Hawaii Island Dreaming

Dreaming of Moving to HAWAII ISLAND?

Well Beth Balik is HAWAII ISLAND DREAMING…She plans on moving soon to the Big Island and after following our podcast, learning and educating herself and doing her research she is fully prepared to make the move to Paradise and see if Hawaii is the place for her.

Listen in on our podcast this week and find out Beth’s intentions and thinking as she makes her move to HAWAII ISLAND!

We had a lot of comments come in this week so we’ll be going over them and the News as well as Hawaii being the first state to take Trumps Travel Ban to court…Naturally Bruce Bitches about the Travel ban and calls Wayde a raciest…but it’s not the first time Wayde’s been called that is it…lol.

By the way…Anyone interested in Donating to UNKO GEORGE you can below~


Aloha everyone…I need to ask for some ALOHA from all of you…My dear friend and a man I highly respect and love, Unko George Kalilikane has been sharing his love and aloha at Pokai Bay for many years teaching FREE Paddle Board lessons and sharing his mana, love and knowledge at the bay.

There was once a man named Duke Kahanamoku who was the Ambassador of Aloha…Today this generation has been Blessed with Unko George…What Unko has been doing on the West Side of Oahu is inspirational and a testament to the kindness and aloha spirit that is much needed in this day and age. The Aloha is still strong in Hawaii and Unko George is proof of that…But…Today he NEEDS OUR HELP!

Over the last 7 years Unko George has been giving away FREE stand up paddling lessons. He has passed 11,000 free lessons and never ONCE asking anything in return! However with the weather, beach and salt air it has taken a toll on the truck he uses to tow his trailer and his boards for the Free Lessons…All rusted out now Unko needs to find a replacement. Unko George has given SO MUCH of himself to all of us…it’s time to give back to him so he continue his Blessing at the BAY OF DREAMS.

PLEASE help him in anyway you can to continue to be a blessing to people from here and afar by donating to his GOFUNDME page:



8 thoughts on “Hawaii Island Dreaming

  1. Great show. I’ve been catching up listening to all your podcasts. Love them all. One show that I’d love to hear would be a show on best places to surf, for beginnners and tourists. I’m not talking about North Shore or local spots. Really just tourist friendly longboard type breaks. You know, long, easy rolling waves. Whenever I visit Hawaii, I always have a goal of surfing, but outside of Waikiki, I never know where to go. I’d be interested in hearing about all the islands.

    Thanks guys for all the hours of listening enjoyment!

    Todd Kalama

  2. It was really refreshing to hear the enthusiasm of your call in guest. It really takes me back to how I felt the first time I moved here a few years ago. I hope they succeed. I was SO determined to succeed nothing could have stopped me.

    Your podcast will always be inextricably connected to my dream come true experience of moving to Hawaii. As I prepared to move here, I discovered your podcast and listened to the entire back log and I never miss an episode.

    The call in segment was great…the quality of the phone call audio was great. Great work guys.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words and congratulations on making your own Hawaii dream come true.

  3. Hi Guys. Love the show. I am coming up on a year of listening to your podcast. It is this podcast that actually inspired me to start applying for jobs in Hawaii late last year.
    I love how you guys make me want to drop everything and move out there one day and the next day I want to avoid the islands completely. But if I take in all the good and bad together; the good of Hawaii still outweighs the bad.
    There is still no place in the world I have felt the most relaxed sitting in traffic, waiting in line, or doing any of the mundane things of everyday life. That feeling alone is one of the reasons I would like to move out there.
    I have realized that life should be about living and exploring and taking risks.
    When I first started applying for jobs I thought it would be a long process (at least 6 months). But little did I know, I got a very good job offer within 1 month of applying for positions.
    Unfortunately I had to turn down the offer in early December. My family was not in a position to make the move and if I did accept the job it would have made life unnecessarily stressful.
    The good news is that I am ready to start applying for positions again. And we found out that some friends of ours also want to move to Hawaii. Hopefully we can make the move together.
    Thanks again for the great podcast. Looking forward to meeting you guys and eventually taking a jeep tour with you.

    Eric Eckhart

    PS. If you guys ever need some help mixing and/or editing the podcast I would love to volunteer my time and help out.

  4. Thanks for this last podcast! It would be great to connect with other listeners (outside of the podcast) at some point and meet up. Beth—congrats on the move! Hopefully, in a couple of years we will be joining you! It’s nice to know there are others from Chicago doing the same thing.
    We too are trying to be very calculated risk takers, mainly financially. We want to be able to experience Hawaii without feeling like we are chained to our jobs day and night. I forgot what that is called, paradise hell? I think we are attracted to the Big Island since it provides the vibe we are looking for. I don’t know or remember if any of your shows touched upon this, but wondered if it’s easier to find an apt. before you get to HI or are there specific apartment rental websites (specific to Hawaii) for the kamaaina that we can go to when we get to HI? So many things to think of….anyway, as always thanks for doing what you do! Sending donation your way for being awesome…

    • Hi Meghan,
      Thank you! We love Chicago and expect to return at some point. Please let me know if you get there on vacation so we can meet up. We’ll be listening to the podcast even when we move.

  5. Hate to bring up a political topic but since it’s being talked about today… For all those wondering why a Hawaii judge would file a TRO essentially stopping Trump’s travel ban, you might consider that such a Japanese-influenced region like Hawaii might remember a few things about wrongly going out of your way to ostracize a specific group/region?!? Hah, as if that silly Boycott Hawaii idea is going to get any traction? Idiots may as well be arguing to turn people against puppies and rainbows!!!

    Oh… Donated to George’s truck fund! Hopefully, whatever is collected can at least get him a reasonable replacement with assistance from elsewhere, maybe a dealership willing to do a price drop?

  6. Bruce and Wayde!!! Its been a long time since I posted a comment. Wanted to reach out and show some support for the podcast. I have many episodes to catch up on! Great news is that I’m coming to Oahu Nov 2017 and I really hope I can finally take a tour with Wayde. Cant wait to listen to all the episodes Ive missed.

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