Getting bit by Aloha Spirit

bit by aloha

MaryJean Bresnen had no idea that when she came to Hawaii 13 years ago to accompany her husband on a temporary gig, that the islands would capture her spirit. Well, that’s exactly what happened and today we learn all about her move here, how she did it and her career in marketing Art Work in Hawaii. MaryJean makes it all sound so easy, but the truth is, the move has had it’s challenges.

Currently working for Tabora galleries here in Honolulu, MaryJean is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Art scene in Hawaii . She’s shares tips about buying art and gives us a behind the scene look at how galleries in Hawaii operate. If you have any plans at all for a career in Art in Hawaii or interested in what people are buying, this podcast will be just for you.

Always a Jersey girl at heart, this brave woman has embraced her new Hawaiian home and is a great example of pure determination

Today’s show is fun and light so we we don’t get  into negative Vortex!! As always we’ll get you all caught up on the latest news from Hawaii and offer our warped commentary. Also our FB friends share their ideas for the first thing to do when arriving in Hawaii!

Tune in next week for answers to all the race issues that came up as a result of our Comedy in Hawaii show!! Please comment and DONATE!!

14 thoughts on “Getting bit by Aloha Spirit

  1. I have lived in Japan for 11 years total and in the past have talked with my wife (who is Japanese) about how some Japanese almost seem to forget how to act when abroad or around non-Japanese people. It’s a very interesting thing to watch. It would be highly unlikely that in Japan they would enter a strangers vehicle.

    Every single time I have been to Hanauma Bay I see Japanese trampling all over the reef despite just watching a video instructing them not to do so. My wife and the majority of my friends are Japanese and as a people they are usually reserved, very polite and respectful….until they leave Japan, go on vacation and for some individuals, act like idiots. I think it is because they are so tightly wound in Japan that when they are on vacation they finally get to breathe a little far removed from the societal restraints in Japan.

    It is funny you mentioned about doing tours with Japanese people because I wondered to myself why you guys weren’t actively tapping in to the market of Japanese tourists. Or maybe you were and I missed it.

    I think the reason the Japanese don’t join the Jeep tour is because they don’t understand or feel comfortable with English or as apart of a group with a mix of other non Japanese. If your site was in Japanese I think you would attract more attention and if you had a tour guide that took a group of only Japanese out on the island and did the tour in their language, I would imagine there would be demand for it. Plane loads of them arrive every single day and they all seem to do the same shit. Like robots they almost all go to the same exact places. If you could penetrate that market and make Hawaii Jeep Tours one of those stops…..I don’t know anything about your business so this is all speculation but I think you would make a killing.

    p.s. I posted before using the name Thomas (my middle name). I didn’t want to use my real name when I first posted and I’m not even sure why hahaha. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to say thanks again for the info a few episodes back where I asked about advice on our move. I leave Japan in 10 days and will be moving my business to Oahu.

    • Right on Jason! Mahalo for your comments…The Japenese are a funny bunch…I find them to have very little respect when they come to Hawaii and are the worst smokers contributing to a lot of trash at our sightseeing areas but they are very generous with their money. The Chinese are more respectful,keep to themselves, but are cheap…I find 50% of Americans to be overly arrogant, ignorant, cheap and fat and the other 50% to be well educated, generous, willing to learn and in good shape ready for adventure…However, I have found the best people to be Auzzies 1st and Canadians 2nd….they are highly educated, eager to learn about Hawaiian culture, very generous, in great shape and ready for an amazing adventure. I don’t hold back Jason…this is what I see out there when doing tours. Keep us posted with your move to Oahu and we’ll get you into the Studio to do a Podcast with us when you settle in! Aloha Nui~

      • i have a video that backs up jason’s post. went to shark’s cove one day and saw a bunch of tourists gearing up in scuba gear speaking japanese. thought nothing of it other until..

        WTF @ the 30 second mark

        totally fucked up my video. it’s like i wasn’t even there. i wanted to beat their asses.

        • Wow…that sort of says it all. That is like the under water equivalent to Waikiki…when I walk around there you have to be on your toes and ready to shoulder them out of your way because they will just cut you off and block you like you arent there.

          • LMAO Paul! And a big mahalo nui for the review, that is very helpful to us!!

  2. Have you guys seen the new Cameron Crowe movie ‘Aloha’? What do you think about the controversy regarding using the name Aloha and it being culturally insensitive?

  3. Hey guys! Really enjoying these shows!! I’m currently going through the backlog of them! Reading the comments on all the other shows and I noticed that Wayde you tend to get a lot of attention (in my last comment I didn’t even mention Bruce) so let me just say a massive thanks to Bruce as well! You seem to go under the radar a bit but the show wouldn’t be the same without you!

    I also listen to your other podcast Bruce and find it very informative about the islands! I was listening to one of your shows and it made me think of a topic you might want to discuss on this podcast! (if you haven’t already)!

    Basically Bruce you were promoting the swim with wild spinner dolphins activities and said it was a must do! Having spoken with lots of locals on trip advisor they are all in agreement that these tours are actually illegal and really damaging the local spinner dolphins population as they are not getting the rest they need because they are constantly being harassed by tour companies!!

    So I’d like to know about all the things we shouldn’t do whilst we are in Hawaii and also your opinions on these tours! Another questionable activity is the shark diving on the north shore!

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work!!

  4. I liked Aloha but Im a sucker for anything in Hawaii from Blue Hawaii to The Haumana. There were some issues with the script for sure…its a good renter if you love Hawaii but I wouldnt pay for it at the theater. Also there was alot of real Hawaiian cultural references from Bumpy and the soveriegnty movement to Hula to Hawaiian myths. It felt way more culturally sensitive than The Descendents (which I loved of course)

  5. Good show gents, I missed your facebook question so I’ll give you my experience (s):
    The first time we flew to Hawaii it was on standby (not recommended btw), we arrived in Honolulu Airport at about 11 at night, and our next flight wasn’t until the following morning. My wife and I just crashed in the airport, the next morning, I remember looking out and having the feeling that this place was different. Up to that point this was the coolest airport I had ever been in. Open Air? Garden and Koi Pond? Being a couple of 22 yr olds we were enjoying it. Our flight over to Maui was quick. As we approached, I remember being blown away at this gorgeous island paradise. After our arrival, a friend picked us up and our first stop was a little beach just outside of Paia. It was here that I fell in love with Hawaii. The view from there was so beautiful, so serene and nothing like the polluted and crowded beaches of Southern California that I had visited as a kid. Had I realized then that it would be another 10 years before I was able to return, I would have stayed a little longer, shown a little more Aloha (long long story) and I would have made this moment last as long as I could.
    Upon our return years later, this time with our son in two, we got off the plane , picked up our leis and our luggage and went straight back to that same beach. It was as if time had stood still in that spot. The only thing that had changed was me. I was a completely different person than the first time we visited. Older, wiser less prone to impulsive decisions. Its hard to describe, but I felt like there was a part of me on that beach that had just been patiently waiting for me to return, because as soon as we arrived, I felt it. I was at peace, I was whole. I decided at that moment, we were moving to Hawaii. One year later we stepped off the plane onto our new island home.

  6. The first thing I did on my most recent trip back, after unpacking all our stuff and getting settled in of course, was go right to Lanikai right before dusk. I had to see the Moks and put my feet in the water. It was getting dark out but I still felt this urge to get there. My wife and I arrived and walked into the ocean and I thought out loud to myself “I’m back!”

    Then after all that was done, found all my beer for the week including: Kona Wailua Wheat, Maui Brewing Co Mana Wheat and Bikini Blonde. I’ll never forget that Maui beer.

  7. Aloha guys Jay here (Hawaii Four-0) I was a little late getting to this one but have to say my favorite guest so far. I learned a ton and was hanging on every word. I know have 3 Hawaii oil paints that are my prised possessions. Hearing from her perspective made it even more special. It might be time to get an print off the poor man

    Great pod guys


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