Is ALOHA for Sale? Is it Respected? Do we as outsiders use it at will? Is it being used as “KANAKA MAOLI” (Native Hawaiians) have used it or wish it to be used by others?

To the Haole, outsider of the aina, many of us don’t always look into the DEPTH of ALOHA as much as the people of Aloha, the Kanaka Maoli. There can be a HAPPY MEDIUM…but it muct be done with Respect!

This week we discuss the HAWAII NEWSRACE in HAWAII and what it means to be Hawaiian and what it means to have ALOHA and use ALOHA…We discuss the Newly Released Movie “ALOHA” as well as the Movie “THE DESCENDANTS” and explain the difference and just the overall films in general.


Kaleo CJ Pilanca stops into the Studio to give us a different side…and one that should be respected when it comes to Hawaiian Culture…Kaleo talks of respect, understanding and for outsiders of Hawaii to listen, because Hawaiian culture and the local way of life DOES MATTER today!

15 thoughts on “Is ALOHA for SALE?

  1. Aloha gentlemen,

    Thanks for all the information and entertainment. I always recommend your podcast to people who want more information about Hawaii. I’ll say “for a real perspective on things here, check these guys out and give them some business”. I truly believe you are good guys and I admire your entrepreneurial skills.

    I appreciate you guys being so open and honest about the many issues affecting our communities. Don’t listen to the complainers, our most valuable resource is time and you guys make the time provide us with a free podcast. Donation on the way.

    I do have a request, can you possibly cover in more detail, homeownership. Moved here in 2011, I have family here so the move was easier. I’m not well off, I’ve worked hard to have the things I have. My girlfriend and I have a small townhouse in Waikele. We need to make plenty repairs. It’s expensive to say the least. We need electrical, kitchen, paint and wall repair. We got our floors done last year and we feel the 7k investment could have yielded better results. I try to fix plenty things on my own but the electrical is so bad I’m afraid to make major repairs. Plus I have a small child and another on the way, we already work plenty. Family time is import so can’t just spend all my free time making repairs.

    Again, big mahalo for what you do and best of luck in your endeavors.

    • ALOHA AL! So GREAT to hear from you…You are running into the SAME ISSUES so many of us HAVE here in Hawaii…You should see the wiring at my place….HOLY SHIT! It’s a complete CLUSTER FUCK! Many people here in Hawaii have ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS because of the SALT in the air alone! On top of that many do HALF ASS JOBS and the Legit ones cost so much many go with people who don’t have a proper license to save money…now some do a good job, but some don’t…so you are rolling the DICE on a 50/50 CHANCE of getting a CHEAPER PRICE, but getting SHITTY WORK! Al…it sounds like you need: electrical, kitchen, paint and wall repair…I have someone that can help you out or at least come by and take a look and give you an estimate to see if it’s worth it for you…He’s a Good Friend of mine…Name is AARON SADLER “HI QUALITY REMODELING LLC” #808.200.57.34 you can also email him your questions at: Tell him WAYDE sent you his way and you are wondering if he could help you out with your remodeling issues. Keep me Posted!!!

      • Big Mahalo for the reference. I will definitely give Aaron a call. Hope you guys received my small donation, will try to support as much as possible, please keep the podcast going.

        Your podcast is on my favorites list, along with The Joe Rogan Experience. You should check his podcast out, another Bostonian.

        Will try to post more about my experiences since the move.

        Again thanks for what you guys do and best of luck.

        P.S Hoping Ige signs the dispensary bill, might see you in Big Island. Aloha boys

  2. Kaleo was funny…put him on the list of re-occuring guests with Mane.

    I agree overall with your assessment of Aloha. Technically it was a disaster as Wayde mentioned…i think the phrase was jibber jabbery….sort of all over the place. I do also feel that Crowe just couldnt win. People complained that there wasnt enough HI representation even though Bumpy was in it a fair amount…then when they do make additional HI references it gets criticized because a haole kid wouldnt talk like that or they over use Mana and menehune. I do think though if it was just over all a better movie then we wouldnt be forced to pick it apart like this. The Descendents is a good example…it had rich characters and a solid script so therefore no one really cares to pick it apart so much. I still liked it just because I love anything that reminds me of Hawaii. SHOOTS!!!!

    • Well get ready Paul….the Movie: MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES is coming out next year…they are filming now at Turtle Bay Resort and Kualoa Ranch…at least the name doesn’t have ALOHA in it 😛

  3. Hey guys!
    I am a new listener… about a month in. (Found your podcast cause I was looking for some local Hawaii flava’ on the East coast.)
    My first Hawaii experience was last year. I turned 18 & took a gap year after high school. I knew I wanted to be in Hawaii & felt some type of spiritual calling to da land. I ended up spending two months in Pahoa, on the big island at an intentional community. (Polestar Farms)
    I fell in love with the big island! The natural beauty, abundance of food, and super relaxed lifestyle. (I co-sign Wayde’s Big Island dream)
    My uncle lives on Oahu, and has for more then twenty years. He is a bartender, but like most people is STRUGGLING hardcore to stay afloat. He lives with his wife and another roommate, since his living expenses are (if anything) getting more expensive!

    Anyway-I visited Oahu this year in February to check out colleges & was SERIOUSLY considering going to school in HI. UH Manoa was too expensive but got a scholarship to HPU (Hawaii Pacific) … I checked it out and was not a fan.Too many homeless people, and the campus is right in downtown Honolulu (concreate jungle). I felt like the education & facilities weren’t worth my money. $$
    I really wish I was going to college in HI, but I know I will be back sooner than later. I feel such a strong pull to Hawaii and can really feel the energy of the islands!
    Anyway, love your podcast… keep speaking the truth & working for change.
    Much love!
    -Emily (from da east coast)

    • Aloha Emily!!! I know you would love to go to school here, but if you feel you would be getting screwed getting an education here or that it’s not worth the money, We support you on that! Get a great education on the mainland if need be…get a good business sense and then bring that sense to Hawaii and succeed here in Paradise! If the Big Island Calls you…then return to it after schooling…I think the only advice I can give you is if you intention is to return to Hawaii I hope you are learning something in school that there is a BIG NEED for in Hawaii…always look at jobs in Hawaii and what Hawaii is looking for when it comes to a proper education and jobs! We have done SEVERAL PODCASTS about jobs in HAWAII and what they are looking for…Make sure you listen to those…Good Luck, keep us posted and much Aloha your way!

  4. Aloha Y’all!

    I have been listening to you guys for about 6 months and have really enjoyed it. I am presently living in Birmingham Alabama where I grew up, but have an opportunity to move to Oahu. I will be purchasing a Dairy Queen there in Oahu and wanted to know if you guys have any experience with financing your business. In other words is it smarter to get a business loan here or in Hawaii. Thanks and shoots and giggles!!


    • Hesston…I can’t talk for Bruce, but for me…All my loans or business loans have been delt with on the mainland with my Federal Credit Union…But I have had this CREDIT UNION since Birth…they have been with me all the way because of my Father who served…he set the account up for me long ago. I also work with BANK OF HAWAII locally, but only becauce it makes life convenient…I prefer working with my CREDIT UNION when ti comes to business. I’ll be sure to ask Bruce about this on our next podcast…if you have a list of questions…ask and we can go over them in a podcast~ Aloha and mahalo for listening and supporting the Podcast!

  5. Hi guys, I’m one of the listeners you talk about who never leaves a comment. So I finally wanted to say, I love you guys and always look forward to a new podcast. I try to visit Hawaii at least once a year, have several friends there, and dream of moving one day. BUT – you have reinforced the idea that my boyfriend and I need to have established jobs before we pick up and move, so it may be awhile. I did just apply for a job there but assume it will go to someone local. For now, I’ll live out my dream through you; I appreciate the local news segments so I can follow what’s happening with development and with the homeless situation. I wonder what you guys think of this Washington Post article and whether it could work in Hawaii given the cost of housing there:

    Mahalo for your podcast – keep it up!

  6. Hey Guys!
    I just started listening to the podcast last week. My boyfriend & I are interviewing with a work exchange program in Kona, and we are crossing our fingers and toes that we get the green light to make our official move to Hawaii!
    I just wanted to say that Kaleo spoke so beautifully about what ‘aloha’ really means. I have never been to HI, but I have done some international travel, and my #1 concern is ALWAYS respecting the culture, and not cheapening it in any way. So, when I first saw the billboard advertising the movie, I turned to my boyfriend and said, “why are there only white people featured??” We have both seen ‘The Descendants’ and loved it. I would absolutely pay to see a great film about the REAL Hawaii.
    Hopefully we will be in Kona in October..send us some good energy!

    • Yeah…I hope they do a Film about Hawaii one day that does it’s culture and people justice, but there are so many films that could be made…films about life in Hawaii today…The War times, films about the time of the King in the 1700’s and 1800’s and even the stories of Hawaii’s myths and legends of old! It’s endless and I’m really surprised no one is doing anything!!! Keep us posted on your journey and if you move…mahalo for being a part of the conversation and supporting the podcast!

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