HAWAII 5-0 and the BOOMERANG effect


Today we sit down with Amy and Zoom Bakari to get some juicy info on HAWAII FIVE-O and the show from how many seasons are left to what’s been happening as of late on the show. We also discuss their personal story and how HAWAII FIVE-O became such an influence on Amy and her husbands life and their move to Hawaii.


We’ll also discuss boomeranging again with our friend Renee Marcou and discuss here journey back and forth from Boston to Hawaii and her connection to the islands that always call her back to paradise. Hawaii has a special place in many of our hearts and there are things happening here every day, from TV events like Hawaii Five-O to Tours with our Jeep company to people coming back and forth to Hawaii trying to make a choice to stay or leave again…There is never a dull day here in Paradise…ever…and we are truly blessed to call this place home.

11 thoughts on “HAWAII 5-0 and the BOOMERANG effect

  1. Really loving the schedule of the podcasts! The quality of your podcasts just keep on getting better and better! I haven’t been able to finish this podcast but I stopped just as you were talking about Hawaii 5-0. Really interested to hear what comes next in that segment.

    Sorry I haven’t commented on here in a while due to the holidays. I loved the shout out you gave me last episode (if I was the Danielle you were talking about). That is one good thing about the mainland, you can always move far away from your ex’s.

    • lol…can’t move away from them here…lol…Yes we had mentioned you! Mahalo for your continued support…We’ll be doing another podcast early this week on Tues…should be out Wed I hope~ Aloha

  2. Just want to say “Thanks” for the podcasts. Apriciate the time you take out of your busy schedules to keep us informed on Hawaii and enjoying when special guests drop in. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi! I just started listening to your podcasts a couple weeks ago and I love them! I have a 30 mile commute each way 5 days a week (I live in Alaska) and that gives me lots of time to listen to your pearls of wisdom. I just tried downloading more episodes and it keeps saying unable to download…😫 What am I doing wrong??

  4. Personally, I love the new series! I just really wish they hadn’t established that Magnum, PI was fiction instead of being like the original series and had them exist in the same universe because that would have made a spin-off series much easier. It was really cool to hear more about the Five-O tour. Definitely good to hear that you folks have an inside there and that’s definitely not something competitors can offer!!!

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