Many of you have asked if Bruce and Wayde would talk a little about their HAWAII LIFE Story…what brought them to Hawaii and what they did once they got here…Today we talk about Bruce’s HAWAII LIFE PART II which started over 25 years ago.


Bruce Fisher, also known as “Aloha Bruce” is owner of Hawaii Aloha Travel and a Hawaii vacation evangelist. A 25 year Kama’aina to Oahu, Bruce joined forces with Wayde (a.k.a “The Poor Man”) of Wayde’s World Hawaii to produce a podcast that details interesting topics of Hawaii for listeners the world over. While Bruce produces another podcast through Hawaii Aloha Travel, the Lucky We Live Hawaii podcast is a chance for him to really loosen up and talk about topics beyond just Hawaii vacations. It’s a place for him to relax and speak his mind. With a conversational tone, this casual podcast highlights Bruce’s knack for on-the-spot discussions and spontaneous entertainment.


Bruce designed the Lucky We Live Hawaii podcast to give listeners insight into Hawaii from a local’s perspective. Honest, direct, and a Hawaii-style entrepreneur at heart, Aloha Bruce opens up and shares his thoughts on topics like the aloha spirit, the meaning of haole, how to “make it” in Hawaii, summer seasons, and feeling appreciative of the Hawaii lifestyle. Light, entertaining, yet informative, Bruce has created a unique podcast that accomplishes a variety of things.


A veteran in the travel industry, Bruce has seen it all when it comes to the ups and downs of life (and vacationing) in Hawaii. With humble beginnings in the radio and broadcasting industry, Aloha Bruce has worked his way up to being a Hawaii vacation juggernaut. His sociable personality, powerful voice and passion for Hawaii have gained him results in broader aspects of business. Grateful for everyday that he wakes up in Hawaii, this travel guru has much to share with podcast listeners.


Get the inside scoop on the Life of Bruce in the second part of this 2 part podcast. This podcast offers some humor, witty banter and spontaneity mixed with down-to-earth experiences Bruce has dealt with, this is real and raw. Join Bruce as he shares his his life and journey to Hawaii.

18 thoughts on “HAWAII LIFE, Wayde & Bruce PART II

  1. Wayde, put the vimeo video you have on rockethub onto your youtube channel. You’ve got more than 6000 subscribers there and if they see the video could help you raise some more funds.

    • Great Idea MAX…mahalo…I have been thinking if I should do it or not…because it’s been just a place to post videos for my travel show, poor man’s guide to Hawaii…I didn’t feel this fit there, but maybe I should post it…I can just delete it once the crowdfunding is over I guess.

  2. Great show guys. thanks for continuing to produce this show. I have been to all of the islands and like Oahu the best. I try to travel to Hawaii every other year. (from Boston) My dream is to snowbird here when I retire. Could you possibly do a show on this ? Do you know any people that do this ? There is not much information on snow-birding in Hawaii via the internet. I would like to stay here during the winter months (Jan-March) I noticed some of the neighborhoods require 6 month leases. Are their any short term legal rentals in hawaii kai ? How about rental cars ? Thanks again guys for all the work you do for the show.

  3. Glad you guys are back. Great podcast as always. So strange that the only place to send people with substance abuse problems back in the day was mental institutions. At least we’ve moved forward since then.

    I had a question about ono. When I was in the islands in January, it seemed like it was the third most prevalent fish behind mahi mahi and ahi. I heard that it was delicious, but was very reluctant to try it because I’ve heard that it can make some people really sick. Not wanting to risk being down for the count for a couple of days, I never ordered it. Does ono really make people sick or is it just a wive’s tale? Is it a problem with how it is prepared or is it just that certain people can’t eat it?

    Hoping that you do the maui podcast soon as I will be there again from October 22nd to November 3rd and would love some more info on less obvious places to hit. Thanks guys.

    • Matt…we’ll blow the subject of ONO on our net podcast…we are going to break down all the questions we have gotten over the last few weeks…but you should have tried it…it’s ono! DA BEST! lol…MAUI PODCAST…that’s is right!!! We will probably do it on OCT 14TH or 21st so just in time…we will do our best to get it up!!!

  4. Hey guys. Great to have you back. Very interesting story about Bruce. Especially about the only recourse for substance abuse problems being mental institutions. At least we have made some progress on that in the last couple of decades.

    I have a question about ono. When I was in Hawaii in January, it seemed like ono was the third most prevalent fish, after mahi mahi and ahi. I had heard that it was really good, but also made some people really sick. As I was scared of spending a couple of days of my vacation contorting in pain, I was too scared to try it. Do you have any knowledge to share on this? Is it poor preparation of the fish or can some people just not tolerate it? Do you feel like this is blown out of proportion or just a wive’s tale?

    Hoping that you will do the Maui show soon as I will be there from October 22 to November 3 and would love some less obvious things to check out. Thanks as always.

  5. Really awesome story Bruce. Thanks for being so open about your life. Loved the guest spot by your wife. She very conversationalist and brings a great energy to the show. Would love to have her back on.

  6. What’s going on guys? Was this podcast recorded in early September? Bruce referenced “sept 12th” for something and it’s already October. Also, there was no mention as to where the heck you guys have been the last couple weeks. All of Wayde’s posting on Instagram lead me to believe there’s been some sort of break up maybe? Hate being nosy but all us fans love to hear from you guys on the regular.

    Hope all is well.


    • Xavier, happy to report we’re back, new eppy has already been recorded and it will explain a lot about our hiatus!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your story, Bruce! You definitely took a leap of faith when you moved to Hawaii and I’m glad it paid off for you. Loved hearing from your wife as well… such a sweet story you guys have 🙂

    I hope your crowdfunding picks up the pace a little bit, Wayde! I made sure to go on and donate some $ and I hope others contribute. You both spend so much time doing this podcast and helping others learn more about beautiful Hawaii and all it has to offer but you also don’t sugarcoat anything. I love learning from all the knowledge you both have to offer and I know it will be very helpful when we get closer to our move date.

    So glad to see you both back! Mahalo for doing these podcasts and caring about your listeners!

    • Mahalo nui Danielle…happy to report we’re back, new eppy has already been recorded and it will explain a lot about our hiatus!!

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