HAWAII’s MUSIC SCENE with Bobby Pileggi

MUSIC SCENEIt’s been a very, very long time since we went head on into the Hawaii Music Scene and one of the reasons is it’s taken this long to get someone in Studio who really knows his stuff…Finally we reached out to Braddah Bobby to sit down and talk story about not only his journey to Hawaii, but for him to break down the current state of affairs with the Hawaii Music Scene here on the islands. We have some serious issues that are starting to take form here in paradise.

islandlife_bBobby Pileggi has sent out his message…”We have a very serious problem going on with Honolulu radio programming that is now affecting the culture and the future of Hawaii’s recording artists. As a music publisher for over hundreds of local songwriters and recording artists each week I receive 30 plus calls from premiere recording artists asking “Why are the Honolulu stations not playing much local music anymore?” Well here are the facts…three years ago the radio stations in Honolulu were playing 75+% of local music from Hawaii based recording artists and 25-% of their programming from out of state artists…Now it 45-% local and 55+% out of state. Furthermore the top stations are playing 2-3 songs from the same artist in their top 40 programming. You ask me why…My opinion is that it’s all about ratings versus not taking care of their own! I went to the State Capitol today on your behalf to appeal for help. I received much support from Senators and Congressman and was told that we have to contact the FCC, the stations sponsors and their GMs. If you want more information please inbox me or call me….If you care about Hawaii’s music and the future of Hawaii’s culture ACT NOW! This problem is not going to go away unless we defend Hawaiian music!”

We also talk a little News and do some shout outs…We wanted to Post Jason’s Blog and Podcast as well for families who want to move to Hawaii with kids and are working to make ends meet in Paradise… http://www.thegoteros.com/

Below is Baba B Performing Bobby Pileggi’s Song “ANOTHER RAINBOW”


33 thoughts on “HAWAII’s MUSIC SCENE with Bobby Pileggi

  1. This was so great! He was such a great talker and you guys were wonderful interviewers. Love the podcast. It really gives me a fresh boost to get through the week.

  2. Great podcast! It was nice to hear Bobby’s story. In our area in CA we’ve had the plastic bag ban for about 2 years. We can either bring our own “green” bags or buy a paper bag for 10 cents. I know this isn’t very “green” but I use the plastic bags for cleaning out the litter box. Bruce, do you have an alternative solution to that problem? As far as the plastic utensils……if you’re going to wash them, you might as well use the real thing. Eventually you’re going to be picking out plastic fork pieces out of your food. 🙂 Yes, some of them are more heavy duty but you might as well use the real thing.

    • Denise…glad you enjoyed Bobby’s Story….As for all the plastics we use…it’s insane! We need to stop it all…it’s going to be a huge process…it may be too late by time we get it right!

  3. Aloha. One of my favorite things about guest episodes is that they’re a little longer. The last 25 minutes in particular were terrific…hearing about how Bobby found his way to Hawaii, Molokai, respecting the culture, Bruddah Iz…excellent stuff.

  4. Great episode. Very aloha and now I’m definitely going to have to take a weekend trip over to Molokai and check it out. I want that true Hawaii experience.

      • Bro! I’ve only been here 8 months. Can’t do it all right away. I’m still discovering Maui. This weekend my wife and I stayed in near Hana. Amazing experience. Btw completely different topic. I thought I would ask your advice:

        As a throwback to your advice to Josh Davis a couple of weeks ago about starting a business here if that’s what you really want to do (computers). So I’ve slowly waded into the business waters here and have started my own IT company. The problem I’m having is that local businesses here more so than on the mainland are content to have crooked hand painted signs, template websites designed by Uncle with low def pictures or even considering yelp reviews to be the only needed web presence. So getting clients has been slow going which is fine. The issue I’m having is recently one of those clients decides after I’ve done some pretty solid work that it’s too expensive after paying half of their contract. But they really want to be “pono” about the situation. In my opinion “pono” is fulfilling the contract that you signed. Period. The problem I’m having is being the newcomer, I don’t want to get a rep as a mainland douche that’s just trying to fleece locals for their hard earned dollars. So I’m basically letting them out of the contract early (it’s not taking food out of my kids mouth), paying the contractor I used and basically just waiving any profit I would have made out of it. Am I rolling over too easily ? Or is this the price you pay when your clients are local vs visitors flush with cash? I hope to hear your answer on this weeks podcast.

  5. I hope this comment resonates how amazing this podcast was. I am shocked there aren’t more comments. “Another Rainbow” is my new favorite jam right now. I learned a lot more about Bo Napoleon than I had before. I had no idea he wrote for Common Kings. I learned about CK on my first trip to Oahu and immediately fell in love with i-POP. I went on to discover other bands like Iration, The Green, Natty Vibes, etc. I was kind of shocked about the lack of love for Island 98.5. I love listening to 98.5 when cruising around the island, the only problem is they replay the same song over and over.

    This episode was huge for me because it expanded my knowledge of Hawaiian music. I added Maoli and Ekolu to my playlists. Please bring Bobby back for more episodes. Again, amazing podcasts. I LOVED this episode.

    • Mahalos XMAN….We enjoyed doing this Episode…I learned some things as well…I think Bruce did as well…We’ll have Bobby back again when he launches one of his next big hits…We’ll play it here on the Podcast for the first time!

    • X…We have been thinking of it…but I’ll be the first to tell you…WE ARE ALL “SOCIAL MEDIA’D” OUT! We are doing so mnay things from so mnay angles…we just can’t do everything we want to do…lol…right now we want to start thinking of ways for others to get our Podcast on Mobile Devises…lots to think about.

      • It’s Android devices that you have to think about because the podcast is oni iTunes and it automatically downloads to my phone every week, push notofication and all. I just got an Apple TV too and I can play it on my 55in TV on the living room. It’s sweet. So as along as you guys solve for android your golden, iPhones already get your content automatically!

        • X….Lets ask you this…if you had been running the Podcast and you wanted to expand it so everyone could find and listen to it…In Order…what are 3 major things you would do with the Show to get the Podcast more exposure? If you got more than 3 ideas that would be AWESOME, but 3 is cool…We want to blow this up…we just don’t have the time. Mahalo Nui Brah~

      • If you want to reach all mobile devices, skip the iOS vs Android Apps hassle completely and go with a mobile web based application. This would allow you to make changes and add features a lot quicker then with a mobile app. Then integrate Twitter and Facebook fucntions letting users retweet or repost all they want using their own accounts. Let them spread the word while you guys get to focus on doing what you do. You are already hosting your podcasts, you just need a better delivery system that allows you to be flexible with how you interact with listeners.
        Now if only you knew someone that was passionate about Hawaii, a loyal listener and knew how to program said application….. Who ever could this be *hint*hint*

        • Ken,

          It’s a good thought. I think we are essentially thinking the same thing but not really solving the really issue. They are looking to increase subscribers on mobile. The easiest way is automatic delivery of content. You have to take into account mobile operating systems, there’s no way around it. To develop an app is an operating cost they probably don’t want to incur. Apple is completely solved for like I mentioned. I get the podcasts downloaded every week without doing anything. I think some type of marketing of the show on social media would help. I don’t even remember how I found the podcast honestly. I wouldn’t go the route of a web app unless it automatically delivers content and is free to develop and update. Here’s my three recommendations:

          1. Integrate LWLH with WWH and jeep tours media so new accounts don’t have to be created and managed
          2. Continue to bring on guests who can share their visit on their social media. Have a calendar of guest appearances a few weeks out to build hype
          3. Think about changing up the media and doing video podcasts, post to WWH YouTube channel that has big playback numbers

          These are all the ideas I have right now. If I come up with more I’ll post them.

          • That requires a producer an we don’t have one, this is 2 man operation we barely have a enough time to even get a show done every week!! ! Our podcast can be heard on any OS !! It’s a RSS feed, any number of podcast catchers out there can pull the feed and play it so I am not sure what you guys are talking about because it’s so easy to hear on lots of platforms!!!

  6. Nice episode guys. Really great to hear the influence Hawaii has had in Japan and on Bobby. Sounds like he’s had some great experiences. About the music scene, isn’t there a local radio station that could still exist by standing out as the only station 100% dedicated to playing local artists? They could market themselves as such and would probably get local support? If not, I guess the new medium is through streaming services like Pandora, etc. Well, good to hear Bobby’s story. He’s got the right idea about Molokai, beautiful no doubt.

    • SD…no shit right? You would think a local 100% radio station playing local music would be a NO BRAINER! We will continue to keep you updated on Bobby and have him back…Shit…Maybe Bruce and I can Host the new station!!! BOOM!

  7. Excellent episode. It would be great if you could get Jason Miller from 808shows on a future show. I don’t know him but he has been bringing bands from all over the place to Oahu. I feel like if he wasn’t doing this, most of those bands would skip Hawaii entirely. I think he has a few kids too so he could definitely be a source of information on a wide range of topics from raising kids in Hawaii to his involvement in the music scene….just an idea.


  8. Amazing podcast. It was great to hear from BOBBY PILEGGI and learn about the Hawaiian music scene, and the industry in general (while enjoying a Maui Brewing Co. Coconut Porter, Wayde!!). I loved every bit of it and am looking forward to spreading the word. Hopefully we can rekindle interest in true Hawaiian music. Mahalo!

  9. Enjoyed this cast – especially great to have someone in to talk story. It’s a nice break from the ‘information’ casts. I’m looking forward to the future when you have the studio finished and can bring in more guests. Not saying you guys are boring or anything, it’s just nice to have some personal stories from time to time.

    I’m definitely going to check out the i-pop Pandora station. Thanks for bringing Bobby on to discuss the local music scene.

  10. Congratulations to Bobby for writing Another Rainbow. The video fits the music very well too. I’ve been noting which songs are played during the episodes so that I can build up a playlist later… and this will definitely be on it.

    In doing so, I noticed the episode count got buggered a couple times. ANCIENT HAWAII should’ve been #65 (not 66). Then it got off by one more with DANGER in HAWAII as #70 (not 72). The next one ought to be #72 officially. Anyway, keep up the great music selections, and I look forward to the next show.

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