Culinary Explosion in Hawaii

Culinary Explosion

We sit down once again with our favorite Culinary Magician, Lanai Tabura, for an Orgazmic conversation about Food in Paradise.  We discuss the Hawaiian Fusion foods, the Great Chefs of Hawaii as well as Lanai’s Favorite restaurants. Lanai also joins us for the Hawaii News and the issues we discuss across the state as well as the current problems we are having on the Big Island where Mauna Kea stands strong above the clouds.

Lanai is no stranger to national and local TV shows. He’s currently the host  of Cooking Hawaiian Style seen worldwide on the Lifestyle Network, with his brother Adam & his friend Shawn they won Food Networks Great Food Truck Race in 2013.

Other appearances include; Co-Hosting Anthony Bourdane’s “No Reservations”, Jake and the Fat Man, Da Braddah’s, Baywatch Hawaii, and commercials Meadow Gold, Zippys, Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union and more. He has produced and co-hosted I-94 Video Jams, four seasons of Jan Ken Po. And is currently on IN Tune on the FOX channel. Lanai tried his hand at theatre as Vince Fontaine in the production, Grease. He has been touring the mainland doing stand up comedy openings for Mel Cabang, Andy Bumatai, Augie Tulba, Wayne Brady and Damon Wayans to name a few. As a 25- year radio veteran, Lanai co-created the Island 98.5 radio station. and currently is on 99.1 Hawaii No Ka Oi also on iheart radio.


When Lanai is not promoting his various ventures he’s out on the road giving visitors a taste of Hawaii on the Aloha Plate Food Tour for Hawaii Jeep Tours.

Interested in learning more about Lanai check out his Website~

9 thoughts on “Culinary Explosion in Hawaii

  1. speaking of small business closing… you guys hear anything about da pokeman in wahiawa closing/moving? we went a few years ago and it was closed the last two summers we went, now i’m hearing the original location closed permanently and maybe moved but i can’t find any other info on it.

    really liked the food and the people running it.

  2. This guy just exudes aloha. I’ve only watched one season of the great food truck race and it was the season he was on.

    As far as reality shows go, continue standing your ground. Don’t give in to these channels who just want to exploit Hawaii. You have two different goals in mind. Kickstarter, go fund me are both great platforms to create your own funding source. If you can get the word out about what you are trying to do and who you are trying not to become I’m sure people would support you. Have you considered putting together a youtube channel specifically for the show you want to create? Every day people are producing their own content and growing audiences on Youtube. A healthy base of subscribers would net you with the same exposure and potentially income all without having to sell your soul because you would be completely in control of the content.

    One last thing, I’d love to hear you guys talk about your businesses a bit more. How many tourists (well hopefully travelers and not tourists) did you guys help last year? I’ve always wondered.

    • Mahalo Nui Loa Ken…listen to this weeks podcast to hear more about our Crowdfunding for the Reality Show…YES…we are sticking to our guns and doing it ourselves as long as we can raise the money for the OFFICIAL PILOT Episode first, but it’s going to take raising 20Gs and we are coming to your island to film it! Maybe you can be in it brah! Hopefully we can get everyone to DONATE within our social media circle $25-500 and we should have no issues…but this is no joke…it’s going to be hard to raise so much…Yes…We can get into more details about our business as well…that’s a good idea.

  3. You guys arent doing anything wrong. It is summer time…people are busy and dont get around to it. They listen on their phones and dont always remember to go online and make comments. You 2 girls are like a couple needy girlfriends! Obviously Im just bustin your balls. Love the episode…I can see why Lanai is so popular…so well spoken and professional. I miss the food so much in HI. Keep up the good work you guys!

  4. Thanks for bringing Lanai on. Since this aired, I’ve been addicted to episodes of his cooking show from the internet. Love it!

    You two are the best company – love it when I check my podcast app and see that the latest episode is available.

  5. Loved this podcast (I love em all!) but I am a huge foodie and found this one particularly appealing.

    I wish I could see Lanai’s tv show in the UK.

    So how do I get a little profile picture like Ken?? Ken?! 🙂

  6. Hey guys,

    I’ve been listening to some of the podcasts over the last couple months and thought I’d chime in after listening to you guys talk about the TMT in the first half of this episode. I am trained in the sciences (but am not an astronomer) and to be honest I don’t agree with much of what you guys said. To keep this as short as possible, I think you are missing the immense social value that even seemingly peripheral scientific pursuits have on _everybody’s_ quality of life. At least partially because of contributions from astronomy, we have digital cameras on our cell phones, MRI machines and x-Rays that help keep our loved ones healthy, and even the planes that bring loads of tourists (and their money!) to the islands every day. These are just a few examples–there are many more. Technological advances from basic research tend to have exponentially large impacts on everyone once they are absorbed into every day life. What that means is that money and resources we spend on the sciences tend to do two things: advance understanding of our place in the universe and where we come from, and improve our economic condition (thereby putting food on people’s table and helping to alleviate homelessness, two of the things your guest suggested the money would be better spent on). Those are two very worthy goals thus should make a strong case for continued research and the TMT.

    I understand that the placement of this telescope is causing most of the controversy, and I grant that to some extent it is unfortunate that this sacred site must be used. However the fact of the matter is that there are few places on earth with the clear skies, minimal light pollution, and geographic placement needed for such an advanced piece of machinery. When we look back on this in the future, I truly believe that the benefits of this project will prove to vastly outweigh the costs. Those protesting the TMT are passionate, fearless, and care about Hawaii. That’s awesome. However, I believe they have misdirected their energies and should instead focus on some of the variety of more pressing issues that plague the islands. I am talking about things such as housing affordability, legislative gridlock, economic development, and cultural exploitation.

    Anyway, I just wanted to inject a little bit of a counter argument into the dialogue. Even though I don’t think I agree with you guys very much on this issue, I respect your opinions. Keep up the good work.

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