HAWAII…it’s sorta perfect, right?…WRONG!

Hawaii has its list of Controversies…mostly because we have an inept government and Political system that is so one sided that nothing ever gets done. The political side that always gets in office here in Hawaii has so little to worry about that the only thing they have to do well is TALK!

This is the real controversy  when it comes to Hawaii and the problems we have had 20 years ago we still have today because nothing had been done all those years ago and still nothing has been done today.

From the RAIL to NOWHERE, to HOMELESSNESS, DRUGS, A BALLOONING BUDGET , the COST OF LIVING LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING, OVERPOPULATION and the pathetic renaming of the  AIRPORT to get away from actually redoing it because they lack the funds for a new airport. Nothing is being done to change these problems for the better…The State and the Politicians have become lazy and complacent. Until fear is put into their hearts of these politicians nothing will ever change here in Hawaii except for things to get worse for those who live here.

14 thoughts on “CONTROVERSIES of HAWAII

  1. Aloha Guys ,

    After listing to your pod cast we realize that in our recent trip to north shore we were carious about all the cars left next to hwy 83 . From Punaluu to Leia drive which is about 10 min we use to see about 10 to 12 cars on the side without tires now i realize why they were there .

  2. I honestly think the best way to experience Hawaii is to live there for one year and then leave. If you know you are there a limited time you will embrace everything and appreciate everything in the moment and not take it for granted. It’s just enough time to grasp the meaning of aloha and take that back home with you. Any longer and you will become jaded and bitter like you two pricks!

  3. Hey guys,

    Long time listener, my first comment but long overdue donation. I’d like to give but noticed PayPal account only says ‘Bruce Fisher.’ Wondering how much of these donations is going to Wayde too.

    Shilo Peterson

    • Last year my donation was tagged to Bruce and the one I just made was tagged to his travel company so would be good to know if we are doing it right. I guess it is all going to the same place but Wayde and Bruce please let us know if we are doing it right – sounds like you are trying to keep track of what goes to the podcast.

      • The donations go to covering the cost of the show, there is no profit for either one of us!! Mahalo nui for donating it’s greatly appreciated!!

    • Aloha Shilo, mahalo nui for supporting the podcast, after expenses we still have to go out of pocket to do this podcast, so the reality is nether one of us makes a profit.

  4. Hey guys, Matt from Kauai here. I’ll try to keep this brief since Bruce is obsessed with the length of the show and paraphrases the comments anyway. First, you guys are dead right about all of the tough things about moving to Hawaii. We are two months in to living on Kauai and it is both the best and hardest thing I think we have ever done. Thanks for the podcast – helped a ton and I owe you another donation. Second, although organized religion doesn’t seem to be your thing, our church has been the best thing that has happened to us here. In one day we were invited spur of the moment to go see chocolate making in action by a fellow parishioner who kindly gave us chocolate to take home too and then I helped another guy from church raise nets over his lychee tree (to keep of the damned ring nosed parrots) and was invited to talk story over his homemade limoncello and given tons of fruit to take home. People have been incredible and welcoming. When the wrong shipping container arrived and we didn’t have anything in our house neighbors immediately showed up with plates, untensils, a grill, fruit, you name it. I can’t tell you how grateful we are for all of the real Aloha we have experienced. See you guys on Oahu someday later this year – we want to do the circle island tour if Wayde is cool with having our 7 and 2 year olds along!

    • Aloha from Big Island Matt! Your story is so much like ours, we love the sense of community here. It reminds me of being a kid in the 70s and 80s when we knew all of neighborhood kids and their parents, and we couldn’t get away with ANYTHING! We’re big sports fans and met our community at our local sports bar, Laverne’s (named for a local shark). The people we’ve met hooked us up with a grill and homemade banana bread, have us over to swim, grill and talk story and as you mentioned, most importantly, have become great friends. Thanks for sharing your story, I loved it.

      • Aloha Beth! I love that your sports bar is named after a local shark, and it’s great to hear about your own story of building community on the Big Island! I don’t know what it’s like to live on Oahu, but living on the neighbor islands seems like small town life, and that’s what I was hoping we’d find. That same kind of feeling of community that you described from growing up (and being born in the mid 70s I can identify with that too). We can’t wait to get over to the Big Island once our littlest crumb cruncher is a little older and explore – it seems like an amazing place.

  5. Hey fucking idiots I just made another donation. I would prefer if you used it for a tea bagging party vs the podcast. At least the former would be enjoyable. Hey Vincent I hear you brother. No worries. I propose a fund raising challenge to you and left (ironically) a voicemail for you. Best of luck if you step up my friend. XO Marc

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