seems to be…but people are having problems with everything from downloading the podcast to just listening to it and stoping in the middle…Who knows. It has to be connection probelms because not everyone is having these issues.

  8. Sorry to hear that some may have felt this week’s guest was a little boring? The thing is, the “average story” of someone moving to the islands is probably pretty routine as well? Hope that the mentions don’t make her or you guys feel bad! I really enjoyed her story and I definitely know that speaking out on a mic isn’t for everybody so that she took the effort at all was commendable. An “exciting” story isn’t always a good thing. That she fulfilled a dream and is doing OK may not be the most compelling story but it’s a positive one and proof that it can be done, not just one of those cautionary horror stories you hear too often!

    • I agree Dale…every story is different and I’ll be honest…I enjoyed her story and what she is dealing with, but being here in the studio, hearing her speak, really chilled me out…she has a very soft spoken voice that relaxes you and she’s a really beautiful women with a calming soul as well. What I loved about her story is the support system she has and the Ohana around her…They see her dream and want to help her make it a reality. That’s Aloha!

  9. Love the show guys….seriously it is so important to me and my weekly routine. Keep trying to keep it consistent…i understand if you cant do it every week but at least keep in consistent so we know when to look forward to it. Even do it every two weeks but just keep it the same day. Not hatin’ just saying. Feel like I am friends with you guys…I have listened to everyone single one!

    Im hoping to be a boomeranger back to Oahu soon just like Wayde. I got a verbal offer on a great job last night so if the details can be worked out I should be back in 3 months. I left Hawaii 2 years ago after living there for a year and not a day has gone by that I didnt miss Hawaii desperately. Im just like Wayde….went to Hawaii as a kid and it has changed my life. Im head over heals passionate about the lifestyle. Shoots!

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