honeymoon in hawaiiA honeymoon to Hawaii is one of the most special occasion in a couples lifetime, an occasion that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. It’s a time that will make an impression on you and perhaps make it clear if you wish to visit such a place like Hawaii again to relive those days you first got married and fell in love. These are the memories you will take with you…the hopes and dreams as a couple as you move forward through life. Hawaiian Honeymoons are what dreams are made of…but if you want it to be a dream…make sure you know, what you want from it…where you want to stay and what kind of adventures you wish to seek…

Anyone can book airfare and a hotel…but how will you know where to stay…what island to visit…What adventures to seek out? You need people who have been there, seen and done that….YEAH…THAT’S US!!! We have seen it all, done everything you could think of doing and we’ll go over as much of it as we can on this podcast about Honeymooning in Hawaii….Here at HAWAII ALOHA TRAVEL and WAYDE’S WORLD HAWAII we know we are “LUCK TO LIVE HERE…now we want you to be LUCKY YOU TOOK YOUR HONEYMOON HERE!

11 thoughts on “HONEYMOON in HAWAII

  1. Hello Bruce, Hello Wayde
    So, the two of you over there in hawaii, here ist a message from switzerland. Since my wife an me have been on Big Island and Kauai, i listen to your podcast. Mostly while i’m doing the ironing. So while you stop the show in spring, i had some trouble to do my laundry. But since your back, everything is fine again.
    Mahalo for your support.

    Greetings Rainer

    • Rainer…LOVE IT…Mahalo nui loa for supporting us…and you’re welcome for us supporting you while ironing! This comment really made us laugh and it put a smile on our faces! ALOHA AND MAHALO from Hawaii to Switzerland!!!

  2. will you hold my hand while we snorkel together wayde? haahaha!

    and wait, what the fuck? what kind of beta male lets their wife/MIL plan a honeymoon?

    and WTF olive garden? puuuke…

    • fuck you nick…I like olive garden…it’s cheap, all you can eat italian…you try living here and eating out! At least I can hit this place up a few times a week and eat all I can! It’s not that it’s the best italian…it’s that it’s some kid of italian and it’s all you can eat…As for planning a trip to Hawaii…you telling me the men plan vacations and honeymoons and women do the cooking and laundry? You Misogynistic prick!

  3. Howzit uncle Bruce and braddah Wayde. I listened to the podcast this morning at work. As always great episode. I have a idea to replace the PayPal donation and use Patreon. I honestly never used PayPal after I had to take them to court to get them to release my funds. They are a shady company. Hopefully they are a better company after a few class action law suits.

    One thing I look forward to when I listen to the podcast is the current events back home in Hawai’i. I’m pretty caught up with Hilo and Big Isle news but it’s nice to hear new from Oahu. Plus I love the dynamics of you two. Especially when Bruce brings up Obama. I side with Wayde on politcal views more. But it’s funny to hear the way Wayde responds.

    I am kinda surprised there isn’t a Olive Garden in Honolulu by now. Even more shocked that Trader Joe’s is not in Hawai’i either.

    • We’ll look into Patreon…looked over the website…looks interesting like a “GO FUND ME” or “KICK STARTER” type of idea…interesting Brah, mahalo for the hit. Mahalo for your interest in the show brah, looks like this is the first time you have commented…please make it a habit…we love to hear from you guys, no kiddin. We both bring two sides to everything which we think is best for the show…we could never agree on everything…lol. Olive Garden had a good chance of coming in, but it didn’t happen…still trying to figure out why…as for Trader Joe’s I enjoyed that place when in the mainland…but my feeling is this…not many people know what that is in Hawaii and bringing it here may be a gamble and fail…plus there are plenty of places like it here…this may be a reason it haven’t come yet.

  4. Honeymoons in Hawaii
    “give her the Waikiki sneaky between the cheeky” -Ula (State idiot of Hawaii)

    Hey what’s the opening song to the podcast?

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