Going Local on Your Hawaii Vacation

The election is finally over and Wayde is,  of course, one a happy camper! Thrilled about the outcome and extreamly excited about Donald Trumps plans,  he’s obviously not alone. Bruce on the other hand is very disappointed, sad and thinks the American people got duped. He points out that HRC did win the popular vote and had the shoe been on the other foot, Wayde would have been crying and bitching about the democracy. As usual the system is fine when you’re on the winning side of the coin.

Today we’re joined by some awesome podcast friends (also Trump supporters) in the studio to talk about something we can all agree on, Making your Hawaii Vacation local.
Jim and his family share their story of family and friendship that led to a Hawaii Vacation. Here for a week from Pennsylvania, they talk about how they found us, reached out and are having a much better vacation because of the information we share on our podcast.

8 thoughts on “Going Local on Your Hawaii Vacation

  1. Hi Wayde & Bruce. Just started listing to this episode. I love that you have a crew of guests!
    Exciting update on my relocation plans, one way tickets purchased for May 2 and signed a 2 month pet friendly lease for while we look for a long term rental property in Kona.
    Thanks for the shout out on my last comment about quitting smoking a few episodes ago. Hope you saw that I also made a donation that day. I appreciate all of the information you’ve given me through the podcast.
    And yes, so HAPPY this election is over!!!

  2. So as a local (2 1/2 years I now consider myself to no longer be on a very long vacation) I’ve been giving some thought to how we want to vacation here on the islands. I’ve definitely had a chance to explore Maui and while there is still more for me to do here we want to start spending some time on the other islands. But I’ve been thinking… I kind of don’t want to vacation like a local on the other islands. I think I want the whole tourist experience. Being poolside, checking out some of the popular restaurants, actually going on a tour etc. Anyway my question is, is it common for locals to own time shares on other islands? I’ve kind of been considering buying some Disney vacation points since I could use them both at Aulani and Disney World. I remember you said you didn’t like Aulani. Can you refresh my memory as to why?

  3. Thanks Wayde. I know you guys have been talking about the new Jeep in the last few episodes. So congrats on the new Jeep and can you share some insights on makes car buying in Hawaii unique compared to purchasing a car on the mainland? Thanks!

    • I agree this would be an interesting topic. I’ve checked into it some online and it looks like NEW cars are selling for over sticker price. Is this merely due to the cost of shipping them or is there a special tax that’s placed on them?

  4. AB and WW – I have been dreaming of moving to Hawaii since my first visit 10 years ago. Luckily I found my girlfriend Beth to share my dream and make it reality. She told me about your podcast and I have been binge listening in preparation for our move to Kona in May. I appreciate all the information and entertainment you provide. I found the discussion of Bruce’s questionable GERD related medical marijuana card particularly informative and entertaining. Always love the music too. Sending a modest donation to show my thanks for what you do. Looking forward to hearing more. – Kevin

  5. Aloha Bruce & Wayde Udaman Fishman…
    This JugaJim from Pa, who visited with my Buddy Kenny & Our Two sons Zach & Zach this past week. I wanted to let you Know the following…
    – Thanks for including us on the Podcast…it was a Hoot… I hope were interesting enough and added some content to keep up the STANDARD of Bruce/Wayne ….
    – OMG …what a Tour and a day Wayde took us on… Thank you soooo Much Wayde…for a Boston Beener…UDAMAN. All the Places you took us & the fun we had…would not have happened if we were just on our own !!!
    – The Mariana Sailing Club…Holy Shit !!! it was so cool that you took us there… as I was hoping to get there… & by the end of our Tour…it really was like hangin w/friends… whom we will now always consider you one.. & thats not the Alcohol Talking!! We had a freeking blast… what else can I say !
    – thanks again for the whole deal… from both of your companies…

    Mihalo to you guys … from Jugajim from Pa…

  6. AB & WW…
    this is JugaJim from Pa again…
    I just wanted to add to Kens Comment above & Bust Bruces Chops about the GERD diagnosis… for his Maryjuwanna Card…Are you Kidding Me >>>>>>

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