For people born here or those who have moved here a while ago…even those just here for an extended vacation…If there is on thing you shouldn’t do…DON’T take HAWAII for GRANTED! We think a lot of people do…they get caught up thinking that tomorrow it will all be there for them and they can do whatever they planned to do today tomorrow instead.

It doesn’t work that way…

This is probably something many people who live in Hawaii don’t really think about, perhaps not untill it’s too late.  Maybe it’s a couple leaving from a trip that had in Hawaii and questioning..”Did we really take all fo Hawaii in? Did we really live in each moment we had here? Or maybe it’s that person who has to leave Hawaii after living here for a year or two? Did you make the most of your time in Hawaii?

You need to cherish every sunrise and sunset…every beach and waterfall…every mountain view or cloud formation, the trade winds on your face and afternoon showers…don’t run for cover or in the house…stay out and let that shower hit your face….Did you take the time to watch the gecko battles on your lanai or backyard in the early morning hours right before sunrise as they stake our territory rights or in the early evening hours under your backyard lights as they grab positions for their evening meals.   Yoy MUST enjoy every moment you have in this Magical place, because tomorrow it could be gone.



21 thoughts on “DON’T take HAWAII for GRANTED

  1. Yeeeeeeehaaaaaa

    It,s about time that someone tell Bruce & Wayde the truth 😉 love the opening call i just came to work and start the podcast and i am laughing my ass off. Hand down to brother who ever you are. From now on this should be the new open monologue for PODCAST gtg in words of Wayde Shooooooooooooootttttttttttttsssssssssss

  2. I always LOVE it when a podcast shows up in my queue…makes the commute so nice. I have only been back living on Oahu for 2 months and already it is so easy to take it for granted when you are busy living life and commuting and working. Mahalo for reminding us why we are lucky we live 808.

  3. I’m on year two of my five-year plan to move to Hawaii and I can’t imagine taking any part of it for granted, but I love the reminder to be thankful for what we have! I live in Montana and don’t notice the mountains at all any more, so I suppose we should all remember to be thankful for the unique pieces of where we live. I just found this podcast and I’m so glad! Thank you guys!

      • I’m slowly but surely working my way through the catalog! It’s all I listen to on my commute to work these days. Perhaps you’ve already addressed it in a previous pod (sorry if that’s the case), but what kind of savings would you recommend people have before moving to Hawaii? I’ll be moving alone, and will ideally have a job teaching lined up before I actually move. Thanks!

  4. Enjoy hearing your takes on island life! My wife and I just moved to Hawaii this summer, she started teaching and I’m working remotely with my job. Encountered your Podcast about 2 months before we moved and listened to every episode in preparation. Thank you for the wealth of information that you provide. Went to the lava flow before knowing about your tours there. Great experience and definitely one we suggest to everyone! Thanks for your take on making it to the beach every day. We’re committing to 3 days a week after work. Mahalo- Andrew

  5. I started a Facebook group about two years ago about moving to Hawaiii. The group is called “Hawaiii or Bust (The big move to the 808 area code)”. We currently have 2750 members. It is a secret group and so one would have to be invited and in order to be invited they would have to be friends with myself or my co-admin.
    Why am I telling you this you ask? I have to admit that I’m a newbie to your podcast, however I think that your podcast offers a lot of helpful information that would benefit my group. I have posted a link to your podcast and a link to your webpage in my group, but I was curious if you wanted to do any other type of collaboration or advertising with each other. I am, by no means, just looking to rack up members. What I am looking for is the best information that I can put out there for people to make an informed decision about such a big move.
    I love listening to you and now that I have found you I have been listening very regularly.

    • The comment is here Gretchen…How can we assist each other? Bruce and I are very, very busy people running our businesses, nonprofits and our podcast…if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can create a mutual beneficial relationship we would be interested…You can find me on Facebook, “Wayde Fishman”…please mail me and send me a INVITE to the group so I can check it out and get a feel for the information you are offering to members…mahalo~ Wayde

  6. I love you guys first and foremost. I just left a lengthy comment and I don’t see it now in the comment section. Can you please let me know if it isn’t there? It is about a group that I started on Facebook about moving to why and how the information that you provide could help us and the information that we provide could possibly maybe help you.

  7. Another great show guys, that message was awesome. Good luck with the storm, looks like it might graze you, hold on to your lawn furniture and be safe. What the hell did they do to the International Market Place! Just saw a slide show and I’m impressed with its opulence but bummed about its lack of character. I used to love waiting for the cart vendors to pretend to calculate the cost of something on their little calculators before I could buy some touristy piece of crap. I loved those vendors, they were awesome. We also spent hours down there watching the hookers ply their trade and learning pick up lines from the old Japanese ladies that made the candles.

    • The NEW international marketplace is just a new version of the ALA MOANA Center….just SAD! NO LOCAL CAN AFFORD A FUCKING THING THERE! Waikiki has completly SOLD OUT…there is nothing left to sell, because there is nothing left of the old Waikiki we remember.

  8. Hi Wayde and Bruce,
    I agree with all of the comments about the opening of this podcast. Loved it and was in fucking tears laughing.
    I’ve been listening for a while and wanted to share a revelation that I had while listening to the 8/13/14 episode “Overweight in Hawaii.” You talked about lifestyle changes inspired by upcoming vacations or plans to move. After our second trip to the Big Island in October 2013 (best Halloween ever!) , my boyfriend and I decided to begin planning to move there. The following May, after many failed attempts in previous years, I finally quit smoking cigarettes, cold turkey. All this time I thought it was easy because I was REALLY ready. I didn’t realize until listening to that episode that there was more to it. I’m planning to move to paradise, and just like I didn’t miss it while I was vacationing there, I don’t need that shit anymore… ever! Thank you so much for helping me realize that and thank you for the podcast. Moving is more important to me now because I can’t wait to see what other changes it leads to. I fell in love with Hawaii when the airplane door opened and I took in my first breath of tropical air (there wasn’t much vog on my first trip) also one of my dearest friends lives there and I can’t wait to hang out with her more often.
    I’ll be in touch to check out your tours after we get settled, and I recently connected with Wayde on Facebook to learn more about how to get involved in the nonprofit. Can’t wait to be lucky we live 808, too!
    Peace and love,

  9. I hope all is well there gentleman, batten down the hatches! I put out my hurricane flag today. Not because of what’s happening there it’s because I am having relatives over for the weekend. I loved the opening as well. Well said. This message is for Wayde. I really enjoyed your Hawaiian history shows. I have a suggestion for a history show I would like to hear. The 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor is coming up. There is a lot of military history in Hawaii. I would enjoy hearing a possible three part show. One of the rich military history on Oahu. The early life of the soldiers living on the bases like Fort Ruger and Fort Kamehameha. The Battle of Pearl Harbor. The third episode would be how the military is seen in the post war years.

    May the four winds blow you safely home.

    • Doc, we did an episode on living in the Military in Hawaii just recently…We also have spoken about the issues and concerns with the Military and Hawaii today in another Episode. We may do an Episode on Pearl Harbor in the future, but we need a Historian to come in to do that episode. We’ll do our best to find someone.

  10. Great show. You guys should do a segment on bugs. I heard they’re pretty nasty out there (flying cat size roaches, centipedes that run 50 mph). Would be interesting to hear about those unwanted guests.

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