Fun stuff to bring back from Hawaii

HAWAII CARE PACKAGES We all want some awesome Hawaii stuff to take back home with us or perhaps you live in Hawaii and want to send a care package to those living on the mainland or around the world. We’ll be covering some of our best choices…they may not be all the choices, but it’s many of our favorites. From Coffee to Mac Nuts to Bamboo wind chimes to Hula Bobble Heads…We cover all the cool little things to pack. Before we get into the fun stuff we get into some serious issues…

TRAFFIC NSGRIDLOCK on the NORTH SHORE from the soon to be built Marriott in La’ie to Turtle Bay Resorts, Kawela Bay to traffic at Laniakea Beach where the Honu bask in the sun. All these issues are a major concern to locals on the North Shore and hard choices will need to be made in the near future.

TAGGER CLEAN UPWe once again attack the subject of TAGGERS and doing something as a community to stop it even if Wayde’s wan’t to become BATMAN and seek his own form of justice…lol…Wayde is NOT a happy camper on this subject. No matter the issues that comes to light here in Hawaii we vent on these issues because we want Hawaii to stay the way we found it…BEAUTIFUL. Once again another reason we are lucky we live Hawaii and why we intend to preserve and educate all who live or come here.

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  1. i know you had mentioned storms brought in sand at laniakea but i didn’t realize it happened within the last year. i knew i didn’t remember sitting in shitty traffic for an hour both ways even on weekdays.

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