HAWAII’S Comfort/Junk Foods

HAWAI’I…the land of the Beautiful and In Shape…RIGHT?

NOPE! Not with the shit we eat here! lol

Yes, you can eat an organic Vegan diet here and live happily ever after, but who the fuck wants to deprive themselves of all the unholy junk foods Hawai’i Nei has at it’s disposal!

When it comes to comfort and junk food Hawai’i has no shortage on where and what to choose from…Having a bad day in Traffic?…have some Spam Wasubi…Did your boss yell at you?…screw it, get a plate of Chicken Katsu…Did your Boyfriend just break up with you?…Damn, you better get yourself a half dozen Coco Puffs!

Hawaii is a beautiful place with beautiful healthy food…but it’s also a place of unholy Junk and comfort foods that if you don’t watch it can blow your waistline out of this world!

We are not telling you to NOT stuff your face with these AWESOME FAT INDUCED COMA RIDDEN FOODS…We are just telling you…do it in moderation…but while in moderation enjoy every fucking bite of it!



11 thoughts on “HAWAII’S Comfort/Junk Foods

  1. Aloha from Kona! It’s been a while since I’ve commented here because we’ve been chatting on Facebook. We have some big news. On August 1, we got engaged at the beach at Waialea Bay aka 69 beach… so you two have fun with that. ha! We don’t have any wedding plans yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

    It’s overwhelming for me to discuss how well things have worked out for us here. Next week, I start massage school on scholarship through a local “pay it forward” program.” I found your discussion on the topic of massage on this episode to be deeply disturbing and will likely name my spa, “No Happy Endings” to avoid any misunderstandings.

    If any of my fellow listeners are coming to Kona, they’ll find Kevin in the kitchen at Kona Brew Pub and me on Ali’i Drive working as a concierge. I love this job because I get to share all of my favorite places on the island with people that are living their dream vacation. I’ve reached out to Hawaii Aloha Travel on more than one occasion when my guests are going to Oahu next and haven’t planned in advance. Last week, I even had the pleasure of speaking with Yaling to get someone on a waiting list for your Pearl Harbor tour. (Hi Yaling!)

    On to the topic of food, my comfort food here is brown gravy! Growing up in NJ, we had disco fries – fries smothered in brown gravy and melted mozzarella cheese. Note: not the same as poutine, I’ve had both and both are delicious but they are not the same.

    If anyone wants to talk about planning a visit or move to Big Island, I’m on facebook and my email is bethbalik@gmail.com.
    Love you guys!
    Aloha & Mahalo

  2. I don’t understand how you guys could have lived here so long and not know bubble tea has tapioca balls In it. I love a nice cold coconut smoothie with bubbles (aka beads or bobas or pearls). Great show guys!

  3. wayde… brah… you’re so concerned about trannies it makes me wonder. kinda like when a guy is super scared of gay people then 5 years later they’re married to a dude.

  4. Aloha Guys,

    I’m halfway through this episode and can’t wait for the food talk! Loving your podcast and thank you for the effort you make in consistently putting them out. I’ve been involved with a podcast before* and I know how much work it is – especially just getting together and making it happen.

    My husband and I are long time Hawaii visitors and own a property over in Punalu’u (Oahu). We’ve been coming there once or twice a year since about 2000, and someday, SOMEday we hope to move there (from California). All conditions have to be just right – from settling kids in their life to income to jobs etc. – so in the meantime we keep ourselves educated about the real estate market and what’s going on in general – your podcast helps us stay current! We’ll be there in October and again in December, can’t wait!

    Here’s my question. One of the things about making the move to Hawaii that concerns me is making sure I get connected with the community there. It’s been an important aspect of my life in California and I know I need service and community connection in my life. I’ve been in touch with you guys over on Facebook about getting involved with the 808 Cleanup organization, but are there other ways you recommend to get connected, to contribute? I’m currently volunteering with a couple of local homeless services organizations, which I’m very passionate about. Also anything to do with health/nutrition/fitness is something I’m interested in. Thanks for any advice!


    *Podcast in question: http://www.sexwithpenguins.com (note: no penguins were harmed in the making of this podcast) 🙂

  5. Aloha Wade and Bruce. My husband has been listen to you guys for a couple years and after overhearing some of the podcasts while he was cooking, I figured I should join the fun. We’ve really appreciated your honesty, humor and awesome information. We fell in love with Kauai 13 years ago and just recently made the move to the island. We’ve moved with 2 young keiki, ages 7 and 2, and a golden retriever. What a crazy couple of months! Even with all the ups (beautiful rainbows, quick rain storms, paddle boarding Hanalei bay, and hiking) and downs (wrong container being delivered and finding out ours was on Ohau, lots of bugs, kids freaking out), we are here to stay and up for the adventure. That said, we are now in search of a new car. Although everyone seems to have a truck, we’re thinking we want something more environmentally conscience and family orientated…but we also want something that can take us on dirt roads to hike the crater or go to Polihale beach. Any suggestions??
    Katie and Matt

  6. Bruce and Wade, I have been a big fan of your podcast for a few years now. I always get excited when I see a new episode load to my play list. I do have a question for you. Do you hang out together beyond the podcast or business relationship. I laugh out loud when you get under each other’s skin sometimes, and was just wondering how close of friends you were. Also if I increase my monthly donation will you stop play Mark’s voice messages. They aren’t funny. Let me know.
    Thank you

  7. Also if any Big Island realtors are listening to this podcast, I expect a commission for my role in increasing home values on the island. Mahalo

  8. I type “Moving to Hawaii” in the search bar on YouTube often. I watch the videos of people all pumped to move to Hawaii and you experience their excitement about living there in their videos following their announcement. But if you look at their channel a year or even months later I would say that about 90% of them end up moving back to the mainland. Not a new observation but the islands sure seem to filter and purge a lot of people constantly.

  9. Hi guys! Relatively new listener here. I’ve been listening to y’all for over a month now on my commute to and from work.

    My family and I will be visiting in September, and I was thinking about booking a Hawaii Jeep Tour. However, we are traveling with my 1 year old son. Would we be able to take him on a personal Circle Island Tour? We are bringing his carseat from home, so thats not an issue. If so, would there be an additional charge for him?

    Thanks so much! Enjoy listening to you guys everyday (until I run out of shows)!!

  10. Aloha Fellas!
    It’s Rico and Mayra and I just listened to the disaster prep podcast and wanted to give you an update.
    So real quick, we’re creeping up on our 1st year anniversary (Halloween) and things are amazing in some ways and tough in others.
    First the good:
    1. We’ve made a few really great friends (Oddly mostly from Costco)
    2. It’s a very small island in some ways, yet comparable to LA in others like shopping is the most convenient I’ve ever experienced in the 5 states I’ve lived in. But driving from Wailuku to Lahaina to hit up Black Rock Beach is like driving to the Moon especially during King Tide.
    3. You mentioned Willy K. his Brother Kau’i has become a good friend of ours and is putting on a talent show here called “The Hawaii Voice” which our daughter Mina, is a semi finalist. Willy is a truly amazing artist, a real ODB, but funny as hell and a good dude.

    The bad refers mainly to the locals who ride mopeds without mufflers and ride people around in the beds of their pickup trucks without any type of protection. Seeing a bunch of kids flying down the streets unprotected is risky as fuck.
    And yes, it’s expensive. But it’s very close to the cost of living in Pasadena which is where we lived before the move. And I’m still the single breadwinner until the rest of the team finishes training with me. Food is comparable in price, but the problem is that fresh foods go bad so fast that it’s hard to avoid waste. Gas prices are less at costco than it is at Mobil station in Cali.
    And lastly, getting local work on Maui is challenging, at least for what I do. But I’m making contacts that I think will make this a much better year as far as building a good network with people out here.
    The kids love it. We just started our 5 year old in Kindergarten this past week, and he’s already beginning to thrive.
    Would I do this move again even with the $20K expense? Hell Yes!
    Is it as beautiful as I hoped? Hell Yes!
    Was it Hard to pull this off by myself? Yeah..it was. Really hard right up until the moment we got on the plane to come here.
    Maui is our home now, We’ve gotten so much aloha since being here already. Our friends & family have come to visit, and we’re currently planning to buy our property in Kula (Right by Makawao) sometime within the next 18 months.

    Your advice and encouragement was so welcomed and appreciated. We may be coming over to Oahu in the next couple of months. And I’ll try to coordinate it with your taping, so we can meet in person.

    Everything is alriiight.


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