The COST of Living in HAWAII

We continue to talk about it…Can you really live in Hawaii and be honestly happy? Can you live comfortably in Hawaii and not worry about how you will pay your bills, your taxes and put food on the table? YES…and NO!

Unfortunately we here at the  LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII Podcast want everyone to know that the reason we do this podcast is to post FACTS and REALITIES on what you can expect when Moving, Visiting or Living here in Paradise.

YES…there is NO OTHER PLACE ON EARTH we would rather live, but you need to SMACK that fucking grin off your face and come back to reality knowing that HAWAII is not the place for WEAK PEOPLE or for People who DON’T LIKE CHANGE…Because of Hawaii’s location in the World and the current Political system of Hawaii there will be people and external situations that will do anything to DESTROY your DREAM of being HAPPY and Living COMFORTABLE in HAWAII…We are not trying to scare you…we are just being FUCKING REAL…and you just won’t get that from anyone else out there…We’re here to INFORM so you are READY!

For all the reason we are here in Hawaii…for all the reason many of us are in Hawaii…Weather, Ocean, Sun, mountains, people, food etc…that’s the ONLY reasons we are here…if you take those things away there is NO FUCKING REASON…WHAT SO EVER to live here…NONE!

The SYSTEM may be STACKED against you here…there may be outer and inner forced fighting to destroy your dream…but no matter…We all have dreams and if we take the knowledge that we learn we can go through any road blocks and any walls in front of us.

Take this Podcast and learn from it…Knowledge is POWER!  USE IT…and make your DREAMS COME TRUE!!!

6 thoughts on “The COST of Living in HAWAII

  1. This may be a silly question but here it is. My wife and I have visited Maui twice and I’ve driven the road to Hana 3 or 4 times. I find the drive to Hana to be challenging but certainly manageable. The road after Hana, however, I find absolutely terrifying, especially on the way back. I’ve only done it once and vowed never to do it again. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend much time at the sacred pools area and that’s really the spot that we’d like to explore at this point. Do you know of any tours or anything that will take us straight to the pools? I don’t really need to be driven to twin falls or Waianapanapa, I can do that myself. Mahalo.

  2. Hey guys,
    Enjoyed the last podcast….have you ever done one on fishing? I havnt heard it brought up much, so you might not be into it. But it’d be cool to hear about some good spots, what works to catch them and any restaurants we can bring our fresh catch to for dinner?

  3. Hi Guys,

    The $125,000/year threshold for happiness seems low to me. My wife and I make roughly $150,000/year gross (combined). After taxes and insurance, our monthly take-home pay is roughly $8,000. Subtract out that $5,000/month in rent for an a decent place and the $3,000/month left over isn’t going to go too far. A couple of car payments, some groceries, kids activities, etc. and there isn’t much left at the end. My PITI mortgage here in MN is roughly $1600/month which is comfortable. I honestly wouldn’t want it to be much more than $2,000/month based on our income to allow for the comfort of not sweating every penny while allowing us to pursue the activities we enjoy, while still setting aside cash for two college educations and retirement.

    Looks like I’ll be a visitor as opposed to a resident, but that isn’t so bad either.

    Keep up the great work!


  4. Had a thought about housing. Last year I visited Banff National Park. The town there is pretty much closed off to any new residents. The only people that can buy homes there are current residents and family of those residents. A guide told us that there have a few famous people that had been given permission to build homes, but they were also people that were on the same page as far as maintaining the beauty and close knit vibe of the area. Has that idea ever been kicked around for some area? Be nice if other countries couldn’t buy land. But it’s a free market… so that won’t ever change… what about a huge tax for out of country buyers and those funds go to help create cheaper housing for local families? I’m sure I’m not coming up with anything new… but thought I’d ask.

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