HAWAII 4-0 Keeping The Dream Alive


Today we sit down with good friends who have been with us from the start…Jason Johnston and Kristina Johnston…Hawaii 4-0 has a huge back story and we’ll be discussing Jason’s story and his dream to come to Hawaii on this episode.


Jason has had a Passion for Hawaii since his accident that left him without mobility. Kristina got him the LOST seasons to watch while he couldn’t move and the rest is history. Jason worked his butt off to make Hawaii not just something he saw on a show, but a reality in person. With hard work and the support of his amazing wife Jason made it to Hawaii…again and again and again and in this epsiode he kept his TURNING THE BIG 4-0 DREAM ALIVE by being in Hawaii.

There are many stories on how we all came to Hawaii…this is just one of those perfect example on how lucky we all truly are to live Hawaii.



6 thoughts on “HAWAII 4-0 Keeping The Dream Alive

  1. Great episode all of you & great story Jason and Kristina. I hope one day we all can move to Hawaii and have a bite with Bruce & Wayde together.

  2. It was great hearing from Jason…he was a big inspiration in my own move here. Being a Canadian in the IT field and having young kids I could relate to him. I had emailed him years ago and let him know what i had to do in order to get my work visa. I like their plan of moving to BC and just coming to visit.

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