Dealing with your EX’s on an Island


We have all been there…Even Wayde and Bruce have…Dealing with EX’s in the same small town or city or even A SMALL ISLAND where you have mutual friends and acquaintances IS NOT EASY! There are so many things you have to deal with and bullshit that follows. You also have to be careful with what you say and do because word can always get out if you have mutual friends because some friends may have already picked a side where their allegiance is either for you or your ex…that’s when they can play both sides, but they will also snoop and relay gossip to you or the ex one way or the other.

on the downgrade

That is only scratching the surface as everyone in the end wants to move along with their lives, but sometimes certain circumstances can make it easier than others…Your EX moves far away…perhaps even to another state…Your EX takes a massive downgrade while you and your friends laugh about it…these things can make a breakup easier, even make you feel bad for them. Running into them alone or with their new partner can always be an awkward situation and no one wants issues or a scene. When things like this happen you need to take the high road and realize that if it was meant to be it would have…You don’t want to ever be with someone who isn’t worthy of you, doesn’t deserve you or doesn’t want to be with you!

ex shit

Some people wish only misery for their EX’s…but some wish them the best…Which one are you? Are you still friends with your EX’s?…Do you wish they would just get hit by a truck? What kind of EX are you? We’ll be discussing these questions in this episode and how to avoid confrontations with them while taking the high road because the truth is EX’s are a shitty part of life and just because you’re in Hawaii living in Paradise doesn’t mean you don’t have them…On a small island you only have so many choices and more than likely you’ll be running into them so it’s best to be ready and prepared for it when it happens…The best advice I can give is FORGIVE…forgive him or her ASAP…No matter what they did to you or to your friends and how they treated you or your friends that’s the kind of stuff  you can’t be holding onto…sooner you let it go the sooner you move forward so that running into your EX on a small island won’t be an issue anymore and maybe, just maybe you can be friends with them in the end.

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  1. Hey guys
    Just in case anyone listening thinks you are exaggerating about exes, you are spot on. I left Oahu 20 years ago. I had a bad break-up while I was there and I was constantly running into her and her friends and her family. It was unavoidable. Fast forward to a year and a half ago when I came out there for a vacation/interview, I run into her sister at a rental kiosk. It was very wierd and award because, she was holding my credit card and I couldn’t get it back without standing there and talking about the good old days for longer than I wanted. She was nice but the lesson is, you will have to live with your ex, her friends and her family for as long as you are on the island.

    • TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! I have 3 here…and I’m dealing with all 3 from time to time…on top of the other 20 or so women I managed to get on a second date with…I see some of them around also…It’s hard…and every time you get involved again you just hope it works out…when you spend a lot of time together you tend to gain friends as a couple….when you break up…that’s a problem 🙁

  2. Hi guys! I’ve been listening to your podcast since last summer and been wanting to leave you a comment.. But at the time I was planning my move from San Francisco, CA to Oahu and didn’t wanna jinx anything. Well, I am finally here and all settled in, so I think it’s about time to let y’all know how much I appreciate your podcast 🙂 I’m a single mom and moved here in December with my two kids, ages 5 and 6. I had so many doubts about whether to move or not- especially with everyone else’s negative opinions in my ear and all the drama I had to go through to get here. Your podcast gave me hope, and the stories of yourselves and your guests gave me courage to follow my heart and design my life the way I want it to be for myself, and most importantly, my children. Luckily I’m a nurse so I found a job quick (a job that I actually really love), and I already had a solid circle of friends out here who have been an amazing support system for me and my kids during our transition. Now that I am actually out here, sometimes I do miss my family and friends back in the Bay Area, and sometimes I do doubt my ability to raise my two kids out here by myself. But I keep in mind the things you’ve talked about in your podcasts.. And I remind myself that I can do it, and that I will go through a bunch of phases through this transition.. But it’s soooo worth it. I absolutely love it here, and my daughters are so happy here. I could go on and on but this comment is getting super long so I’ll stop here. Anyways, thanks for what you guys are doing. I love listening to you guys. You’re so funny and put out such good content as far as news and topics. And you really help people without even knowing it. Keep doin what cha do!!

  3. Hey guys, I haven’t commented in a while but I’ve been listening to every podcast. Glad you guys came back after your hiatus and are getting more episodes out every week. My wife and I are going to book our 2016 trip soon and we might be coming back to the island. Wayde where should I email to talk about a private hiking tour? Love you guys


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