HAWAII’S Melting Pot


Hawaii is a special place and one of the things that makes it that special is the MELTING POT that exists here. These islands are known for it’s ALOHA SPIRIT as well as it’s diverse mix of friendly people living  on an island paradise. Hawaii’s culture may be a rainbow of colors, but beneath that are deep-seated ethnic and racial tension between the the different diverse communities.

Everyone in Hawaii is a Minority. We have the LARGEST minority Population at 75% in the US.


23 thoughts on “HAWAII’S Melting Pot

  1. I’m just checking in to confirm I am black and not Pakistani as Wayde believe’s lol.
    Also absolutely no ties to the military. Moved here because I loved Hawaii and literally just showed up my first time not knowing anything about the island.

    • Yep! Me too!
      My last name is Black as well! So I’m like double!

      BTW Great episode guys! I’ve got to tell you that from my POV I’ve seen a really good blend of people. I think it really depends on which island you’re on. For me (Ken back me up) I would say there are a much higher percentage of Polynesians here than on Oahu.

      Ken, now that we’re here we gotta meet up sometime. We’re in Wailuku near Waiehu beach. Hit me up!

  2. 10 bucks donated to the Wayde/Bruce 2016 ticket! You guys couldn’t possibly fuck it up any more than it already is. Possible slogan?? Take care guys!

  3. Listening to your podcasts it’s unbelievable what a fucking racist wade is. You live in Hawaii and hate Asians especially Japanese. You picked the right place to live you dumb haole. Go back to bawwston

    • No he doesn’t have to go back to Boston just because he said something you disagree with. You fucking pussy. You’re probably just mad that a Wayde, a white dude, has fucked a lot of hot Japanese girls in Hawaii. You jelly brah? By the way, you used the word “Haloe.” Well, the Japanese who you defended here are also Haloe aka foreigners, aka not Polynesian aka not Native Hawaiian. So who are the real Haloes? Fuck you.

  4. Victory. Fuck liberals. I’m so embarrassed that I used to call myself a liberal. Liberals are mean, hateful people. Darren and this guy moke here who call Wayde a racist are perfect examples of liberal retards. They are the ones who are the real racists and choose not to see what Wayde is really saying. They don’t understand logic. So quick to call people racist when you need to be honest with yourself about who you really hate. Just fucking be honest about what you really beleive. Now watch how crazy liberals get because of Trump. Watch and see who the real racists are. Watch and see who the real hateful people are. It’s the angry liberals who want to blame everything on “white” people. The reason they are not rich and beautiful is all the white mans fault. You fucking idiots. They want to control everything you do from your Halloween costume to how much salt or sugar you eat. I’m so happy that you have to live with Trump as your president because I know you won’t move to Canada or anywhere else because you would never leave this great nation as much as you claim to hate it. Fuck all of you liberal retards and yes, I do enjoy this podcast and they are free to talk about whatever the fuck they want even if its not about Hawaii. See? You have liberal retards commenting complaint about how Wayde and Bruce talk about things that aren’t about Hawaii. IT’AS THEIR FUCKING PODCAST YOU IDIOTS!!! STOP TRYING TO CONTROL PEOPLE!!!

    • I don’t see liberals getting crazy over it, HRC even conceded before the final count was in. Sounds like you are still pretty angry to me and that’s the problem, you win by hate anger, bullying and intimidation. That’s that way angry white people roll.

      • Don’t worry Bruce. You will absolutely see liberals getting crazy over it. Or you will choose to ignore it. Just watch the protests on college campuses. Yes, they are free to protest, but just read their signs, listen to what they are yelling/saying but most of all watch what will be captured on video of angry liberals and how violent they get attacking people. I can send you links to the videos as they come if you don’t believe me. Bruce, I don’t think you understand because you’re a little older. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way but I think because you’re around 60 years old, you don’t know or understand the mind of a young liberal today. I know how young liberals think because just earlier this year I was one of them. But the more videos I saw of how crazy and illogical they became, it pushed me away and now I’m embarrassed that I was ever a liberal. I’m still liberal in the “classical liberal” sense but not in the modern SJW sense. I’m not a bible thumper and I think gay people can do whatever they want. I’m not a redneck. But the young liberals have taken it too far. They are racist against white people, even if they are white themselves. BLM doesn’t allow white people to attend their meetings. Today, in a mixed group of students at Berkeley CA, one of them had a sign that read “End White Supremacy.” This person is using that as an excuse to protest something that isn’t even real. There are plenty of successful non-white scientists, engineers, authors and anything, you name it because that’s America. But yet these young liberals who claim to be tolerant are the most intolerant and hateful, racist people. They keep going back to the past to use that as an excuse of how to feel today. Yes, there are some white Americans who are racists. But so what? There are also many non-whites who are racist. Go ask the average middle class Mexican Dad if he’s okay with his daughter dating a black, Indian, or even Asian guy. You may be surprised at what he says. Some people are racists. What are you gonna do about it? Get over it. You can’t stop someone from being a racist. As long as they don’t assault you or touch your stuff then you shouldn’t even be thinking about it. When I see a racist Polynesian person in Hawaii, I’m not surprised because i know that some people are just racist. It goes back to evolution and not liking someone who looks like they are not in your tribe. It’s primitive. It’s stupid. But it’s still here because it really hasn’t been that long since humans left Africa in evolutionary time.

        • I am sorry you’re so angry! We won the popular vote, most people are not with you and your fellow right wingers. Our work begins now, the hatred you represent won’t last.

          • Sigh. I give up with you. You still don’t get it. I’m not angry. I’m happy. Liberals are the ones who are angry. The numbers are still coming in and the popular vote is very close. Regardless, the electoral college is what it is. I don’t represent hate. Liberals are full of hate. Go to Youtube and type in “Hillary Voters Attack Homeless Black Woman For Supporting Trump”

            A homeless woman attack by liberal bigots. That’s your camp buddy.

          • You are very angry, and it’s obvious. You are the minority now, get used to it. We (the majority of americans) won the popular vote. Had it been the other way around you’d be crying corruption, a rigged system and the electoral college is unfair.

  5. Yeah, this guy is mentally unstable. Congrats on being a raging idiot. It’s clear you’re one of those undocumented folks that need psychiatric help the most. I’ll pray for you. Hopefully you get it.

    • Agreed Darren, it’s gonna be a tough 4 years, hopefully we can repair the damage in 2 years by getting out the vote and bringing some sanity back, I’m embarrassed idiots like this even listen to the podcast …………

      • I’m fine. My ancestors have been suppressed for years, it’s no different now other than a wider melting pot. The civil rights stuff only passed 60ish years ago, but hey that was such a long time ago, right.

        People are going to realize how big of a mistake this is. It goes beyond race. He’s a climate change denier and will appoint people to his cabinet that undo any climate proposals on the table. Guess who that impacts? The world, not just the US. But who cares about the planet right? Right

        Putin has sent his congrats along with Duerte and the KKK. Oh but I’m being sensitive right, here check out this celebration parade they have planned in NC.


        But I guess I’m just being sensitive right?

        The very people who voted him in don’t realize his tax plan is WORSE for them if they have multiple kids . Check the numbers


        As if somehow a guy who has a gold played NY condo with paintings of himself somehow cares about some worker in Ohio, when said guy is partly responsible for that workers low wages because of his own business practices and taking low labor overseas.

        It’s incredible and I can’t wait to see everyone get fucked who thinks this guy is going to fix your life. This country will be set further back than ever before so congratulations.

        • So true, I’m a old man and don’t have much time left to do a whole lot more, I feel sorry we’ve left such a mess for the future generations, such a shame because I really think we were getting somewhere on a lot of issues, now this. I am going to stay focused on making a difference where I can, giving back as much as I can to my community and filter out the rest, it’s the only thing I know how to do at this point.

    • Darren, you’re the one who is mentally unstable because of things you’ve said to Wayde. It’s easy for us to type things here but I would destroy you in a live debate about these topics. All I was trying to do was save Bruce from becoming an SJW because I liked Bruce for a long time but I never knew he was that far left. But now I know. So whatever. And Bruce, you’re embarrassed because I listen to your podcast? Well, you shouldn’t have Wayde on every week then because I know Wayde agrees with a lot of the things I say. So does Glen Mercante. Don’t have Wayde and don’t have guests like Glen then if you’re embarrassed. Don’t you see how silly this is all getting now? Maybe you should only talk about Hawaii. But wait, that’s impossible because you guys are humans and humans have conversations that go in all directions. Sad.

      • Climate change is a bigger issue than the US. There’s China and India. Good luck telling them what to do.

        As far as the KKK endorsing him, you can’t control who endorses you. Just like when Louis Farrakhan endorsed Obama in 08′.

        This election wasn’t about race. It was a big fuck you to all of the SJW’s out there. It was also a big fuck you to the establishment.

        And you say “My ancestors have been suppressed for years, it’s no different now other than a wider melting pot. ”

        The right there shows your victim mentality. The fact is if you have the internet, you live in a western country and your life is better than 90% of the people in the world living in conditions that you can’t even imagine, yet you’re still oppressed here. Poor you. Self-loathing loser.

        • You are incapable of having a rational discussion, and you’ve got anger issues. I really hope my prayers reach you one day and you get the psychiatric help you deserve. God bless.

  6. That guy who said that to you about the flag was just trying to pick a fight with you Wayde. He was hoping that you would get rowdy with him. He was a racist. He didn’t like you for things that other white people who’ve long been dead and you have nothing to do with did a long long time ago. What a moron.

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