Well…it all comes down to this Podcast…Sleeping with the fish!!!

You know what they say about that right? Yep…In the end the Big Fish always gets whats coming to’um!

We go full blast into Fishing in Paradise and dealing with Shore Cast to the Deep Blue Beyond with the big boys…from Mahi Mahi, to Ahi to the Blue Marlin. We promise…we won’t forget the little guys here…there are plenty of them that are a taste above the rest.  so sit back, relax and learn a thing or two about fishing in paradise with Chad Cromer as he takes us through his fishing routine and what you can plan to catch from the Big Fish to the little boys!

25 thoughts on “FISHING in HAWAII

  1. YOU IDIOTS FORGOT TO TURN YOUR MICS OFF DURING THE SONG SO YOU TALKED THROUGH THE ENTIRE FUCKING SONG. GOOD JOB ASSHOLES! Just kidding, but you guys did really leave your mics on. Anyway, good show. Keep it up!

      • Actually I loved the fact that you had your Mics on. I got to be a fly on the wall. Was more interested in that than the song. Too bad there wasn’t anything too juicy said. Oh well . Maybe next time. Lol

  2. Yea that was pretty funny with the mics running during the song. Bruce talking about his inverted “sex” table from Costco. Don’t you guys proof this shit before posting? Anyway great show again, I’m a big time fisherman. So I’d love to head out one morning and rip some lips in Hawaii. Bruce you might want to add a 2 hour fishing trip to your tours. Anyway, Safe travels to you Wayde, while headed back to Boston. Hope it everything works out great and you’re headed back to Hawaii soon.

  3. I was thinking, and drinking…maybe you guys could talk more about what you experienced here on the mainland. As far as travel and exploration in FLA and MA. Bruce, what made you be a travel agent in Hawaii? Did you explore parts of FLA that inspired you? And Wayde, was it just a climate change that drove you to look for more tropical climates? And how was both of your childhoods with vacations, before moving to Hawaii??

  4. Firstly thanks for the fishing show!
    I’m a life-long keen angler and a fews years ago spent a morning fishing with Capt Kevin Nakamaru on “Northern Lights” out of Kona. Can’t speak highly enough about his professionalism and the relaxed manner and the spirit of aloha onboard. A great day out and caught several large ahi (yellowfin tuna).
    Kevin is a very experienced angler and captain who has fished all over the world, he and the deckie were genuinely welcoming and helpful in my first attempt at heavy-tackle game fishing.
    Every Aussie angler I’ve spoken to who has been to Kona speaks highly about all the charter boats there and it truly is champagne game fishing with deep water and big fish so close to the harbour.
    It’s not a budget day by any means but compared to other destinations around the globe it’s good value (for game fishing). If you are any type of angler, a big game charter out of Kona is an easy “add-on” to a Hawaii vacation and it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience of truly world-class fishing that you will always remember. If you can stretch the budget, in my experience, you won’t regret it,
    I’ve long forgotten the money but cherish the memories and I’ve been trying to get back to do it again ever since I came home!

  5. Hi guys, love the show. I commented once a long time ago and pissed off Wayde so completely that I was afraid to ever post again. Sorry about that! Anyway, I’m reaching my wits’ end here on the mainland and wondering how incredibly stupid it would be to just pack up and move to Oahu without a job lined up. I’m already self-employed so I have government health care, and I have some savings. I know unemployment is low – but would it be possible to get a job quickly that would at least pay basic rent on a 1BR and other bills? I work in video production and drones, no idea how the job market is for that. It seems like a catch-22 in that I’m not considered for jobs because I don’t live there…but I can’t move without any way to pay the bills. I know you’ve had podcasts on this kind of thing before…I’m not sure whether I’m looking for you to talk me into moving or out of moving there. But you guys say you like comments – so here you go! Thanks for all you do with the podcast, I look forward to it every week (or whenever you get around to it).

  6. Has been a while since last podcast I was on Facebook and looked up Waydes Jeep tours page and say that he’s starting a new podcast, Living the Aloha Lige. I love the dichotomy between Bruce and Waydes take on politics but I understand that they have two completely different takes but if they also have so much in common and I hope that when there’s more distance between the two guys they will learn that they do share some similar values. Can’t wait to hear Waydes new podcast and I wish him all the luck in the future. I hope Bruce does more shows as well I know his aloha travel podcast has updated in a while but both guys were my link to Hawaii and living vicariously through their program has been fun. Hope I’m wrong but thanks for all the shows.
    Dr Geoff Lee

  7. Missing the podcast. Hope everything is OK with you both, and that you come back soon.
    Sending much Aloha and Thanks.

  8. Bruce….Wayde… Come back Bruddahz !!!!! This is an amazing podcast and I’ve listened to every one of them. Andy On Molokai…… I really wanted to hear your story. I’m planning to come out there to work on a farm and eventually buy land. Anyway if you read this my email is Mahalo

  9. Hey Bruce and Wade,
    It was nice meeting you at the International Market Place a while back and thanks for the double shout out on your Fishing podcast. Really enjoy your show and hope all is well with you guys. Missing the podcasts and hope you guys return soon. I’m hoping it’s just me and my non technical computing abilities as the reason I’m not getting your podcasts anymore. Looking forward to an update and stay well my friends.
    Aloha, Kimo

  10. Please come back, you are missed. Friday afternoons in the office was Podcast time, with my headphones on dreaming about a life in Hawaii. Now Friday afternoons are boring and having to listen to political rubbish.

  11. Whoa… I thought that Wayde was just stuck in Boston for longer than expected but his Facebook now reads “Former Co-Founder/Podcast Host at Lucky We Live Hawaii”? Damn, I hope it wasn’t an angry breakup! Missing the show & Hawaii Vacation Connection as well!

  12. If they have ended the podcast I think it’s only fair that they put something on this website, so donators can stop.

  13. Hi All

    I have had communication with Wade, and this is the end of the Podcast. They are unable to “legally” post anything on this website. I don’t know what happened, and that’s personal to them, but I do hope they are both ok. I had never met either of them but they both still felt like friends.

    Wade is starting a new podcast in the coming months called living the Aloha life. There is a facebook page and I for one will be supporting this podcast.

  14. Yeah i was listening to old podcast and even a few years ago it seemed like Bruce was always the one that wanted to finish early or leave the podcast altogether. If you guys looked at the response from Wayde regarding the fight they got into on the first podcast of the year it seemed like it was so bad that Bruce actually edited it out, which he never would do before when Wayde would ask. It sucks but whe I facetiously mentioned the Mythbusters and Waydes response was it’s like that but worse I knew it would be bad. Gave up hoping that the boys would work it out and just waiting for Wayde to get his show going. Definitely will still support both of them when I go back in a year or so..

  15. I’m so sad to hear that the podcast is over. I dreaded that this time would come, but always assumed there would be an “aloha and goodbye” episode. Bruce and Wayde, if you’re reading these comments, MAHALO x1,000,000 for all the podcasts, the fights, the political differences. And mahalo most of all for helping us all feel connected, when for so many of us it’s only a dream to be able to make the move. You are already very, very missed every week that has gone by without a new episode. I know you guys would be reading this on air and yelling at me to donate right now…if I’d had the funds I surely would have.

    Bruce – it’s time to come clean. You were my favorite. Ok, KIDDING guys, I love you both. I will be going back and listening to old episodes again and again as well as supporting your podcasts and projects in any way I can in the future.

  16. Hey guys, if you remember a while back a few of the donors, including myself, had been worried about where all the donations had been going. When you donate to PayPal it’s directed to “HAWAII ALOHA TRAVEL”, Bruce’s personal travel agency. You would think it would be going to Wayde and Bruce, considering they are equal owners of the show, not Bruce’s business. Bruce also admitted in a podcast he takes all the money. All of that got me really thinking and then worried, so I didn’t donate. Bruce said it was costing like $200 a month to run the podcast which is total bullshit. My friend and I run a small podcast, we put up about 500mb of shows a month. That’s more than these guys put up a month and it’s only costing us $40 a month through Bluburry. So whatever stories Bruce has been telling us I don’t believe them. I have a feeling something happened to them and Wayde pulled out of the show. It’s no surprise considering these guys had such a love/hate relationship and if Bruce was up to no good I would imagine Wayde had enough. Wayde doesn’t seem like the type of guy who takes shit from people. AP Doc mentioned some things about Bruce. That guy was only concerned about money, wanted to end every show at an hour so he didn’t go over and even wanted to quit the podcast years ago after his embarrassing podcast episode about his personal life. WOW, did anyone listen to that show about how much of a fuck up he was? Drugs, alcoholism, jail, school dropout, ran away to Hawaii to get away from family. Those things stick with people, I wouldn’t doubt it came back to haunt Bruce recently with the breakup of these two. As AP Doc mentioned in a comment…if you go to Wayde’s Facebook page he starting his own Jeep Tour business as well. Knowing Wayde and Bruce started Hawaii Jeep Tours back in like 2013 (they did a podcast about it) that would tell me they had a falling out with their business as well. So I looked into this even more. Did anyone notice Wayde has been completely removed from the Hawaii Jeep Tours Website? Bruce put himself as founder and owner as well. How is that possible? Wayde founded and created the Jeep Tour business! Something is really wrong here and it seems to go way beyond the podcast. I think we all better check ourselves on liking this Bruce guy. As Bradley said in his comment…I think we are all going to find out soon “Legally” who this Bruce guy really is and I don’t think any of us are going to like it!

  17. I’m not worried/surprised by legal issues preventing a statement at this time. After all, this was a partnership both as a podcasting team as well as financially. Separating that kind of partnership properly *requires* both parties to STFU about certain matters that aren’t any of the general public’s concern for a number of very valid reasons!!! However, I’m actually taken aback though by posts above accusing something less than honest about Bruce, particularly when it comes to business. That was an uncalled for assassination of his character and probably worth threatening legal action for defamation of character unless you got proof! Comes too uncomfortably close to someone intimating that Bruce is a “cheap Jew trying to screw Wayde over in business” without any specific verifiable evidence to back up even bringing that up as a rumor or a poor attempt at humor! Hell, WTF knows other than Bruce & Wayde how equal the partnership was, either hands-on or specifically financially? Honestly, Bruce has an oceanside home near Hawaii Kai + a separate rental condo and Wayde is “The Poor Man”! It’s not unreasonable to see Bruce with a bit more financial capital in the partnership. Jeez, it was just tax time and who knows what kind of tax issues were brought up then! I see nothing suspicious about the Hawaii Jeep Tours reference either! Maybe Bruce bought out Wayde’s share? Should he be forced to continue to publicize a former partner/potential competitor on the tour site if he possibly now owns it all?!? WTF knows other than them… Bruce was always extremely forward that the podcast was an avenue to further his business pursuits. I don’t have any quarrel with Bruce thinking “business 1st” and it being his primary factor for participating. A normal podcast team could simply break up. Happens all the time as people have time constraints, differing enthusiasm, etc. If anything, I loved the podcast for what it was. But, remember that old adage about not getting into business with friends? Sadly, sometimes that’s very true. Both guys ran their own independent businesses, apparently quite well, for quite awhile and getting into a partnership while fruitful can definitely cause conflicts that wouldn’t normally arise in a friendship without financial ties. They certainly had their own opinions and interests so it could be said that it’s somewhat surprising that the show lasted as long for what I’m pretty sure was the longest consistent run of Hawaii-centric podcast episodes and it honestly leaves quite a void now? I wish continued success to both of them and that the separation eventually turns out to be entirely amicable! The show was a treasure while we had it, certainly a highlight for me and lots of other folks every week or so! Just look back at some of the topics that got covered and the great stories/experiences we so often got to experience 2nd hand? Man, the timing though… Would have loved to hear the discussion about still moving to the Big Island right now and how much (if at all) that’s changed! Anyway, I hope they both continue their own shows if they’ve truly ended their partnership for good. I’ve missed hearing Hawaii Vacation Connection for months now and I see no reason why Bruce couldn’t reboot as his sole podcast outlet as it was his own solo thing before LWLH. Looking forward to Wayde’s new show as well!

  18. So the podcast is over huh? To be honest, I stopped listening a while ago when the craziness of wayde’s politics came out. Just can’t support someone that thinks poor kids don’t deserve to go to school. Resigned from his YouTube group and really regret ever contributing to his stuff. Here’s hoping Bruce does something with a more stable and reasonable partner.

    PS That bumper sticker was the worst idea ever.

  19. I was trying to listen to the back log of shows on i tuns but nothing will load. Does anyone know where we can still listen to old shows? even the links on this page don’t work, Hope everyone is doing well!

  20. Looks like with the dissolution of their partnership Bruce and Wayde pulled the plug on the servers meant to hold all the back shows. It’s business and BOTH of these guys have been entertaining us for years and I mean Bruce too. Because of this I will book with Bruce’s Aloha travel then hope I can get Wayde to take my family on a circle island tour. The least I can do to show my gratitude for all the hours of entertainment. I luckily have a few shows on save but it’s quite a random assortment of shows.
    Thanks guys.

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