XMAS PODCAST MUSICMELE KALIKIMAKA 2014, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Yata yata and a Happy New Year to all our listeners here at “Lucky We Live Hawaii”. This week we wanted to do something special again like we did last year with our all HAWAIIAN CHRISTMAS MUSIC Podcast and give you guys a few weeks to enjoy this years CHRISTMAS PODCAST full of Wayde and Bruces favorite Music from when they had been kids…

MELE KALIKIMAKA PODCASTSome or many of these songs Wayde and Bruce picked are probably your favorites as well! We also put in some OLD STORY TELLING from Bruce and Wayde. We would also like to mention an album close to our hearts called: FIRST CHRISTMAS RECORD FOR CHILDREN done in 1954. These are the stories that formed what Christmas was originally based on and you can listen to them below in some LINKS we posted from Youtube…when it comes down to it Christmas isn’t based on gift giving, but family, peace and hope of something better…if that means the birth of a savior for some, just a time to get together with family or a time to drink and be merry…that’s fine by us…The Holidays are for everyone that LOVES, LAUGHS and HOPES for a day when we are all at Peace.  In this Holiday Podcast we put together 14 Holidays songs for your Christmas pleasure…Stay warm out there and Mele Kalikimaka folks! SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!!!

FIRST CHRISTMAS RECORD FOR CHILDRENShare with your family a taste of Christmas past from the 1950’s. Please listen with the entire family what our Mom and dad played for us in the 1970’s:







  1. Thanks for the podcast guys. One huge thing about the origins you missed is the history between the Roman emperors and everybody else: Jews, Christians, slaves, etc. It wasn’t until the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity, that things started to change. Before that, Christians were persecuted and murdered in places like the Colosseum and the Circus of Nero. But with the new head of the Roman Empire converting, there eventually became a mixture of traditions, mostly to satisfy both groups. You had the Winter Solstice traditions happening around the same time as the celebration of the birth of Christ. Thus, a new “Roman” Christianity influenced Christmas. The Saint Nicholas stories followed, and naturally, these were more accepted by the popular culture. Interesting fact though, most scholars place Jesus’ birth actually in the Spring, likely April. So Easter is more correctly aligned with His actual birth and death. Merry Christmas guys!

    • SD…yes…right on all the above…We couldn’t get into every detail…so Mahalo Nui Loa for more info…YES…crazy thing is the Birth of Christ was in April as was his Death…It seems the Christians wanted to Hijack the Pagan beliefs to erase it from human history. To complete the Hijacking of the YULE TIME Pagan Winter Solstice the Christians finished the takeover with moving the Birth of Christ from APRIL to DECEMBER…That is why today the Pagan YULE TIME is almost never spoken of…instead it’s only Christmas and the Birth of Christ this time of year…Merry Christmas, Mele Kalikimaka, SD!

  2. Thanks for a GREAT Podcast , you brought back some old memories from all the old toys to the music. I have to say the Big Bruiser was a tow truck that was awesome, and Major Mat Mason with his space station was super cool for a 6 year old. Red Skelton always made me smile. Gertrude and Healthcliff were great. Thanks for a great year of podcasts we will be seeing Wayde for round two in January for two tours, going to be epic. Here is an old Christmas record my parents used to play and I still have it today from the great tenor Mario Lanza. Could he belt them tunes out. Looking forward to a great 2015 and all the best to you and yours. Mahalo

    • Right on John and Linda…Bruce sends out his fuck yous and mentioned you’re on the Naughty list this year….lol…Love you guys and see you in Jan 2015!!!

  3. What a wonderful podcast and a trip down memory lane! The Red Ryder BB gun was from “A Christmas Story” and Gumby’s pony friend was Pokey. As a kid, we always got to see Santa come to our house because someone would always dress up. Mom made the Santa suit and would recruit a family member to be Santa. Then one day when I was about 6 my brother found the Santa suit. 🙁 My Mom told him where to look for a Christmas present that he was trying to find out in the garage. To this day I don’t know if Mom did that on purpose or not. One of my favorite toys was Etch-A-Sketch. I wasn’t much into dolls and was always playing with my brother’s Hot Wheels and Lincoln Logs. Anyways, hope you both have a Merry Christmas/Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!

    • What great stories Denise…Don’t you wish you could go back in time…just for a little while…I found out about Santa when I was about 10…Looks like my Parents couldn’t really find a good spot to Hide the Gifts from Santa and I found them…why? because I like to snoop around…ALL MY OWN FAULT…but I never told my Brother…he got to enjoy 2-3 more years of Santa. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MELE KALIKIMAKA and Happy New Year Denise!!!

  4. Looking back on 2014, you guys forgot to pay tribute to Godzilla, and his imaginative cinematic May redecorating of Waikiki as he rampaged across Oahu fighting another kaiju. So super serious question guys, who’s your favorite kaiju, and which one would you like to see make landfall on Honolulu? Gamera? Megalon? Rodan? King Kong? Mecha Wayde versus the radioactive Bruce-o-tron? What on Oahu would you stomp on first? This is an important issue, and I’m surprised you’ve never addressed it on the podcast. Mahalo in advance for your answer!

    • Hey Greg…This is under our Christmas Podcast you know…lol…good grief! Godzilla has never been a Part of Hawaii…it’s all based off Japan and the islands around Japan…Hawaii however was the Filming location for both the older and the newer Godzilla, but played a very small role in the New Film…BUT…because you asked and because I am a HUGE MONSTER FAN…GODZILLA is my Favorite Kaiju, but I have a few second runner ups…GAMERA would be next on my list…after that it’s RODAN…After that it’s my Favorite Robot friend to Godzilla, JET JAGUAR, not so much a Monster, AKA, Kaiju, but never the less in the family of monster movies with Godzilla. I DO NOT consider KING KONG or MIGHTY JOE YOUNG as Kaiju’s…I consider them AMERICANIZED and REALISTIC figures who stand between 8-30 feet tall, well under Kaiju Status. Now…lets move to Oahu…what on OAHU would I destroy first…Well…that’s interesting…There are a few places to consider and one that hasn’t even been built yet that may be in the near future so lets start there…First the OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY…considering that it will be built on the ocean…that place would come into view first…then ALA MOANA CENTER (Largets out door MALL in the world) then all of WAIKIKI…Last would be the PCC.

      • Then wrap it up at the Dole Plantation where you can eat all of America’s Strategic Dole Whip Reserve. I’m sure they have giant vats of the stuff lying around out back.

        I am super nuts about dinosaurs and kaiju. In honor of the Jurassic World release next summer, you should do a Godzilla/Jurassic Park tour. Kind of the Hawaii 50 tour, but with more scales. Rawr!

  5. I really enjoyed listening to your Christmas podcast. The music was great and I loved listening to your stories! I also wanted to say Thank you for all of your podcasts this year. You guys do a great job! I always feel a little closer to Hawaii every time I listen! Thanks again :-). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Merry Christmas Christy and Happy New Year! Mahalo for listening and being a member of the Ohana…always good to hear from you…keep the comments coming if you have any questions or Podcast ideas ok! Till next Year…ALOHA~

  6. Great podcast as always guys! Wish I was there laughing with you. I guess I was in a way.
    Was it just me, or did Santa get political in The Littlest Christmas Tree when he mentioned iron curtains, ration cards and members of a party. Russian Cold War references?
    It’s always interesting running across these captured moments in recorded history that showed the joys or concerns of that time. There was originally a vague Vietnam War reference written into The Graduate movie script, but was taken out so not to confuse viewers decades later.
    Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

    • So funny right Amy?…Santa got very, very POLITICAL…crazy what time can do to story telling…I find comfort in those old stories…to be as a child I really didn’t understand…it was a calm and comfortable time for me…but for the adults of the time it would have been a different case…Children always see the good in the world…at least for the most part…time moves forward and the world changes…its a different time today, but problems seem to follow us one way or the other…I guess we don’t always learn from History…sometimes it takes the hard way to learn the bad in men…just as much as the good.

  7. I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for all of your hard and wonderful work. I found your podcast about a month ago and you’ve passed many hours on my bus commute.

    I know this episode needed to be family friendly but I’m looking forward to your future podcasts in all of their F-bomb dropping glory!!!

    We visited Hawaii (Oahu) for the first time in 2012. My husband didn’t have much interest but on the day we packed up to head back to Seattle we were both crying like babies. It’s an amazing place, changed us, and we try to go back every year in lieu of living there.

    Anyway, my idea for a future podcast: If each of you were to plan one perfect day on Oahu as kamaaina with a tourist budget what would it be? Where would you eat, hike, shop or just hang out?

    • Mahalo Nui Loa for listening and what a Great idea for a future Podcast…We can probably dedicate a portion of a poDcast to your idea…LETS US THINK ABOUT SOME IDEAS!
      Keep listening and well get this in on our next podcast of the new year.

  8. It was nice to hear your stories. Having been raised without holidays this time of year doesn’t ever make me feel a sense of nostalgia but I like hearing what it means for others. I always like to reflect on the years events and what the next year will bring for me. 2014 has been epic for me and my family. Not only a move to Hawaii, but a successful move. A lot of the failure stories I hear are that right about 6 months people start making the decision to go back “home” because Hawaii isn’t what they thought it would be. I’m proud to say we are even more in love with Hawaii than when we first arrived.
    The goal for 2015 is to keep this momentum going by getting my IT business off the ground. Thanks for a great year of podcasts fellas can’t wait for your first podcast of 2015!

    • Ken…KEEP MOVING FORWARD! While others give up around you…you move forward toward your dreams! I’m sorry you hadn’t been raised within the holidays of some sort…a time of great giving, joy, love and friendship…yes these are things that should be given all year, but during the Holiday season…people just go beyond the norm and those times are remembered for those who celebrate the Holiday season…You call it Nostalgia…We call it memories that shape and form ones future…These memories we share during these times of giving during the Holiday season make and shape our lives…makes us who we are…so it’s interesting to know you had non…and so we ask…WHY NOT? Why did you not celebrate the Holidays? You don’t have to be religious to celebrate the Holidays of Giving…We would love to hear your story…perhaps next year you would like to start celebrating the Holidays, by coming to Oahu, staying at Bruces Condo with your family and celebrating the Holiday with us? It’s never too late to start! Mahalo Ken and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

      • My reasons are religious. Here in a comment board is probably not the right place to discuss it at length. I didn’t mean for it to sound like I feel deprived. As an adult I choose to continue not celebrating any holidays. If the point of the holidays is to have a giving spirit, go above and beyond to bring kindness to others, make memories we do it without having to wrap a holiday around it. There are a lot of special childhood memories and feelings that I try to recreate as an adult, I doubt you would say those memories are any less valuable since they aren’t attached to holiday.

        Since we wont be able to afford the bi-annual family trip to Disneyworld next year we will definitely be trying to make it to Oahu for a quick vacation. Hopefully creating new memories that we will cherish for ever.

        • So your reasons for not celebrating Holidays is because you are NOT Religious or because you ARE Religious? Holidays around Dec have honestly nothing to do with anyone can celebrate in the Yule Tide season of the Winter Solstice Ken…Have a great New Years by the way…See you next year!

  9. Great year of podcasts! Hope Santa got you everything you asked for and you enjoy the rest of your holiday break. Looking forward to what 2015 brings.

    Although it’s snowing outside my window, I was just able to walk Manoa Falls Trail thru the demonic powers of Goole maps. I forgot trails were being added to street view. Crazy, there are few private places anymore. Anyway, I ran across an article about plans to open a Hawaiian Cultural Center there at Paradise Park.

    What are your thoughts on these renovations? There are detailed plans available online and it appears to incorporate some pretty high tech features…hologram greeting, 3D videos, augmented reality, 360 degree virtual hike, etc. It’s supposed to be focused on Hawaiian culture rather than Polynesian, but I know that the PCC isn’t usually high on your list of things to do in Hawaii.

  10. Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy New Year – I hope the Holidays were good to you both! BTW, if you haven’t listened to the Arlo Guthrie version of ‘Ukelele Lady’, I think it would be a great one to add to the podcast. Looking forward dot your next one. Cheers, and have a great week.

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