It’s the little things that Bite

shark attacking peopleFrom Bruce simply feeling lucky to live Hawaii, because he’s leaving to take a vacation to Wayde who was given a great gift from a friend who showed him a sacred Hawaiian Heiau he never knew existed…

It’s the small simple acts or reaction that can truly make you appreciate why we live and love Hawaii.

Now living and loving Hawaii also means we need to respect and understand Hawaii and the nature that surrounds it, which brings up an important subject for many when it comes to the ocean here in Hawaii…From respecting the tide and current to choosing the time of year you come to Hawaii. Familiarizing yourself and researching Hawaii, it’s weather and it’s ocean life cycles are essential to enjoying your Hawaii vacation fully as many have been harmed or have even drowned because of the lack of knowledge of our ocean here in Hawaii. The other important subject is concerning one of our many friend of the ocean, specifically…The Shark. Sharks here in Hawaii have a deep seeded history in the Hawaiian culture and here the shark is an Aumakua, a spirit, an ancestor of the past taking the form of the shark through the mana, spirit of the soul. Sharks are sacred in Hawaii, but they should be sacred and protected everywhere, unfortunately they are not. These amazing beings who allow our oceans to work efficiently and grow are not only killed out of fear, but are killed in mass numbers for a little delicacy known as “Shark Fin Soup” where millions of beautiful and amazing Sharks are brought on board a boat, their fins cut and the body dumped back into the ocean to float to the bottom and die a horrible suffocating death.

We need to understand and educate ourselves on the significance Sharks play in the circle of life and the eco systems of our oceans for without them we wouldn’t be…Very few laws are in place to preseve our shark population in waters outside the boundries of international waters and that is where all this is taking place. So when you compare attacks and death rates between man and shark…The facts speak for themselves…While a HUNDRED MILLION SHARKS are killed by Humans every year through fear and shark fin soup you can count on your hand how many shark attacks result in death to humans by accident…most, not because they had been eaten, but because they just lost to much blood before medical personal could save them.

When it comes to Hawaii you have a 100 times better chance drowing then even seeing a shark while wading in the water here in Hawaii. So before we start worring about swimming in Hawaii because of Sharks maybe we should take it a little slower next time we eat a Hot Dog because those kills twice as many people as sharks do every year. If you happen to come across a shark while in Hawaii…don’t see it as a curse, but as a true blessing and one more reason why we are “LUCKY TO LIVE HAWAII”.

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