Guess what day it is??? It’s Fuck Me Friday…no no it’s…Free-For-All Friday…no no it’s…ALOHA FRIDAY! Weeeeeeeee…for real…We gonna call this one FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY because if we called it ALOHA FRIDAY and new listeners chimed in for a listen they may be in for FAR MORE than they bargained for and we just don’t want those assholes commenting negatively on these two assholes…feel US?

Seriously…We have just been VERY busy last two weeks and the both of us haven’t had time to get a podcast out there…No way we could go 3 weeks without a show…You guys NEED US too much…may it be on your HORRIBLE drive to work or a PUMP UP for the Gym to listen to…We needed to get a show done…We had two weeks of news and Bullshit to cover here and the truth is we had been so busy this week we really didn’t have time to figure out a solid subject matter for this week…So what we are saying is we fucked up and had been completely unprepared to do a show this week! lol…What? You want us to fucking lie to you?

We know you guys love us…support the show, leave comments and donate to this Shit Show going…so yeah…lol here we are moutha phuckers! lol

We promise next week we’ll have a quest and be FULLY PREPARED to kick it out of the park for next weeks show…ok…so just give us a break and enjoy the Banter back and forth for this Episode of the Podcast…Much Mahalos kids!

O…and by the way for that UNEDUCATED PRICK “Denizen9”  who left a shitty review on our iTunes Podcast page…Wayde wanted to give you a BIG FU and wanted to leave this video below so every time you look at it you will realize what an uneducated douche bag nut fuck you are!  Aloha~ 


To an AWESOME Fan, Donator, Listener and fellow Business owner:

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7 thoughts on “FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY

  1. Aloha guys,
    Long time, been busy trying to carve out my niche over here on Maui. Which got me thinking about Uncle George specifically. If there is anything tourists have continually shown its that the majority don’t care about Hawaii after they leave. Sure there is a special few that make a true connection thanks to people like George but the rest of them just see it is like its Disneyland or something and instead of seeing the local population as a group of people struggling to survive in a place that is trying to drive them out, they just see them as Cast Members there for their enjoyment. I mean look at Wayde’s Crowdfunding attempt. So many people took his tours and talked about how much they loved Hawaii, but couldn’t part with a couple of lattes in order to support something that they should have cared about.
    Sorry getting fired up here.
    Back to George, It’s great that he wants to bless people with free paddleboard lessons, but even if he just charged a small nominal fee couldn’t that help defer his costs? Call it a $10 donation and help people to understand what its for. A nice website talking about George’s life and what he has been doing the past 20 years and what he plans to do going forward. I’d be happy to donate my time to develop a website for George and even host it for free. Wayde you hook up the logo and graphics. We could have this thing up in a week or so!

  2. Hey guys,

    Another great Podcast. I loved the Live interaction via Facebook, gave it a whole new dynamic. Its so weird I felt like I was back in the room with you guys at Bruce’s house. Speaking of which, congratulations Bruce, over heard you talking about all the renos via the Live podcast and the additions sound amazing 🙂
    Also wanted to mention I checked out the link to Danielle’s ETSY store with Jewelry and everything looks amazing. I’m going to try and get a few things for the girls and support one of our own Ohana here at our Lucky we live 808 Community.

    Ive also been thinking for a while now, Bruce needs to set up a Community Trip similar to what he did with Hawaii 5-0 premiere, but for all our Lucky we live 808 listeners to come down visit together, do a tour, see the sites, go to dinner and maybe all participate in a live Podcast.

    Alright Mahalo guys Talk to you soon

  3. Jason must mean Hy’s Steakhouse on Kuhio Street for Mochi. I tried to leave you a 5 star review on Itunes but turned out I already had done that in the past and you can only leave 1 review per AppleID. Wayde…embrace the hate…it is ok if some people hate you….you want them to either love you or hate you…as long as they arent apathetic about you. Besides…this guy has never met you…I have met you and you a great guy. Bruce, you are a good haole too. lol

  4. Hey guys. Always love when you hate on Maui, especially Bruce. Because I love it and hope you drive people to the other islands so I can have more room when I get there.

  5. Hi Wayde and Bruce, great episode! Regarding your one star iTunes review, I appreciate your authenticity, and I disagree and love Wayde’s Boston accent! I’m originally from New Jersey and after 6 years in Dallas and 10 in Chicago, my accent is gone. I appreciate that Wayde still has his after 20 years.

    Wayde, congrats on the Pat’s win!! Can’t wait to see the new ink.

    Thanks for the podcast. I loved seeing you guys on Facebook Live in the last one. I appreciated your comment about a connection with your listeners, you will always be an important part of our “Lucky We Live Hawaii” story.

    Peace to you and yours,

  6. Wayde and Bruce, Recently I flew Hawaiian Airlines from the West Coast to Hawaii and back. On both flights I was not able to recline my seat and my seat was a seat which should recline. On the second flight I didn’t try to recline my seat until toward the end of my flight and when I looked back at the guy sitting behind me (who was reclining his seat and had a smirk on his face) I am pretty sure that he was using a knee defender to prevent my seat from reclining. I am also sure that he was the guy that gave Wayde the bad review recently LOL. Any ideas what to do in the future?

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