It sometimes takes a lifetime to find their authentic selves, but for  Hawaii Born and Los Angeles-based artist JoLivi, it took a little loss, some good ‘ol fashioned heartbreak, and a newfound sense of confidence to find who she truly is as an artist.


 Formerly known as LeiHoku and today known as Jolivi…Jo has gone through a lot of difficult things from her grandfather passing to her going through a really bad breakup. Jo got her heart broken over and over, but she kept going back to the relationship and it made her feel things she never felt. It made her think about things on a deeper level. It changed her. It helped her grow as a person and as a writer, so she got my pen and paper out and started writing in a way she never written before.

Through the process joLivi found her true voice. The result has become a Electro-Pop sound of songs filled with passion and a personal side hailing from the darker recesses of her mind and heart. Songs like GAMES, DON’T MATTER and CHAINS.

Grammy nominated Brandon Friesen, who has racked up six Juno Awards, produced her EP. He helped her find the inner soul of her voice in a way that she was able to share her feelings – whether it’s being sexy or reserved or just allowing herself to feel sadness. Jo’s vocal emotion is present throughout her music.

Interested in her music? Check JOLIVI out:



When she use to be LEIHOKU here in Hawaii her Hawaii music was amazing as well…We have several videos from her early days in Hawaii…The past may be the past, but it is who you are, where you came from…and today Jo has learned so much…Her future is so very bright…There are only big things on the Horizon for her…We wish her blessings and the very best her way.

6 thoughts on “HAWAII Musician JOLIVI

  1. Great Episode brothers . The people from brunchbites.com needs to be shot for publishing the list like this you have 24 hours on Oahu and they want you to go to Waikiki & Dole come on. JOLIVI was great always love the original voices from Hawaii. One Request can you play My Ku’ulei by Willie K in any of your up coming episodes. In the word of Wayde Shoooooooooooooooooooooooots

    • Asif…are you recommending we shot someone? With ALOHA SPIRIT that is, right? lol…My Ku’ulei BY Willie K…no can find brah, but found Ku’ulei Ku’uipo…Willy K did do “MY KU’UIPO…is that the one you’re talking about??? That’s one of my favorite Hawaiian songs…it means Sweatheart. I’ll play that one brah~ Shooooooooooooooooots!

  2. Great show guys! I’ve been meaning to reach out to let you know that I got in touch with Ken and we’ve exchanged a couple of emails! The ball is back in my court on that front. He gave me his property management contact on Maui and I’ll be reaching out soon.

    All is going well on the planning front. But Bruce! Dude! I thought I’d be hearing back from you by now. Let me know if you still need my help! And if Jason O is reading this – I’d love to get his email so we can chat about our upcoming move and possibly working together on some design projects.

    I’ll keep it short, but I want you to know that you guys are already my friends – sight unseen. And once we get settled, you’re gonna be our first stop when we visit Oahu.

    • Rico…it’s easy to reach everyone on Facebook…and Jays personal E-mail should be either in the comments or on the Episode Blog Podcast we did with him about moving herwe with Kids. Jason and I will be creating our own Podcast soon so keep your eye out for it, we are still in the planning stages…Hopefully before the new year.

  3. Talented musician guys, thanks for having her up.
    It’s funny I was giving some thought to music just the other day. I was talking to a friend of mine and before we moved here I swore Hawaii wasn’t going to change my musical tastes. However living the island life changes your perspective. I’m actually listening to Reggae, Island Music etc a lot more than I ever thought I would. Hawaii continues to shape me in ways I didn’t think possible. I”d love to be on the show some day and it seems like everytime I have a plan to come over to Oahu something comes up. I’ll send you guys an email.

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