So…Lets think about this…Would you come to HAWAII on a Whim or would you come to HAWAII with a Plan? You would think that’s an easy question right? NOPE! It looks like there are people who plan and people who don’t…there are even people that take a vacation to Hawaii and just never get back on the plane…THAT’S CRAZY TALK, but it happens EVERYDAY here in Hawai’i Nei…YES…we know people who come here on a WHIM, but we are talking very few, about 10% and even less than that actually make it.


We may be all about what our Heart tells us, but the reality today is this isn’t a movie…you won’t be moving across the world to make you dreams come true…if you come here and just pack your things on a whim and don’t have a solid plan…Sorry, but this won’t be the place that you make your dreams come true…


…it will be the place of NIGHTMARES, perhaps even HOMELESSNESS as so many others have found out.  Moving to Hawaii is no joke…you need to go all in with all you have or you will be going home…but that’s if you have the money for a plane ticket home…if not…You’ll be this guy in the image above…Don’t be that guy in the image above.


Today on the Podcast we talk about several cases…One story about a smart girl beyond her age working on making her DREAMS come true and the another, a clueless couple about to start a NIGHTMARE…WILL THIS CRAZY COUPLE MAKE IT OR BREAK IT? We also talk once again and probably for the last time about the DavisDuo as we have followed them to the point that there is just no reason to follow them anymore as their interesting journey to Hawaii and back is now over. We also bring everyone up to Date on the Latest NEWS in Hawaii and talk about some events coming up…When it comes to moving to Hawaii…doing it on a whim without the proper knowledge and research will always be a recipe for disaster.


When we think about Hawaii or those who move here do, we want them to see how lucky they are to live here, not how regretful they have become because of the mistakes they made. We all make mistakes, we all make choices…but if enough research is put into such a drastic change in your life, your success rate will always outweigh those who come here on a whim 100 to1…Trust me…we are proof of that!

41 thoughts on “HAWAII on a Whim…BAD IDEA!

  1. I moved here at the end of August, only just now getting things going. Everything takes much longet to do here, especially things that involve the government.

    • Matt…trust me…WE KNOW…glad you made it and are dealing with the bullshit…hope you pull it off…Let us know what issues you are running into…we can help you and you issues can help others! Mahalo~

    • Matt, we dealt with the same stuff. I found that if you can dedicate a full week to getting through as much of it as possible it helps. I had to register a business here along with all the accounting crap that you could imagine and it was actually pretty painless.

  2. We have been planning for YEARS. Literally everything we’ve done since 2003 has been to get us to Hawaii. From the jobs we’ve taken to the money we’ve spent and saved. And the journey is finally nearing an end. I’ll be there in mid-April for good, and my husband will be there in August. While we are living apart, our animals and possessions will be making their way to me. It’s been a long process, and until the pets and husband are finally there I don’t think I’ll fully believe it’s happened, but we are almost there!

  3. Aloha Bruce & Wayde!
    First of all… Sugar Bear & Blue…
    This poor couple was doomed from their first Thought of These Islands. This is a great “What Not To Do” Scenario.
    First, just to help anyone who may be thinking of this.
    Find a job here FIRST. Get introduced to a contractor like I did or someone who knows a person HERE in your line of work who will commit to giving you a job WHENEVER you come. Second… Find your ideal place to live in your rental price range and suitable neighborhood (While you are visiting here) come out for a week and house hunt (close to that person with the job for you)
    We shipped 1/2 of our furniture and our car $5,000.00 Not a big deal. If $5,000.00 is a big deal…Don’t even THINK about it. Moving here is not for you (as a couple)
    I had a job the second we landed and our “first last and deposit” on the apartment that we ALREADY applied to AND were accepted at. In other words…KNOW where you will be for at least a full year and have it secured at least 2 months BEFORE you move. Once you are here you can begin searching out other options for employment (or housing) While you are working the job you have. I work in a high paying profession so I don’t have to worry. If you however are in retail or like working for a company as a warehouseman or driver or some like profession then you may be able to expand your financial horizons. If you are Not moving to O’ahu but a neighbor Island, things may be difficult. They say “Don’t compare us to the Mainland” This is Hawaii we don’t care how the mainland does things’ This can be a major problem when it comes to medical if you choose live on Maui or the Big Island. Don’t be discouraged. If you have planned well…BEFORE you move, you will be in a position to handle the…Ahem!…”Island Style” approach to medical practices you may find here in some places. If you are moving to O’ahu that will not be a concern. That is all for now. If you have planned well, you will find yourself in relative comfort, If you have not planned well…Don’t move here until you have. Under the right conditions and with a little care, you will find yourself living in the middle of natures Greatest Show On Earth and above all “Lucky to Live Hawaii” P.S. we will have our 1 year in Maui Anniversary on March 10th. Taking a Dolphin cruise. Aloha Bruce and Wayde!!

      • Hey Wayde! Mahalo Nui for asking, Donna is doing MUCH better with the emotional thing of missing the kids and our Daughter is coming out in May with her new Husband. Since our Whale cruise and other excursions (spaced widely apart) She started coming around pretty well and we go out with our dog Cookie picking up trash on the beach and Cookie gets everyone we meet energized and involved in helping fill our trash bag. Donna gets a kick out of that. I fly her to U.C. Davis Med Center every 6 months for her Follow up and maintenance. She is 6 1/2 years cancer free and becoming very happy to be living Hawaii. As for me, I am and always be amazed by just the simple every day experience of living here. Blessed to be living on Maui, Lucky to be living Hawaii.

        • That’s good to hear Ben, knew she would come around, but when one doesn’t love Hawaii as much as you…it can be a very, very hard time and that goes for many people and relationships in Hawaii….Please do me a favor…if you are a member of 808 CLEANUPS on Facebook…Please post any images of you guys cleaning up Maui…it’s good to know we have Ohana on the other islands living pono!

  4. I think we need to start a Go Fund Me, or Kickstarter account to bring the Duo back to Hawaii. Their videos in Hawaii were indeed inspirational. They accomplished something that few people are able to do.
    I was watching their videos and actually I kind of wondered if Disney may have passed on him because of the daily vlogs. While it may showcase yeah I have a great personality etc, it would also be a lot of attention. Disney seems to be the kind of company that keeps everything under wraps. I recall doing a focus group for them and they were pretty clear that I wasn’t allowed to blog about it or anything.
    The last thing they want is someone posting about what its like working for Disney or even potentially showing video behind the curtain. Disney is so successful because they control everything when it comes to their brand. I could be wrong though maybe they like that stuff.

    As far as the other couple I hope they make it. I hope they realize quickly that Hawaii is completely different then the east coast and adapt.
    Being here these last 8 months I’m starting to realize why people don’t just embrace you right away. We have watched several people pack up and leave back to the mainland because they either couldn’t make it, or they realized they hated Hawaii or because they wanted more materially and that just wasn’t going to happen here. When will people learn. Hawaii isn’t a place to just “try out”.

    • Disney DOES NOT like you sharing interactions between them and employees or what they do behind closed doors…Good Job Ken…funny you picked that up…not sure that is the reason why he didn’t get the job…sounds like he may have another offer doing something else, good paying??? not sure about that…I just think the Duo needs to stop fooling with Videos and both get a job…they already made a mistake leaving Hawaii and leaving it too soon…they can’t afford more mistakes…You WASTE a huge amount of money moving back and forth…I honestly doubt they have much money left if any…they will be sucking off their parents tits soon id they don’t get their act together!

  5. WOW! If I knew that all I had to do is sell my stuff and get a plane ticket there I wouldn’t have wasted the last few year researching stuff like: Job markets, property tax, income tax, sales tax, unemployment rates, crime, grocery prices, electricity prices, fuel prices, flood zones, lava zones, tsunami zones, earthquakes, vog, car insurance prices, car registration prices, ocean dangers, hiking dangers, insects, bugs, spiders, roaches, locally grown fruits, veggies, beef, eggs, customs, culture and language, and of course listening to your podcast every week.

  6. PLEASE stop encouraging people to move to Hawaii. Seriously we don’t need you. We have more than enough people and not enough housing and jobs for people who were born here and have NO WHERE TO GO BACK TO. There are expat communities full of home and soulsick Hawaiians in NV,CA,WA because people just want to come here for the nice weather, and turn it into the place they came from with big box, fast food, cookie cutter suburbs that are not designed for the tropics but are what people from the continent expect. The ravages of colonialism continue!

    • Miss Poi…You CLEARLY haven’t listened to our other 73 Podcasts have you? YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM before you post FALSE STATEMENTS about our Podcast!!! You haven’t listened to all the problems and issues we have with people moving here…the homeless, the politics, the rail, the military and on and on…WE TALK ABOUT ALL THESE THINGS! We give real advice about real issues and we actually don’t often talk about moving here…We talk about the Dangers in Hawaii, being thankful about living in Hawaii, finding Jobs in Hawaii, we talk about Ancient Hawaii, vacationing to Hawaii, being on your honeymoon in Hawaii, Hawaii being a great example to the world, we talk sports in Hawaii, Climates of Hawaii, the Supernatural of Hawaii, being overweight in Hawaii, Summer in Hawaii, Winter in Hawaii, Aumakuas of Hawaii, Living with roomates in Hawaii, Making ends meet in Hawaii, things to do in Hawaii, Living off Grid in Hawaii, Voluntourism in Hawaii, Famers Markets of Hawaii, Surfing in Hawaii, Watersports in Hawaii, Flowers and Fauna of Hawaii, Starting a business in Hawaii, Food of Hawaii, Wildlife of Hawaii, Photographing Hawaii, Gay Marriage in Hawaii, Pets in Hawaii, Best beaches in Hawaii…DO I NEED TO GO ON??? Are any of these shows about telling people how to MOVE TO HAWAII OR ENCOURAGING THEM???? out of our 70+ Podcast shows we talk about the process of moving here in maybe 5 of them…So please…Don’t judge us…judge yourself first. Aloha Nui Loa and Mahalo for your Kokua~

      • Lol Miss Poi, I think they actually discourage people from moving to Hawaii, especially if you don’t have your sh*t together!

  7. What’s up guys. Really LOVED the last episode. So true about moving on a whim. We’ve been super busy ramping up our design business again but it is indeed a very different animal here. We have some mainland client that have been keeping us busy. My wife is actually going for her real estate license at the moment and we plan to move to Kauai by summer. We really love the Ewa area and the west side of Oahu but the tranquility of Kauai is really appealing. We’ve been beyond fortunate to meet the most amazing and friendly people here. The thought of ever having to leave Hawai’i just kills us. We met a couple from Maui before we left NY and they told us that Hawai’i either speaks to you or doesn’t. It really speaks to us. That being said it is a lot of work and if you don’t make it a point to go out and get some beach (or outdoor) time it’s easy to get deflated. Really appreciate everything your doing and hope you appreciate how much your podcast helped guide and continues to keep us moving forward. Peace.

    P.S. Would love to help with the clean up efforts this weekend but the kids keep us pretty busy. It’s got me thinking though if we could organize a clean up on this side of the island, something I can involve my kids in that would be awesome. I’d find time to make that happen.

    P.S.S. I just finished listening to “Captive Paradise” by James L. Haley. May be old news to you but I found the history totally enlightening. I’d recommend to anyone seriously interested in Hawai’ian history.

    • Thanks for the update, glad to see you guys are so close to making the move. And I agree Hawaii speaks to you, but you have to listen. Sadly just found out some friends are tired of working too much and are heading to the mainland thinking it will be easier. Looking back I can see the Island never really spoke to them. If it did, they forgot that it’s the little things that make the extra effort to live here worth it. Tell me more about your design business.

    • If it speaks brah…you need to keep moving forward! I think many of us who move to Oahu and LOVE IT, in time move to one of the other islands because oahu become just too much…looks like the MANA of Kauai has called you….just as the MANA of Hawaii Island calls me…I have a few more years however before I move there…got a lot of loose ends to deal with still.

        • That’s the Place to be Jason…We talk about HAWAI’I ISLAND a lot on the “LIVING OFF THE GRID” Podcast…We plan on talking about the Big Islands and things to do and see as well as stay in the near future…but before we do…if you have questions we can include them in the Podcast on Hawai’i Island…

  8. Uncle Bruce and Bruddah Wayde, aloha. I havent commented in the last few weeks, however, I have been listening to all the shows. It took me a good week to get through the Hiking Dangers podcast, fantastic material. Wayde, when I come back I would love to hike with you and David Concepcion. I deeply respect both of your knowledge levels and love for the aina.

    I have some music requests for future podcasts
    The Jimmy Weeks Project – Homegrown
    The Jimmy Weeks Project – Down
    Justin – Local Boy (lol for Bruce)

    Mahalo Nui for being the best part of my mornings and inspiring all the listeners and fans.


    • Thans Brah….David is leading the Rescue to find that Kid from the Big Island….it’s been all over the news last few weeks…He was heading down the backside of Haiku Stairs, but never made it…Dave and other rescue hikers have been putting themselves in Danger for over a week now…the truth is at this point…they just want to kid the kid so the parents can have him…It’s looking like a recovery at this point, not a rescue…2 weeks out there would be almost impossible to come out alive 🙁 Bruce and I will look into thos songs…We love JUSTIN…as for Jimmy Weeks…that’s new to me…Gatah listen in to him on Itunes…Mahalo~

  9. look forward to hearing from you guys!

    I feel sorry for that couple. If they do fail, I hope they don’t become one of those people who tell everyone on the internet how “horrible” Hawaii is.

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