WWOOFING? WTF is WOOFING? Well…it means: WORLD WIDE OPPORTUNITIES on ORGANIC FARMS. The truth is when it comes to WWOOFING it’s almost ALWAYS an AWESOME opportunity to venture to a place outside your comfort zone and head to a place you wouldn’t normally be able to afford and visit by staying an extended time in a beautiful place where you can learn about Organic farming, see how locals live in the area, may it be a state or country, meet and connect with new people from around the world and be given House and Board for the labor you put into the farm…You learn and grow as a person and the Farm Grows and gets your services for free for giving you a place to live and food…often the organic food you grow and pick…BUT…


Things don’t always go as planned…and sometimes, even if it’s only about 5-10% of the time, things can go SERIOUSLY WRONG as happened in the case we are going to talk about today with Hannah Brooke Bergeron, who we helped get out of a seriously NASTY WOOFING SCAM here in Hawaii on the Westside of Oahu in Makaha Valley! Remember…WWOOFING IS SAFE and it’s AWESOME…but always remember to DO YOUR RESEARCH…9 times out of 10 you are GOLDEN, but you never know for sure like Hannah found out…So do your research and stay safe out there everyone!

If you’re interested in hearing the other side of this crazy story please listen to our most recent NEWS at the start of our “BRINGING CHILDREN TO HAWAII” Podcast here: //luckywelive808.com/bringing-children-to-hawaii/


If you are interested in WWOOFING and want to learn more:




  1. Hey guys,
    Sorry this is not a comment on the episode – the past couple of podcasts have not shown up in my blubrry feed. I’m using Pocket Casts on Android 5.1. (I haven’t been able to find the iTunes app in the Play Store 😉 ). Last cast to show up was “Hawaii on a Whim”. Do you have a direct rss feed I can access or put into the Pocket Cast app? I download and listen while commuting. Thanks!

    • Ben…all our episodes go live on iTunes…and as far as I know we have a RSS FEED…I personally don’t know about the Pocket Cast App…Let me ask Bruce abou this…We’ll get back to you~ Mahalo

  2. Great ep guys, and thanks Hannah for sharing your story! What a terrible situation and I hope the PD and these two can really sort through the crap and make it extremely difficult for this dude to try it again. Anyways, this is my first comment and I’ve been binge listening to your podcast for the past couple weeks while at work… Love the show guys! Love how you keep it 100 and enjoy hearing the weekly news, keep it up! My Wife and I are thinking of moving from Oregon to the islands in the coming years (we just graduated from College) and will be visiting both Maui and the BI this summer, we’re hoping Hilo is the perfect fit, we’ll see! Anyways, I just read an article about more GMOs… Not awesome. Here it is, https://www.yahoo.com/health/cancer-fighting-pink-pineapples-and-purple-115214597057.html, kind of an interesting subject once again. Could help w/ cancer, but is it worth the unknown effects of GMOs?! Hmm…

  3. Wayde if you need me to come work your 5 by 7 garden for room and board I’m down my braddah… lol that was some crazy shit! that guy is shady as fuck and needs to be exposed. goes to show you that even with planning how quickly a situation can go all bad. great job helping this girl out she’s very lucky that nothing else happened. thanks for the entertainment boys. just try to cut down on the fucking cussing I’m trying to listen to this fucking podcast with my kids… 😉

  4. Aloha fellas. What a crazy story about Hannah but glad she made it home safe and truly hope she gives Hawaii another shot. You mentioned wanting to speak to people who’ve moved here so if you are still interested I’d love to contribute and really just hang with you. Let me know.

    • Jason…We need you in here for sure….you’re coming from Westside right? Let me talk to Bruce and we’lll see about getting you in for one of the next shows for the next 2 weeks…Are you pretty open Jay on days and times? Let us know and I’ll talk to bruce in the meantime.

        • Ok Jay…Like I said before…we are doing our best without a actual room for the show…I just want our shit together, but bruce is still putting the house in order…So you’ll have to deal with the mess like we have the past few months…lol…I’ll be sitting down and talking to Bruce Tue or Wed and we can get a solid date for you to come in…enough bullshit already right?

  5. Getting ready to listen to the WWOOFing podcast but just wanted to say from the description that it sounds like you guys really showed Hannah what the true spirit of Aloha is all about. Yet more evidence of the lengths you guys will go to in order to make people’s Hawaii experience a positive one… even if they didn’t arrange travel with Bruce! Belated thanks & congratulations on the couple previous podcasts that I failed to post rave comments on. In particular, the music scene podcast was extremely interesting and surprised me quite a bit as nobody could have faulted you much if you had just stuck to the 3 staples of slack key, Don Ho & IZ. Oh, I scoured the news videos of the big trash cleanup (you can get a surprising amount of Hawaii media outside of Hawaii if you only look e.g. OC-16 streams their entire station feed online) to see if you guys or the foundation would get mentioned but was totally hoping to see Wayde wearing one of the old t-shirts from when you guys started the show!

    • Mahalo Dale…Hannah really got screwed and we did all we could to help her…she is home safe now and that’s all that matters. I was doing the cleanup, but my job was safety that day so I was directing Traffic…that sort of placed me out of the way of the cameras 🙁

  6. Great podcast. I’m sure glad Hannah got back home OK. What an ordeal! What’s going to happen to the other girls there? Is Frank going to be dealt with? I hope Hannah gives Hawaii another chance.

    As far as Kailua, we always stay there when we visit Hawaii. I’ve got relatives that have lived there all their lives and I’m not sure what they’re thinking about all the changes. I know that it’s changed a lot since we first visited there back in ’83. So much more crime there, a lot of “mom and pop” stores going out of business, over crowding.

    Do you have any updates on what’s going on with the Paradise Park area development? Keep up the good work!

    • We helped Hannah the best we could…and we’ll help her more when she comes back. As for Paradise Park…it’s still under ownership, but no building has started…the Manoa community DOES NOT SUPPORT any building back there so it’s ON HOLD as of today.

  7. Thank you guys so much for helping Hannah! I live in New Hampshire and I’ve been one of Hannah’s best friends for a very long time. I knew she was going out there, but I never knew what was going on until she came home. If you guys and your friends didn’t get her out of there who knows what could have happened. You guys are AMAZING people for doing what you did.

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Cierra…We did what any good person would do…it’s all about the Aloha Spirit here and we showed it and we are very, very sorry that FRANK GUY didn’t! We will continue to hunt that guy down and watch his every move…

  8. Your mention of Blue and Sugarbear on this podcast prompted me have a look at their YouTube channel but they seem to have deleted all of their social media accounts. The YouTube channel now says ” This channel was closed and is no longer available.” There doesn’t seem to be a Facebook or Instagram presence anymore either. Perhaps there is trouble in paradise?

    • HOLY FUCK ME SIDEWAYS….ALREADY? I knew it would happen Thomas…I just didn’t think it would happen this fast…I was giving them 3 months….I think they made it 1 week!

      • Their last video the girl (Not sure if she was Sugar Bear or Blue….) was saying how she would be happy even working at McDonalds. Right there I knew there was no way they could make it.

  9. Poor Hannah!! Totally disgusting how the police treated her? Do you think maybe because they knew she wasn’t a local (not an excuse) and they knew “Frank” was a local…?? Glad she got out ok and you guys helped her out and hope she returns soon.. We have A LOT of working on farms here in Oz but they mainly get backpackers for seasonal workers, by doing this for 3mths they get an extra year added to their working visa.

    Ahhhh Honolulu Zoo ranked #2… I think the last 3 times I have visited Oahu some animal has died.. last January it was the giraffe.. Sea Life park does have a half whale half dolphin Kekaimalu .. its about a third bigger than the dolphins…and get this it has been bred 3 times from memory (I went back in 2013 with a friend as she had not seen dolphins… can’t say I enjoyed the place kinda reminded me of a sideshow making up crap to keep patrons coming, virtually everything you can swim with or touch or feed.. perfectly healthy looking turtles squashed in swimming in a pool, and the dolphins swimming around and around in circles THE most depressing place ever!!! Get it closed… or break them out so they can do a free willy and jump that wall into the ocean…. if they only knew how close they are to freedom…..

    • Jo…Hannah is safe and sound with her dad…We pulled it together and helped the kid out…in the end it all worked out. We hope she will return and we can help her again. The Honolulu Zoo is a joke…it’s good for kids, but that’s it…As for Sealife park…we’ll close this place down or at least get them to shut down the Dolphin pool.

    • Ron…Hannah is back on the mainland…if she comes back to Hawaii, which she wants to do this summer, we will get her involved in the Non Profit and she what other work may be out there for her.

  10. What’s up guys? I’m glad you posted a new episode! Man, this was a crazy story. You guys truly saved her life. It reminds me of the Ariel Castro kidnappings that happened in Cleveland last year. Check it out on google if you’ve never heard of it. Eerily similar. Anyway, get some more positive shit on your next podcast because that shit was depressing.

    I have a question, when I was in Hawaii last time we stayed in Kailua and it was one million times better than Waikiki. We literally stayed up the street from Buzz’s Steak House. It was dead quite at night and there was nothing going on. I loved it. Where else should I check out that is similar on Oahu?

    • YES…I agree…ALL POSITIVE NEXT SHOW! As for a place MUCH BETTER than Kailua I would go with…How about an other Island completely…No, I’m serious, but if you want to stay on Oahu, WAIMANALO BEACH COTTAGES would be that place and they actual have LEGAL RENTALS there. You stayed in Kailua and didn’t think it was too busy? On top of that you probably stayed in an ILLEGAL RENTAL, 75% of rentals in Kailua are ILLEGAL AND A GROWING PROBLEM…when you stay in an ILLEGAL RENTAL it means there is one more home Locals don’t have to stay because they are off the market for a home, this is a HUGE, HUGE growing problem in Kailua and Oahu and the Locals and Hawaiians are leaving for the mainland because of it, why would you rent to a local family for lower rent, when you can rent it to a vacationer who has double the money to pay? They just put a new TARGET STORE in Kailua, people have been trying to stop that for years…FLOODS OF TOURISTS come into that town every day, Crime is insanely high for a town that was once a peaceful ghost town…a mom and pop town it once was…20 years ago…Now they have made it into a mini Waikiki, they are putting new condos and Townhomes up everywhere, the traffic will be INSANE in 2-4 years!….Xavier…You have an entire different look on Waikiki and Kailua than I…Waikiki is not even a part of Hawaii as far as I’m concerned…Waikiki is what happens when you let AMERICANS, GREED, CORPORATIONS as well as Japenese Business men make the decisions. Death of the AINA! As for Kailua…you should have seen Kailua 20 years ago…I was there at least 3-4 times a week…now I go 3-4 times a year…yes…A YEAR! You have to put Kailua into perspective, but because you only know what Kailua looks like today you really can’t…if you saw what it once looked like before all the Tourists starting leaving Waikiki and going to Kailua you would not only be upset, but beyond sad as to what has happened to Kailua, What vacationers don’t understand is WE SUPPORT them seeing the TRUE Hawaii and not Waikiki, but by them doing this they are changing the Face of Kailua and making it much busyier then what it once was…whatever you saw in Kailua, imagne half the amount of people 5 years ago…JUST READ and WATCH this recent Article, it is becoming a huge debate…in 5-10 years Kailua won’t look the same: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/28/kailua-hawaii-waikiki-short-term-rentals_n_6882752.html

      • Appreciate the reply Wayde. I agree with you that the view you have on Kailua is all a matter of perspective. Coming from Chicago, where everything is a zoo, people are always rushing to get places and pissed off, the entire Island of Oahu is tame from my perspective…. except Waikiki. I HATE…let that soak in….. hate Waikiki. There are wayyyy too many people around to enjoy it. We will go there and hit up the small waves on longboards, do some shopping at Quicksilver or RVCA, grab lunch at Lulus and hike Diamond Head on the way out. We make a day of it and thats it for the trip, its kind of like visiting your grandma, its just something that you kind of have to do when you go there I guess.

        On the contrary, Kailua was so peaceful and quite when we visited, much more laid back from my Chicago-perpective. That little green grocery store that greets you after your pass Kailua Kayak rental place is da best place for sandwiches after the beach. Buzz’s steak house has a cool little tiki feel to it and we had some great dinners there. Finally, walking around Kailua Beach Park with my Canon offered me some great photo opportunities of people enjoying their families. These are some of the reasons I loved it there and feel it is nigh-and-day difference from Waikiki. The downtown Kailua portion was a little busier but nothing crazy. The area around the California Pizza Kitchen seemed to the the center of the town with Macy’s next door, a parking garage, Pier 1, and other restaurants.

        Thinking about “Aloha” why would people put stickers on the stop signs telling people to go back to Waikiki? People just want to see the beaches of Kailua and Lanikai, is it the locals or rich haoles that are responsible for that? If it is the rich haoles, that is just irony at its best and ignorant. Finally, with the increase in 2014 Hawaii tourism that Bruce had noted, its almost expected that expansion will occur to meet the influx of demand. For your business its like a double edged sword. I’m sure that you have seen increased revenues but also have seen the impacts of capitalism on your once-favorite sleepy beach town.

        Here is where I stayed in Kailua. Let me know if you think it is illegal. The owner does not live in the house, in fact, her father gave her the property and she uses the rental money to care for her special needs son. Found it on VRBO and the process is super formal and professional to rent from her.


        • DAMN…Dats a nice place for the money bro…lol…but it’s a 50/50 chance it’s illegal…but it’s not my job to be the State Police…The state is working on something to stop illegal rentals…and it’s the RICH Haole and local 50/50 that love and hate tourists…I enjoy the revenues…but the actual double edge sword is bring guests to these crowded places…it’s not fun…for me or the guests…it’s getting harder and harder to find special places where few people are…5 years ago you could always be alone…no longer the case today on Oahu…I still have my spots…I just don’t do videos anymore about them…either way…Big Island is calling…I’ll be alone with my guests there…that’s for sure.

  11. Mahalo Bruce and Wayde for showing the true Aloha spirit in helping Hannah. Not only do you talk the talk, but you also walk the walk. What a relief to know Hannah is safe, and that she has not allowed this experience to impede her desire to return to Hawaii. From the deplorable situation with Frank, to the indifference of the authorities; I hope the whole truth comes out, and someone gets to the bottom of this.
    Let me get this straight
    1.) Women are lured to the “farm” under false pretenses
    2.) Their documents are kept locked in a safe
    3.) They are told they will become the owners slaves
    3.) Their are under complete control and manipulation
    4.) The owner hides the women so the police can’t find them
    And the FBI says; “Nothing to see here. Move along.”
    Sounds like WOOF stands for What an Outrageously Obnoxious Fu_ _ er.
    On a lighter note, on a future podcast, can you cover the steps required for people moving to Hawaii with their pets. Do dogs or cats require any certain vaccinations or documents? Sorry to be repetitive if you have already covered this topic. I am listening to your podcasts in reverse order while at work, and have not made it yet all the way to episode one.

    • Yes Brian…we will continue to look into this piece of shit….As for Moving to Hawaii with your Pets…YES…we did a Podcast on that it was a bout GAY MARRIAGE and PETS IN HAWAII: //luckywelive808.com/gay-marriage-legal-in-hawaii/

  12. Kudos to Bruce and Wayde for doing the right thing and helping this lady who got into a bad situation. You guys definitely did the right thing, this Frank dude needs to be further investigated. Perhaps Wayde could bring a camera crew and get started on another reality show pilot.

      • Seriously! I am so outraged. The police need to be held accountable for what they did/failed to do. I am so worried about those women who were left behind. They sound brainwashed. Those other women may be more vulnerable than Hannah because of the language barrier or not having family back home to help them financially or otherwise.This shouldn’t be happening to any human being! Sounds like we need some street justice.

  13. Way to go on helping Hannah out guys. Glad she started thinking for herself and observing her surroundings. That can make all the difference in a situation like this.
    Sorry to hear that your reality show didn’t work out. Can’t believe they thought following a vet around would be remotely interesting. I will be boycotting the show as a form of protest!

  14. Maybe I missed something somewhere along the way but, when did all this with Hannah go down? and is there any word on the other women at that farm?

    Great show as usual guys and you know you guys should fucking swear more, add more color to the show!

  15. The truth is. Most wwoof hosts are total scum bags. They’re either delusional hippies, slave drivers looking for free labor, or worse. They post misleading pictures and descriptions to lure you in. I went to a place on San Juan island in Washington state. It was supposed to be a subsistence farm. I was going to help them with finishing a cabin. I showed up, the owner I had be speaking to was mia. There was just a bunch of crunchy hippy druggies trying. It was a pathetic excuse for a commune. Hippies are too lazy to succeed from what I’ve seen. They’re just smoking pot the whole time and who knows what else. They also tried holding hands in a circle and telling stories. Very uncomfortable and not what I signed up for. I left in the morning and hiked the 17 miles back to the ferry

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