Today we dive into COMEDY IN HAWAII with JAMES MANE!

James is the owner of and host of the Guys With Issues Comedy Podcast based in Hawaii and one of the recurring characters in the hit Adult Swim series Decker.  He was born to Samoan parents in Pago Pago, American Samoa. Grew up with Asians in Aiea, Hawaii. Lived in Buffalo, New York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. James says nine times out of eight, he has no clue who he is or where the hell he’s going…So, If you see him, stop him and tell him.  

We also cover how James got started and where he’s going in the Comedy World…We’ll also cover News and your many questions and comments on this Podcast.

21 thoughts on “COMEDY in HAWAII

  1. My wife and I were married in Hawaii last year, and have been thinking about the islands ever since. As soon as we touched down something felt different about the place. In fact we said in 5 years or so we wanted to make the move over. I am the type to always research before committing and so for the past year I have read up on everything Hawaii. I have read blogs, read the news, watch Youtube videos of the people, understand the culture and history of the islands, and finally listening to podcasts. It’s how I discovered you guys. I love reading and listening to anything about the islands and I have been going back and listening to your past casts to soak up as much knowledge as I can. With that said I do have an issue…

    I am African American. I understand that race in general is a big issue in Hawaii based off of its history. What has been disheartening to me is the past few casts I’ve listened to I get a feeling of snark in the remarks on the show about black people, specifically from Wayde. From wondering what Obama’s nick name would be (because of Hawaii’s perception of black people and thinking it’s funny?), to “all the black people voted for Obama”, to the riots in Baltimore.

    All of these things have hit a cord with me. It’s understandable if someone doesn’t like Obama, but to say “all the black people voted for him” is not true and is disrespectful. All of the YOUNG PEOPLE voted for Obama. It’s that simple. The comments about the riots in Baltimore of the kid deserving to die because he had a history is ridiculous. The comments about the interracial couple moving to Hawaii falls into this category as well. Yes there are a bunch of interracial couples in Hawaii, but a black and white couple is different. Every time they are brought up you guys are quick to shoot them down. Yeah maybe they rushed into it. So what. Let them find out on their own and discover for themselves you don’t have to clown them for it. The ignorance I’ve heard on these issues in my past few listens is demoralizing. It would be like me trying to tell locals about their race and what is important and what is not. It’s not right.

    If this is how the people of Hawaii truly are then it really is too bad. I had plans to make a sizable donation to the show and was considering booking you guys on a return trip for some tours. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe I am taking some of the comments the wrong way, but if it’s how you feel it’s how you feel. It could be a misunderstand on my part but I felt I should comment.

    • Aloha Darren, The comment you heard was from James Mane, not Wayde, the fact is that’s one thing you need to get used to about Hawaii and we’ve discussed this at length on our show before, people here talk smack about each other’s race, it’s just the way it is………Interracial relationships are very common in Hawaii, my wife is Chinese. FYI Wyades girlfriend is African American so I’m pretty sure he’s gonna have plenty to say about your assertion, so buckle up bruddah LOL.

    • Let me just chime in here and say as an African-American who is married to a white woman……no one cares. Even back in the Midwest, it just wasn’t that big of a deal but there was the rare chance you would run into people who just didn’t approve (silently from across the room of course) and real talk most of that disapproval was from women who didn’t agree with my decision lol.

      I think Bruce and Wayde’s whole point about Sugar Blue and Bear Claw is that they were trying to focus on the interracial aspect, like they were going to come here and that their experiences would be different BECAUSE they were an interracial couple. My personal problem is that they are reinforcing the belief that people move here without a plan and will have to move back in less than six months, which makes locals feel justified in not hiring people unless they appear to be established which in turn makes it harder for people to get established.

      The thing is if they want to have an impact on race relations Hawaii isn’t the place to do it. People are blunt about race here. The highs and the lows. Period. Its honestly kind of refreshing and I can tell you as a black man, I get more nods and shakas from locals then my white wife. My son is now just another light-brown kid in a sea of light-brown kids. No matter where you are, people poke fun about each others race (pause while the morally superior pretend that isn’t true) the only difference is that in some places Hawaii included, they do it in the open. The comedian seemed to be doing what comedians do. There is no getting around the fact that race is still an issue for a lot of people. Making light of the long list of nicknames that people have for Obama is just that. I personally didn’t get the impression that James Mane was adding to that list.

      Sorry but nothing irritates me more then people making race issues out of thin air. Hope you keep listening and get a little thicker skin.

      Oh and yeah… Wayde’s girl is a beautiful black woman sooo like Bruce said. Buckle up.

      • I didn’t make anything out of thin air. It’s called creating a dialogue which has obviously happened in the comments section. I had a thought,shared it, and now we are talking about it like adults.

        I live in southern US. By nature as a black guy that grew up here, you develop certain safe guards or walls. The past few months with all that has gone on with law enforcement and protests doesn’t help either.

        I listen to this podcast to try and get a piece of Hawaii that I obviously can’t get right now. I am glad.that those that are over there are providing insight in this subject. It’s really helpful.

        • Aloha Darren, I totally get what you’re saying and sometimes we are harsh! I have apologized on more than one occaition about things I’ve said out here and appreciate your feedback!! Sugar and Blue are a perfect example, the podcast following the one we did dissing them, I came on the show and apologized because I thought it went over the line, not about the B&W thing but because they deserve a chance to make it even if they didn’t go about it the “right” way. Almost every story we hear of people moving here is different, so there’s no “right” way. I would also like to apologize to you if anything I said personally offended you and hope you continue to listen and be part of our Ohana. A hui Hou!

    • Darren, buddy…you haven’t been listening to our other 80 shows have you? I’m the LAST PERSON to play about race…Like Bruce mentioned…My Girl is African American and from Philly to top it off…So, no race here bro…Obama…I just don’t like the guy…the same way I don’t like Bush! As for Riots in Baltimore…White or Black…if you had 18 previous arrest from doing a LOT OF DAMAGE on the community…I would shoot you myself…so it’s not race…it just happened to be a black kid…it could have been a white kid…and I would have shot him just the same. As for the stupid B&W Couple…I got no issue with that…I just have an issue with their stupidity! I will assume you don’t listen to much voice radio or podcasts about other things…We may talk about Hawaii, but we also push buttons and talk about serious issues, but we also try to have fun and joke as well. We are sorry you have taken these things the wrong way…However my BLACK girlfriend loves the show and has never had issues with what we say or do…it may just be the way you grew up or the way you take things…for that I’m sorry…but Wayde is being Wayde…and he has a lot of love and passion for Hawaii and he also has his own opinion about life and those around him…just like you, just like Bruce, just like everyone else in the world…and that’s not a bad things…it’s makes everyone different. So please don’t assume things Darren, Aloha~

      • I’ve hopped around a bit so I haven’t caught everything. I wasn’t really attacking your character or anything. Just questioned the comments. I had no clue about your girlfriend. That makes things interesting lol. Anyway I appreciate the responses. No hard feelings :p

        • no hard feelinsg bro…much aloha~ and by the way…I didn’t say Obama won because he was black and black people voted for him…people voted for him because they wanted change and didn’t get it…I DISLIKE him more because he let the people down who voted for him. Once he got in he became like every other guy in there…a puppet!

  2. I listened… but all I heard was Wayde humping Tom Brady’s leg. Relax bro. I kid because I care. Anyway, great interview. Looking forward to checking James out the next time he’s on Maui. For the record I’d love to do a phone interview with you guys, but I’m hoping to do a face to face. I’ll be looking to make some business contacts on Oahu soon so, maybe this summer. I’ll email when I have a better idea of what the timeframe is.

    • Ken, Ken, Ken! Why did I just now realize you might be the one to ask some Maui questions since we’ll be there for a couple weeks this summer. And yes Wayde I already looked at your site and you know I’ve listened to every single episode, just having some trouble sifting through all the hamburger and pizza places that seem so popular on yelp (what the fuck? who flies to Maui to eat the same shit you eat at home?).

      Here’s hoping you might be able to guest star on the podcast before the end of July.

  3. My wife to be and I have been enjoying all of your podcasts! We booked a honeymoon with you, includng Waydes tour! We are lookng forward to the trip, keep the podcasts coming!

  4. Just sitting here thinking about your show and I had a few suggestions:
    1) The music, can you guys start including links to buy the music in the show notes? I imagine some of the local artists would definitely appreciate that.
    2) speaking of local artists, now that you guys have a bangin’ new studio (pics?) any chance you’ll have some local guys setup and perform live ? That’d be kind of cool.

  5. Hey since we are getting all amped up about race, can you do a show about Mexicans in Hawaii? lol. I can be your guest.

    The music sounds better on the podcast. Not sure if its the new equipment or what but I was jamming two podcasts ago. Play “Homegrown” by Jimmy Weeks next show dammit.

    808 Clean Ups just got recognized as a 503c, congrats!

  6. Great show guys…what a great idea have a comedian on. You should definitely make him a reoccurring guest. When I lived there I always meant to get to that comedy club on Kapiolani. They had some big artists come through there like Doug Stanhope and Jo Koy.

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