HAWAII2015Well…another year is here…2015 has been a great start so far, but we have a lot of catching up to do…We cover a lot of news in this Episode to start off the new Year of 2015…We discuss RAIL which has gone almost 1 Billion over budget to Haleiwa Towns new look, we also touch on Social Media again and how the local community and Military have changed the face of Oahu because of it and how RESPECT is needed when traveling across Oahu’s trail…something new comers and even those who have been here for a while still don’t understand…

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We also discuss the New “From Mauka To Makai” Non Profit Wayde and his Crew are forming to change the Face of Hawaii. http://www.maukatomakai.org/ We also talk about plans for the new year and moving to Hawaii in 2015 and the challenges we need to look out for as Hawaii is NOT a cheap place to move to…No matter the issues Hawaii has…it’s still worth moving and living here. We are turly Lucky to Live Hawaii…yesterday, today and everyday from this point forward.

Giving out a SHOUT OUT to our Braddah up North…Braddah Jason…one of the BIGGEST “LOST” Fans on Earth…now we just need to get Braddah Jason out to do our LOST TOUR!…Check out his Killer Video!

15 thoughts on “HAWAII 2015

  1. Can’t wait to listen to the new podcast. Welcome back! We’ll be coming to HI in 2015 for sure – and it couldn’t be soon enough. Cheers!

  2. Wow, that 6 weeks felt like forever. Its like waking up and realizing you have no coffee and the closest shopping mall is closed and has no power. So you ask your neighbor and they drink tee.

    Well anyway I’m glad your back guys. Great Podcast and I’m looking forward to that site getting active Wayde so I can donate.

    I also needed this opportunity to thank the 2 guys who haven’t given up on me since day 1. I still remember the 1st time I wrote you Bruce asking for a Job about 3 years ago and It would have been easy to ignore me and shhh me away, but instead you contacted me and added my dream to your blog and have embraced my like family showing me the true meaning of Aloha sprit. The thing I still hold dear to me is the fact the ever Journey of 1000miles begins with a single step and you guys have been the arms that pull me up when I feel like I can fall.

    Mahalo from our Brahda from the North

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Jay…is this the first time you’re commenting? WTF! Time for you to be more involved in the discussions here you Canadian bastard! Lov u buddy!

  3. Sweet! The F*bombs are back!

    I’m happy to hear you guys again. I was starting to think that your New Year’s resolution was to NOT do another podcast in 2015.

    While you were on break I caught up on past podcasts and want to thank you for the mention of Eddie Aikkau’s ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. I found it on YouTube and was so amazed and moved. Spent the last 15 minutes of the film crying like a baby on the bus ride home.


    Wayde, the Mauka to Makai looks amazing. Best of luck. And I’m betting that the Honolulu Rail project won’t be as horrible as you expect it to be.

    Bruce, I would come back as a cat too! 🙂

    • lol…Mev…The Rail is going to be beyond utter fucking bullshit! Mark my words on that…the worst of it all…MAUI IS NOW PLANNING OUT ONE…YEAH…MAUI…CAN YOU BELEIVE IT??? FUCK THESE POLITICAL DEVIL WORSHIPERS!

      • The Maui rail you are talking about is way down the line Wayde… 50-100 years when the population of Maui will most likely need it. Hopefully Maui can do their homework ahead of time so they don’t end up like Oahu.

        This is from Maui Now News:

        “[The] Mayor was talking about the possibility of rail, a tram, people mover, etc., way down the road, some 50 to 100 years from now when our population goes beyond what the Maui Bus can provide,” wrote Rod Antone, Maui County communications director, in response to an interview request with the mayor. “There is no county rail project at this time.”

        Do I want to see islands more developed? Fuck no! But I think it’s wise to plan ahead since that’s obviously where things are headed.

  4. Happy New Years Bruce and Wayde! I’m so happy the podcasts are back. Hearing the news and updates from you guys makes my week. If all goes well in 2015, I plan to make it back to Oahu. I am most certainly doing a tour with the Hawaii Jeep Tours. I’m about halfway through this podcast and I’m liking the content. Thanks for the rail update, I know i had asked about it in previous comments.

    Anyway looking forward to a great year of shows and getting a tour booked when I get back to the aina later this year.


    • Happy Birthday to you Xavier….Hope you are well…Yes, give us a heads up and make an effort to Book a month in advance for the Jeep Tours and if you want Wayde to guide with you. See you soon back on the aina!

  5. Ha! Thanks for the New Year’s Godzilla shout out, guys. Just returned from Oahu on Monday. While there, we had the pleasure of hiking up to Manoa Falls. (Disney Aulani has a permit to hike across the private land between Manoa Valley and the falls). We’d sure hate to see this rainforest get developed. We want to say you called it — Out of the many, many things we did, I’d say the PCC was the worst waste of our valuable island time. (Even the Dole Plantation was O.K. because it was so relentlessly cheesy. We appreciated its gardens and schmaltz. Although the gift shop was an appalling bit of tacky commercialism). At the PCC, we spent too much money on Ambassador level tickets, where our creepy handlers with Stepford Wives smiles shunted us from one stupid, kitschy show to another. What we wanted was a living museum, Williamsburg, VA,-style hands-on interactive experience for our family. Instead, we were managed and whisked from fake village to village so that we could be handed crappy DVDs and thrown into a so-so luau. We were so off put by the experience, we left before the Ha show even started. We genuinely wanted to know more about Polynesian culture, so thank God for the Bishop Museum. And thank God for Leonard’s! Their Waipahu food truck restored our faith in humanity, especially the haupia filled ones right out of the fryer. Sorry we didn’t book any tours with you guys; we had grandparents in tow who could barely do the Manoa Falls hike. Maybe next time!

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