On the CHEAP

We all know Hawaii is expensive…but is it Cheap?


Coming to Hawaii between Flight and Hotel is where most of your money can be lost, but once you get here you can SAVE and not spend loads of money.

First check out: https://www.groupon.com/local/honolulu

Between getting cheap eats at local stores, Food Truck and Plate lunch places you can save 50% of what you would usually spend..Doing out to eat only at HAPPY HOUR will save you huge amounts of money.

Check out HAPPY HOUR: http://www.happyhourpal.com/index.php

Check out a SMALL list of Food Trucks: http://roaminghunger.com/hnl/

Check out Yelps top Plate Luch Stops: http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Best+Plate+Lunch&find_loc=Honolulu%2C+HI

Renting a car from TURO can save you 50% on what a car would cost you from a franchise or corporation, plus you are renting from a Local, money is going back to local people, not corporations…and these cars vary…you can rent a Jeep, a Mustang, a Miata or any car all the way up to a Lambo! It just depends on what you want…there are convertibles on TURO for $30 a day!

Check out TURO: https://turo.com/

If you do your research and plan your trip you can save lots of money once you land on the islands…but remember…the money you DO SPEND while on the ground here…SPEND AT LOCAL PLACES…don’t ever give money to corporations or outside franchises…if you do you are destroying Hawaii…not helping it.


28 thoughts on “HAWAII on the CHEAP

  1. Hey guys, love the podcast. The both of you have a great dynamic together and feed off of one another well, so keep it up! I am writing in because I am planning on a move to Oahu in 2018. Having worked aboard the ‘Pride of America’ in years past I have had a small opportunity to experience the islands. I currently live in Washington state and work in Web Developnent, I also work as an outdoor guide. ( Perhaps I can volunteer to help out with your tours, or doing some web development for you guys in the future.) I’m wondering if you guys might be able to provide us mainlanders with the most affordable way to ship items to the islands. Items such as antiques or family heirlooms. I have a desk that was made by my great, great, great, great grandfather which I’d like to take with me. Any advice that you might be able to provide would be highly appreciated. Pass the poi! -Ryan

    • …As a Web developer you should be able to get some work…but as for our guides…they have either been born here or have lived here for 20 years or more…I still haven’t shipped antique items from Boston…the weather, moisture and salt destroys everything…even once here you will have to get the stuff in a controlled environment. lets get to the Chase…you may have to send your stuff out of Cali…lots of art dealers there and Antique shipping…one of them is:

  2. You guys were so goofy on this podcast between the elephant vaginas, jerking off and ghosts,. Nice to hear a more relaxed side.

    I voted for Bernie Sanders. I believe strongly in voting since I have strong military roots. Though Ohio chose an opposing candidate I am proud that it wasn’t Trump and is a candidate I respect.

  3. Thank you for another awesome episode. I’ve only been listening for a couple months and I really enjoy hearing about all aspects of living in Hawaii both the good and the bad. From the moment my feet hit the ground my first time in Hawaii I’ve wanted to live there. I don’t see it happening due to family commitments here on the east coast but I do plan on visiting as frequently has I can. Thank you for all the tips in this weeks episode and next time I go I will book with you guys!!

    • Mahalo Larry…it’s an on going process…it’s a series of Episodes…some will be beautiful and deal with nature…some not so nice…some real…some sad…We will be covering all the bases…This first one back we wanted to hit the mountains…it’s a tradition here at Wayde’s World Hawaii…The next episode will be about people who live in Hawaii where we will enter the lives of 5 Locals so you can get a taste of their lives~

  4. Im just about to watch the new Price for Paradise video on Wayde’s channel. Im so excited. So cool to see a new video after I first started watching your videos before I moved there in 2013. Your videos kept me motivated during all of our packing and preparation work. There were times when I would wonder if moving my family there was the right thing to do but then I would watch a video and it would remind me of why we love it there so much. Even during my job searches in Hawaii from here in the mainland it is easy to get discouraged but then a new pod cast comes out and it lifts my spirits and kept me motivated to keep working towards the dream of returning.

    • Paul….mahalo Nui Loa for the support and watching for years…but…please note…This is a series of Episodes…some will be beautiful…some not so nice…some real…some sad…We will be covering all the bases…This first one back we wanted to hit the mountains…it’s a tradition here at Wayde’s World Hawaii…The next episode will be about people who live in Hawaii where we will enter the lives of 5 Locals so you can get a taste of their lives~

  5. Bruce, the only reason I’m feeling guilty is because I’m trying to help you guys out and refer business your way! My friend will be a first timer to Hawaii and I wanted to help him experience it “Waydes Way.” Next time I guess.

    I just watched the Price of Paradise video and it left me slightly confused. Cinemtagraphy and music choice were great. I didnt make the connection between the price of paradise and the hiking. It looked like an awesome adventure. Maybe more narration next time or a back ground story. Either way, glad to see the videos are back. The drone filming was incredible.

    • Xavier…have you been listening and following what I have been doing? Are you a member of CORE 58 who has donated or funded the project?…I don’t see you on the books…if you did you would have a complete understanding of the Docu-Series and you would be well aware of the current filming we are doing as well as how this will all come together over the next year during the next 16 epsiodes. Our Core 58 Funders are involved in every inch of the process and see, hear, and talk to each other in the Core 58 Facebook Group. This is a series of Episodes, 16 of them for the year. Some will deal with the beauty and hidden Hawaii giving the audience a breather between the hard core episodes…Some will deal with non-profts in Hawaii and the struggle we go through…Some videos will be about the homlessness and the struggle…some will be real harsh…some will make you sad…some will piss you the fuck off…We will be covering all the bases…This first video back we wanted to hit the mountains…it’s a tradition here at Wayde’s World Hawaii and I wasn’t about to go down a negative road in Epsiode I…Perhaps you would have enjoyed the video more if I re-launched my Youtube on a Negative video and talk about the bullshit we deal with here? NO…NO…CORE 58 agreed not to do that…so I didn’t do that, I lsiten to my Funders…The next episode will be about 5 different people who live in Hawaii where we will enter the lives of these Locals so you can get a taste of their lives and the price they pay to live here. You would know this if you contributed to the project…So lets leave your criticism at the door until you actually see the entire Series or are a donating contributor to CORE 58 and are involved in our Episodes and what they will be about…Mahalo~

  6. I don’t understand why you are angry. Thinking about your big picture (you wanting to get on a network), some network person who randomly stumbles across episode on YouTube may not understand the pure message you are sending bc they, like me, are not a core 58 member. Can only core58 members enjoy our work?

    I’m simply saying that the pilot maybe should have forecasted the great things you’re going to show on the docuseries. I’ve been a big fan of yours for a while so yes I’ve been following every podcast and video you’ve made for years. I’ve contributed financially to you all before so it’s unfair to go on rants about my level of interest in your work.

    • I’m not angry…this is the way I am…I’m always up and down…and I honestly don’t give a shit about any Network, if they come, they come…if they don’t to hell with them…Im doing this on my own, for Hawaii and its people and for CORE 58 who funded me to get the stuff I needed to get this off it’s feet…This wasn’t the Pilot…There will be no Pilot because I never raised the money ($20K) to make it. The 16 Epsiodes over the next year will be our Pilot. Once you see all the Episodes in it’s totality you will understand.

    • For whatever it’s worth I get what your saying Xavier, it does play more like a music video. From talking to Wayde he’s going to be focusing on telling some stories, I think this was just a way to get the thing going.

  7. Bruce and Wayde,
    Enjoy the show guys and like that it is getting into a rhythm of releases.

    I found your show last year and enjoyed it enough to make a donation.

    I was born and raised in Waipahu (Ani Ani Place – Dog the Bounty Hunter when call ’em the ghetto) and with the passing of my Brother a few years ago and my Dad recently, I was trying to find something that would make me find some peace with their passing and of course all the memories of home brought that.

    What I enjoy on your show is the information you provide but also the little bit of information I get that gives me a feel for what is going on in Hawaii. I have been in Nebraska for 25 years and I know things have changed.

    I have found Andy Bumatai’s show a good and fun way to reminisce as well, and I follow CatDish – Catherine Toth Fox, I think Bruce mentioned her.

    Keep up the good work!

    Wayde, chill brah, no act. We all know and appreciate your contributions. We all know sometimes we give and give but it comes back. Most of the time, it takes forever to come back but, when it does, how sweet. I hear your passion and sometimes it comes off as angry yeah… I know you know. Easy for say, but I know it will happen. If you do good, good will come back to you. No worries.

    Bruce, save some poke for me yeah? I miss that, manapua, li hing mui, broke the mouth… Save some pakalolo for the people too… lol.

    I miss home, please keep bringing that into the show.


      • Wayde,
        I know now. I can understand, been through much myself. Bruce did a great job explaining where I was coming from.

        I appreciate what you are doing for the island. I wish I had deep pockets to help at this time…

        I look forward to more stories and insight into the current state of Hawaii.

        One thing I forgot and I think I may have heard Bruce mention. A good way to save money is to also join the rewards clubs at the grocery store, like Foodland.

        The last time I was home, I was on Maui and joined the Foodland rewards club, the price of milk went down to $4/gallon. Big time savings.

        Thanks guys as always!

  8. Hey guys, just found you the other day through listening to Bruce’s Hawaii Vacation Connection podcast. Enjoying your humour and candor! Keep up the craziness. I for one find you realistic, not negative. It is super refreshing. I am coming to visit Honolulu in the next month and I have two questions for you. #1-Do you have any insider tips for solo female travelers? (besides taking some great tours, of course) I am fit but over 50 and not into party or bar scene, I just want to enjoy your beautiful island. Community events? Volunteer ideas? After dark safety? And #2: what is the song that you play at the end of the podcast? I love it. Many thanks.

    • Aloha Laurie…We gte to your questions on the Podcast this week 😉 As for Volunteering with my non-profit…we can do that…When you get your Vacation dates let us know and we can see what our non-profit is doing during the time you are here 😉

  9. Thank you for everything you do. I came across Wayde’s videos four years ago when I was planning my trip to Oahu. They were wonderful and made counting down the months much more enjoyable. I’ve been with you since your first podcast and this one reminded me of your early ones. I loved it. I am sorry I haven’t donated in the past, I just did now. You have offered so much guidance and support. We are heading back at the end of July to celebrate my sons 4th birthday this time, last time was his 1st birthday. We are staying again in Ko Olina and I am interested to hear more about your West Coast tours. SUP is what we want to try this year and my 9 year old wants to also try surfing. Can I have more information on the tours and when they are starting

  10. Howzit boys? I’m coming back out for the next part of the interview process on 04/01. Good looking out with the TURO recommendation saved me 50 bucks over the big name guys and I’m getting met at the airport and most importantly it directly supports a local. In response to saying I haven’t thrown any business you guys way every friend who asks me where to start when it comes to traveling to Hawaii I tell them to check out Hawaii aloha travel on Facebook and to shoot you a message. My wife and I are getting serious about the logistics of the move and we have concerns about being able to bring our pets with us. Transporting dogs to the island is well documented online so we’ve done our research on that front and know what to expect. We also have a cockatiel that we would be bringing with us and are worried about unknown hurdles we may face in transporting a bird to the island. Long story short do you know anyone who has had experience relocating a bird and if so could you send their info our way.


  11. Thanks so much for the link to https://turo.com/ We just booked a Nissan van for a week this summer and it was only $200. I wouldn’t have know if I hadn’t been listening to your podcast on my phone last night. Great information on real estate as well. I’ll be tuning in more often and calling your company regarding booking some local entertainment for this summer. Thanks again Bruce.

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