Today we sit down with the multi talented Wendie Burbridge…a professional blogger, published writer, playwright, and a teacher of literature and writing. We not only discuss her own personal story concerning her reason for leaving Hawaii, but her past here on these islands. 

Wendie started writing when she left theatre and began to get her work published through local presses. Her first was a piece called “Miss World” which was published in 2004 by Bamboo Ridge Press She also won “Best New Writer (to Bamboo Ridge)” for my story. They also published a short story called “The Finder” in 2005, and she also read an abridged version of “The Finder” on a Hawaii Public Radio show called “Aloha Shorts”

Wendie has also been published by ‘Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal, Volumes 3 and 4 her poem “Howl at the Womb, with thanks to Allen Ginsberg” was published in Volume 3: Huliau, and her short story “The Cave Man” was published in this fall 2010 ‘Oiwi 4, Kupa‘a Makou ma hope o ka ‘Aina (We Stand Firm Behind the Land) — Kanaka Maoli Voices on Annexation, Statehood, and Ceded Lands. The cool thing about ‘Oiwi is that they only publish Native Hawaiian writers.

In 2009, she worked with a hui (group) of writers who put together scenes, poems, and monologues for a play called “The Statehood Project.” Wendie’s piece called “The Dance” opened the production for Kumu Kahua theatre. “The Dance” was also included in the Fat Ulu publication of the same name:

Wendie was also published in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in their “Goddess Speaks” column:

Currently Wendie works on the FIVE-0 blog, The Five-0 Redux, for The Honolulu Pulse, which is the online magazine for The Honolulu Star Advertiser.

She recently started writing a travel blog of sorts called “Off The Rock” for Sweatpants and Coffee


To sum things up:

Wendie is a contributing editor and writer of the travel blog “Off The Rock” and the book review blog “Hot Cocktail Reads” at She also writes the “Hawaii Five-0” blog “The Five-0 Redux” at the for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

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28 thoughts on “EDUCATION in HAWAII

  1. Great show guys, I just found you two weeks ago and I’ve basically binge listened to all your shows. Its nice to hear from the original Hawaiians, since to us in the mainland they don’t have a voice which we can hear. I think we would like to hear what it is they like about being a state and what they don’t like in their opinion. etc.

  2. I think that show Hawaii Life really says it well….’You dont have to be rich to live in Hawaii. You just have to really want it.’ If owning a house you live in so important than living in the best parts of Oahu (East Oahu in my opinion), then living in Hawaii probably isnt for you. Dreams dont come easy or else everyone would do it. Sacrifices are necessary. I suppose if you have never owned a home then it probably seems super important but mostly it is a pain the butt. If we ever move back I plan on renting in East Oahu but buying a place in Kapolei or Waikiki and renting it out. Best of both worlds…living in town and owning in a robust real estate market.

  3. Thank you guys for talking about the GMO issues happening on Maui. It is so obvious this judge is on Monsanto’s payroll. Unfortunately the money trail leads to the White House.
    Great job on the podcast!!
    Love ya Wayde!

  4. Hi guys, another great show. It really bummed me out to be reminded that Hawaiians even find it difficult to stay in Hawaii. Wendie seemed enthusiastic and optimistic though, I hope she is able to return to her home comfortably one day, if that’s her goal. It was also good to hear that Kamehameha Schools returned to a Hawaiian Culture emphasis. I never knew much about them except that they required Hawaiian ancestry to attend but, I’m glad to know they are keeping the culture alive for the kids.

    After last weeks show with Lanai, I got nostalgic. Even though I only lived on Oahu for two years, I never really felt like I was home before or since. The Mana Pua Man was a fond memory and I immediately started watching a few videos featuring Lanai and food culture in Hawaii (while I made some Musabi and macaroni salad for lunch). I’m also working on my chili and rice cup recipe, hopefully it works out.

    On the topic of Hawaii 5-0, I’m having trouble getting into the new one. I’ve always loved the original, my grandparents would watch it with me and point out some of the places they recognized from their vacations. I thought the characters from the original were awesome. Jack Lord as McGarret, James MacArthur as Dano and Kam Fong as Kelly were so cool and balanced, I really admired them. It’s also fun to see some of the guest stars that became bigger stars and were in other shows as I grew up pop up in the episodes. The new one is different (sometimes that’s Ok I guess) but Dano was always super smart and only slightly more high strung than McGarret, now he’s a Jersey Shore reactive, aggressive guy that I can’t enjoy.

    I also don’t recall the characters getting so involved in each other’s personal lives. Seeing the inside of McGarrets apartment or hearing about spouses and children was a rare bird in the old series. It seemed like they were all business all the time and didn’t get weepy or preachy while at the same time, they seemed like close friends.

    McGarret was plain old school smooth and cool, he rarely took his suit jacket off even in a fist fight. I like watching them not shooting up a neighborhood, not killing the bad guy every time they shot him and always regretting the violence while still extolling the moral virtue of just application of force to protect people. It seemed more philosophical than gratuitous. As far as women in the place of previously male roles, who cares really. I just would have rather seen more Hawaiians than worrying about gender roles

    Having said all that, the old series wouldn’t play today, it wouldn’t be relevant or timely. They need to do the things they do to appeal to a contemporary audience. It’s still nice to see the places and things I remember but, I just don’t care much for the violence and sexuality, it causes a cognitive dissonance when I think of what I grew up with as Hawaii 5-0.

    Maybe you guys could help me out? I remember hiking to some falls with my local friends. It was off either the Like or Pali and past a tree where lovers and friends would scratch their initials in the leaves. I wish I had better information but, if it sounds familiar, mention the name for me.

    Thanks for the show guys

    • Michael….Mahalo for the long comment on Hawaii FIVE-0…I actually AGREE WITH YOU 100%…I’m a MUCH BIGGER FAN of the old FIVE-O for the the reasons you mentioned…Also you talked about a Waterfall on Oahu…You are either talking about the “OLD PALI ROAD” to “LIKEKE FALLS” located on the Old Pali cobblestone Highway from the 1800’s off the New Pali Highway OR you are talking about NAOHIA FALLS off the Likelike Highway also called the ICE PONDS…I’m sending you a Link to the Videos of both falls I did of these locations…one very old video and one newer: LIKEKE FALLS: NAOHIA FALLS:

      • Hey Wayde, I didn’t get those links but I was able to look at a couple videos of both and I think I was remembering the Naohia Falls, thanks! Memories are bitter sweet companions but I am grateful for the reminder.

  5. Enjoyed the show while washing my truck and wife’s car. Wendie hit it on the head for all us here on the mainland, Hawaii 5-0 is an escape from the shitty weather we experience from time to time. Not to mention our love of seeing the island. Haven’t kept up on the shows, will have to start from a few months back and work my way forward. Keep up the good work and don’t get bummed when not many people comment.
    Aloha to you both and all the listeners as well!

  6. Enjoying this show. I came across it when researching about Hawaii. I have been lucky enough to win a bid to fly the Dreamliner twice a month form Sydney to Honolulu. Each trip with a two day layover. If you could recommend some seafood restaurants near Waikiki I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks guys…
    Anthony – an Aussie Pilot guy…

    • Anthony…yes sir: ONO SEAFOOD, NICO’S PIER 38, UNCLE’S FISH MARKET, THE CHARTHOUSE, AZURE, ROY’S, ALAN WONG’S, DUKE’S, CHEF MAVRO and NOBU…Some are HIGH END in this list…Some are not…All are good…this should keep you busy for a few trips! Aloha

  7. Oh! also, Wayde I’d love to get involved in helping you promote your crowdfunding campaign. I’d like to write about it on my blog if I could

  8. Wendie was a good guest. Lanai was too! I’ll make sure to start reading the blog since I only have one other person that watches to discuss with.

    I still hope Ken has time to come in studio before we get to Maui but that’s only 21 days away so get on it, Ken!

    The Hawaii Life slogan has always made me laugh. The people looking for homes seem to have pretty big budgets most of the time or are willing to live in a crappy old home with a 3 hour commute.

    Anyway, looking forward to next week!

    • It’s not affordable to live or survive here on Oahu Nick…that’s why I’m going to be pushing this Crowdfunding project SO HARD so we can get a Docu-Series Pilot done here in Hawaii and do the islands and it’s people JUSTICE once and for all…I need yu help to make this happen, just like I need everyones help! We’ll talk about it some more this week during the show on Thurs.

  9. Hi Guys…Love listening to the podcast.
    For an hour every week I am brought back to the Islands and dream about the day I will get there again. I really appreciate hearing locals opinions on the different topics you have picked each week and the guests have been great.
    I am from Cape Breton, Canada and have managed to spend some very cold winters in Hawaii. I have visited Hawaii and Maui, but mostly my time has been spent in Kailua, Oahu. After my last vacation, I must agree with Wayde about how busy and built up it has become. I know I am a tourist, but my husband and I have always tried to blend in, respect and learn about the places we visit. We couldn’t believe when we drove into town and saw a Target right in the middle of town, a huge condo building…. and the traffic. The secret is out and gone are the days of quite Kailua Town. I feel sad to say our next vacation will probably be on another island where we can still feel the true Hawaii.
    As someone in the tourism buisness, in my own home town, I was wondering how you both deal with growing a buisness that makes money but doesn’t disrupt the local towns and the people that live there? What is the fine line?
    Thanks again for your podcast.

    • “As someone in the tourism buisness, in my own home town, I was wondering how you both deal with growing a buisness that makes money but doesn’t disrupt the local towns and the people that live there? What is the fine line?” THAT IS A PERFECT QUESTION Danielle!!! We’ll be sure to get to your question on the next Podcast later this week…Mahalo for listening and your comment on Kailua and your awesome question!

  10. Love the show guys! I look forward every week to the pod so keep up the good work! Wifey and I will be visiting Maui and Hilo next month and will be looking hard at Hilo for our future, so stoked! As a business mgmt and accounting/finance major with a couple years of professional experience (I’m 25 and my wife is 24 with no kids) I’m excited to see what’s out there in terms of careers and jobs, especially private and nonprofits. Wayde, these questions are more directed at you… What are your personal “go-tos” when visiting the Big Island and what are your favorite non-profits in the area? Mahalo nui loa!

    • Travis…We have plans to do a show on the ISLAND OF HAWAII (Big Island) we did a show just on Kauai a few months back…after BIG ISLAND we’ll do MAUI at some point as well…beacuse we live on Oahu we mostly cover Oahu, but we know mnay just don’t visit Oahu and mnay are interested in moving to other islands…We’ll talk a little about the Big Island this week…Favorite Nonprofit naturally is my own…lol…808 Cleanups…we are trying to expand a Stewardship Program to each island, but it’s taking time to do so. I don’t have much knowledge of Big Island Nonprofits Travis, sorry brah~

  11. Listing non stop from last few days. One thing bad happen after listing to you guys is we place hold on our plan to move to Hawaii for right now . We (Me my wife and a 9 year old son ) live in bay area which is more expansive then Hawaii . I paid half a million for a 2 bed one bath condo in Fremont which is about and hour from San Francisco but we have lot more job opportunities then Oahu . My wife is working to get her degree in speach therapy and working as a special need teacher right now . My Son is born deaf but then he got cochlear implant and able to hear and talk but still he is a special need kids but after listing to your last episode about education we decided that right now it is not a good time to move him to Hawaii where school system is not that advance . We will really appreciate if you can talk to someone in your show about special education . I know this is very hard request to fulfill but see if you can get us any information. I Move to USA from Pakistan about 15 years ago and from last 12 years coming to Hawaii every year and love the north shore area.

  12. I just found this podcast a few weeks ago and have been binge-listening to old episodes on my commute to work! This one in particular is enlightening for me as I’m currently obtaining my degree in education with the goal to move to Hawaii once I graduate. It’s a little disheartening to hear the struggles Wendie has faced, but at the same time nobody should expect living somewhere as gorgeous as Hawaii to be easy! I’m glad at least that I’m hearing the reality now so that I can get prepared.
    I currently work as a nanny and was lucky enough to visit Maui with my bosses to help them care for their toddler. Best week of my life! I know I may be asking the wrong people here, but do you happen to know anything about the childcare market in Hawaii, or the likelihood of snagging a nannying job?

    • Kaitlin…we are not the first people to talk to about the childcare market in Hawaii, or nannying jobs…You may need to do your own research on this…but go back and listen to our podcasts we have done on JOBS IN HAWAII and MAKING ENDS MEET IN HAWAII…those will help you out a lot….on some of them we list all the Jobs you can h=get and where and what is big here.

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