HOLIDAYS IN HAWAIIHolidays in Hawaii is a huge thing, but with most well known Holidays they usually come during the winter season here in Hawaii. As most know Hawaii has TWO SEASONS…Winter and Summer…that’s it! No coming into FALL or going into SPRING…it is what it is…and without transition seasons it can be a sort of SHOCK for many who are use to four seasons which allow us to have an easy transition into Winter and into Summer. The truth is Holidays are different here and you need to get excited about them or you could just go on living in paradise and just watch them go by without notice! Now there are 14 Holidays in Hawaii and 4 of them are Holidays on in HAWAII so it’s nice to get these days off, but it’s also important you understand why you get them off…it’s about respecting the culture here and the History of Hawaii.

SANTA IN HAWAIIIt may be hard to believe, but there are Huge changes that come in Winter…Christmas without Snow, replaced by Palm Trees and days at the beach? Hard to accept, but Winter does feel more like a trasition to different weather…Winter brings the BIG WINTER SWELLS of the North Shore…Surfers from all over the World come to Hawaii and JAM the North Shore of Oahu…The Trade Winds change and get stronger…The Humpback Whales return to Hawaii…Rainbows, even double rainbows everyday…Waterfalls everywhere…The days are SHORTER, as the Sun set an hour or more sooner even if there is no Daylight savings time here in Hawaii. Bruce and I love Winter in Hawaii…for us it’s the perfect place to be in the world from Oct-May.

MELTING POT HAWAIILast we dive in to the MELTING POT that is Hawaii…Hawaii is all about Multiculturalism…there is no better place in the world for this…it’s all about the Cultures of the world that have chosen to settle and make Hawaii their home since the days of early migration during the plantation days of Old Hawaii and finding the right people to work the Sugar Cane and Pineapple fields. It’s where it all started and where the fusion of all races and food was smacked together in Hawaii. We are very lucky to have the chance to see, feel, touch, smell and taste such diversity in one place…this is one of the most important reasons why we are so lucky to live Hawaii…These islands are special, the Aloha spirit is an amazing thing and the Melting Pot is one of the main reasons why the spirit of these islands are so strong. Culture and History…it’s what binds us all together.


3 thoughts on “HOLIDAYS in HAWAII

  1. Love the podcast. When my wife and I came to Hawaii 2 years ago Wayde’s videos were a big help as so were Bruce’s Podcast. We are planning on another vacation back within the next two years and will definitely be give both of you guys a shout when we are ready to start planning and booking.

  2. In march ill be coming to Hawaii from Sydney Australia for the fourth time. Its progressively becoming more expensive each time, I’m afraid that if it continues this trend in trying to become high end (in Waikiki) then it will price me out of coming there. Me and my wife love Hawaii and it will be sad if we couldn’t come back.

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