HAWAII WARS 2018 “Return of the Podcast”

Well…it’s 2018…where the F@%# did we go?

Well…you see…Bruce’s been Slingshoting around the galaxy, Wayde’s been on a quest in a Galaxy far, far away to uncover the obnoxious SOCIAL JUSTICE WARS which is the LAST JEDI…

I think both have had valid points as the Podcast was put aside to deal with such serious matters the last month…With that said, Wayde and Bruce will be discussing all the SHIT STORMS that have been hitting the islands known as HAWAII. What is coming for these islands in the middle of nowhere in 2018?…Could it be another Proton torpedo or Ion missile attack? WHO KNOWS! What Battles have taken place and what ones are still to come?  We cover all your vital comments, voice messages and questions today and even cover the Last Star Wars movie…One of us loved it, one of us hated it…we’ll also talk about the horrible Kermit the FROG Ige. We try to get to the bottom of what happened with this Bomb scare that happened the other day and what if a NUKE hit Hawaii? Are we safe? Can Hawaii deal with a Major Disaster?

Get ready FOLKS…this show is not for the weak minded or the Social Justice Warriors out there with their PURPLE Fucking hair! This is serious bullshit we’ll be talking about and we’re not talking about Droids either on this Podcast either!

We hope this takes off the NEW YEAR with a bang! So get ready to make the jump to light-speed with the “Return of the Podcast!”


13 thoughts on “HAWAII WARS 2018 “Return of the Podcast”

  1. Well, it figures that the first time I’m listening to you guys it keeps looping the first 5 minutes of the podcast!! Get it fixed and I’ll try again!

    • PAUL…There IS something wrong with the PODCAST THROUGH THE WEBSITE itself for only SOME PEOPLE…We have honestly never figured it out! I, myself have the same problem…I listen 5 mins and then it stops…Not sure why, but this is an ongoing problem we haven’t resolved…I don’t know if it’s a catch problem or a server problem or maybe it’s own own computers, because many don’t have an issue…I would suggest the following: Either DOWNLOAD the podcast to your computer and hard drive…which is good because there is no bandwidth problems…or just listen to us on iTUNES Podcasts. Keep us posted and Mahalo for listening.

  2. Dude yes please post evey thursday. I’m on Moloka‘i workIng shrimpfarm trying to make Hawai‘i work for the long run. PLEASE KEEP GOING. Great stuff!!!

    Andy from east coast.

  3. Aloha Bruce and Wade! Glad you guys are back and hope you had a restful hiatus. While listening to your most recent podcast, I was excited to hear that you will have a schedule for when new content will come out. (I believe you said every Thursday; I’m typing this a couple days after having listened.) Regardless, now I won’t have to keep bothering Bruce on Instagram about when the next episode will be out (the bastard quit responding to me anyway).

    On a separate note, I’ve got a colleague who is looking to go to Oahu and she wants me to give her advice about things do to on the trip. I’ve only been to Maui, but I plan to recommend her to you Bruce so you can set her up. I told her you can get great deals and would be her best bet as far as setting up a trip since she has never been to Hawaii because you (and Wade) are so knowledgeable about the island and it would be better than going through Expedia or other similar services.

    Anyway, love the show and can’t wait for another episode. Mahalo and aloha!

    • Thanks Jeff…we’ll do our best to be more dedicated to doing every THURSDAY…and we’ll help your friend the best we can. If she wants me to show her around let me know~ Aloha. Have her take a view of my Youtube as well, there are plenty of fun things to do on Oahu.

  4. So Wayde was there any redeeming quality in The Last Jedi? We hated the Mary Poppins scene and hoped that they would have let the character go when Carrie Fisher passed away after the movie was completed. Complete reshoot would have made for perfect end for the Skywalkers with Luke dying as well. I did like the fight scene with Luke and Kylo but everything was just just kinda disappointing. It’s funny to listen to you two talk about your friendship I really think being different ages means that it’s harder to relate just glad you guys at least get along unlike the guys from Mythbusters. Here’s to both of your healths in the New Year.

    • No redeeming quality for LAST JEDI my braddah! Did you see my Review on FANGDANGO?…My Review is getting great feedback…I’ll post it here for you…ENJOY…lol: I’ve seen a lot of bad in the Star Wars Universe…A NEW HOPE was a great movie, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was one of the best movies of all time…RETURN OF THE JEDI had its flaws, but it stayed true to the Star Wars lore and Universe…even with the silly Ewoks. However, the Prequels had issues this review doesn’t have time for from Jar Jar Binks, to wasting a great Villain like Darth Mail to WTH is this midi-chlorians crap as well as bad acting and bad writing…BUT, I will give it one thing…they at least had a story that went somewhere! However, in the back of my mind I pretended the prequels never happened…and I was ok with that, it didn’t hurt the Original Trilogy that started in 1977 for me. So when I heard DISNEY bought LucasFilms and had plans to do a final Trilogy I got goosebumps…where would DISNEY take Luke, Han, Chewy, Leia, R2-D2 & C3PO?…I was excited when JJ ABRAMS was taking on his childhood love of Star Wars and so I was ready to give the new 3 films a chance…So brings us to…THE FORCE AWAKENS…It was a great title…I imagined what the story would be about, what adventures these hero’s would take us on. When I did see the film I was satisfied, it wasn’t amazing or anything,but I was excited to see the next film…my major beef with FORCE AWAKENS was that I couldn’t understand why Luke wasn’t able to have one more adventure with all his hero friends before Han was taken from us, although I felt Hans Death was appropriate and justified for the movie, I still didn’t understand how JJ could have CHEWY go to RAY and not LEIA after Han died…WTF! After the release everyone picked up on this except the entire film crew and JJ…how was that possible! ANYWAYS…Overall I was holding my breath to see what would happen in the long awaited THE LAST JEDI release of RYAN JOHNSON’S take on JJ’s Film. I was excited to see RYAN bring it all together and answer ALL the questions JJ left up in the air for us over the last two years as well as create new questions for us… GOD…I was so ready…and GOD…was I never more disappointed, I was devastated, not only by RYANS utter disrespect of everything JJ ABRAMS did, created and setup for episode 8, but the purposeful and methodical middle finger RYAN gave to all the true devoted Star Wars fans who had been inspired by these films since the 70’s. It’s like RYAN didn’t give a FUCK about our childhood heros, he didn’t care about Star Wars History, it’s Myths or it’s lore. Just as RYAN had Luke toss the lightsaber over his shoulder off the mountain (mind you his fathers saber) so did he do to the entire Star Wars universe and us! This was PERSONAL for RYAN JOHNSON and he was telling every single one of us…”F-U , this is my film, my story and I’m doing it my way and I don’t give a fuck what Star Wars means to you!” Forget the fact it was a horrible story and plot, forget that ION REACTORS don’t run out of Fuel, Forget that we see Leia for the first time use the force in a way greater than any Jedi or Sith lord in history and survive being ejected into space and frozen to death and do a MARRY F-IN POPPINS back to the ship, forget that when they opened the cabin door to save Leia no one gets sucked out into open space! O…did you know that was ADMIRAL ACKBAR in the background getting sucked into space with Leia? Yeah…me neither..WTF! Forget the fact that Ray isn’t even a Jedi, but can best Master Luke…I mean why would Ray need training when she’s a MARRY F-IN SUE! Hey…let’s completely change the utter core and inner being of who LUKE SKYWALKER is..you know…the guy who put down his lightsaber to save his father…the one that contributed to killing millions and was the most vile evil person in the Galaxy next to his Emperor! You know the one willing to give his life for his dad and put Faith in him while the Emperor electrifies and burns him alive? YEAH THAT LUKE! Yeah…let’s have him Strike down his nephew for having a moment lapse of judgment because he thought he MAY be turning to the Dark Side! ARE YOU F-IN KIDDING ME? Was this movie a F-IN NIGHTMARE or did I actually pay, sit down and watch this ABOMINATION! Don’t get me started on the First Order not sending a few ships to lightspeed in front of the republic ships to block them…don’t get me stared on the ZERO POINT PLOT of going to SPACE VEGAS and finding someone to break some imperial code crap because hey…The First Order can now track you into Hyperspace…really? Wouldn’t you need the Tracker to be on the Republic ship to do that like the Falcon was tracked in A NEW HOPE? How the fuck did they make this crap up and everyone in production never stood up and said..”THIS IS FUCKED UP, WE CANT DO THAT!” Did we really need the useless ROSE? What a PLOT convenience to have that code breaking criminal wait till FINN and Rose was there to Break out of the prison…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And these two idiots trusted this scumbag? It’s not even the guy they needed! WHY, WHY, WHY! O….what about CAPT PHASMA?..WOW…didn’t see that coming for five seconds, a mile away…funny how when that explosion happened PHASMA and Finn had been separated from fighting in the explosion, but when it cut to the next scene CAPT. PHASMA is marching toward Fin with her Stormtrooper Guards from far away…WTF? Am I the only one pulling apart this Hack job of a film? Hey…HOLDO OR WHATEVER you purple hair bitch is called…hey let’s be a bitch from the start and not tell anyone your escape pod plan so we can build some god awful tension that never needed to be there in the first place…but be the hero and die by turning your ship and launching into hyperspace into the First Order Fleet…He purple hair bitch…put the ship on Auto Pilot, set the Hyperdrive and stop trying to be a fucking martyr and get out in your own escape pod…which by the way…would that not have been the perfect opportunity to use ADMIRAL ACKBAR!!!! WHAT A WASTE! Hey, where’s LUKE? O, he’s chilling on his little island playing force projections on that SALT WORLD…really, you mean he really didn’t dodge all those Walkers blasts and he wasn’t really there to fight Kylo Ren? No, nope he wasn’t, he chose to be a coward instead and not help the rebellion in person and take on Kylo man to man…instead he projecting himself…I guess it was just too much for the Great JEDI MASTER and so he gave himself to the force like a FUCKING FART IN THE WIND and died! Was Rose’s true purpose just to save FINN instead of allowing him to sacrificing himself to save the Rebellion so we had to have the useless character FINN come back for the next film? Did all that happen so we could hear ROSE spew HYPOCRITICAL ATROCIOUS DIALOGUE about Not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love? WTF! THAT’S WHAT FINN WAS TRYING TO DO AND ROSE STOPPED HIM…ROSE, if you loved him so much why didn’t you KILL YOURSELF and end all our suffering!!! O, LOOK WHO SHOWED UP in the FALCON…RAY…to lift some Rocks and Crap, how did that happen?…Hey, did she learn how to do that with her Jedi training by LUKE? Nope, nope…Ray didn’t learn squat crap from LUKE…She’s a MARRY F-IN SUE remember! How can we HONESTLY attach ourselves to these un-likeable characters…They fought for nothing, they earned nothing, they learned, suffered and sacrificed nothing, yet we are suppose to have some connection to them as we did our Hero’s from the past…IMPOSSIBLE! I could go on and on about this abomination of a film…My hate runs deep with this one and it will be very hard for myself and other true fans of Star Wars to return for more garbage like this…JJ ABRAMS has his work cut out for him in fixing the disaster Ryan created…I WILL NOT be paying to see Episode IX…I may not even watch it period…we’ll see, but I highly suggest DISNEY FIRE KATHLEEN KENNEDY and PULL this NEW TRILOGY from RYAN JOHNSON’S COLD DEAD HANDS and FIRE him from any future projects that have to do with STAR WARS….and LAST I leave everyone with this…Where the FUCK was LANDO and WEDGE? Seriously where THE FUCK ARE THEY! Rant over!…O boy…that’s some funny ass shit, Mythbusters…we are way past them…you have no fucking clue! WAIT WAIT…Was SNOKE in this Movie? Why yes, yes he was…for 5 FUCKING MINUTES…and Spoiler alert, he was cut in half and tossed in the Toilet like Ryan did to the rest of the film! WTF…I think it’s time I go suck on a Horse Mermaids tit, get some Blue Milk and contemplate where the F this franchise goes from here! (and by the way…if you remember Luck use to drink that Blue Milk with his aunt beru and uncle owen) remember that? That was RYAN JOHNSON’S way of letting all us true FANS know…Disney and Ryan Johnson was going to Milk that piece of shit film all the way to the bank…think about that for a minute! Take care and keep it real braddah! Aloha

      • Just an awesome review buddy. Wow my brother has refused to admit he went to the movie with us. Absolutely denies it’s existence. Empire strikes back was first movie we watched when we first moved to America when I was 9 and I can agree that this movie is an embarrassment compared to that title. Thanks for taking time to post the review here.

  5. Hey guys, good to hear you again. You mentioned the “price for paradise” discount that Island employers take advantage of to keep wages low. That’s exactly the reason I’m not there now! In the military, I had the advantage of free room and board and no family to support so it was easy to live there (way back in ‘95 – ‘97). In 2014 I applied for a C&C Honolulu job and came over for an interview and physical. It was a great vacation because my buddy lived there, (he was HPD) so we had a place to stay. When they offered me the job the pay was effectively a 30% pay cut when I did the cost of living math and there was no way I could have owned unless I moved way out to the Makaha Valley and even that was a maybe. Your advice of holding out for a real wage or declining the offer is the only way to both succeed and protect the existing island residents. Even the government there low balls skills workers, the only living wage is for executive level managers, the workers are screwed as long as people buy the “price for paradise”.

    But, having said that, I’m imagining my retirement spent as a live aboard boater in Hawaii. We’ll see if it happens but in the mean time, it’s a lot of fun to dream it.

    • Mike…I’ll be honest…When I hear someone saying they have a really, really good job…I say ok…do you mind if I ask what your salary is…and they say 60K. This is the going rate for a seriously skilled working in their field here in Hawaii…and it’s UTTER FUCKING BULLSHIT! Like you mention and we mention…HOLDING OUT for a REAL WAGE is the only way to wake these fuckers up! END OF STORY…and at some point they will pay for not doing so! Thank you for listening and keep us posted!

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