CHRISTMAS in HAWAII Special 2017

Well, yeah…it’s that time of season again..All the Holidays are coming together and it’s time to enjoy them with Family and friends…

This Years Christmas Holiday Seasons Greeting Podcast will be about:




We had a hard time trying to figure out what we would cover in Christmas Music this year and with Wayde doing a Peanuts Theme at his home for the Holidays we chose to go with the Charlie Brown Christmas Album and discuss some cool unexpected facts about the Peanuts.

So from Wayde and Bruce here at “Lucky We Live Hawaii” we want to wish everyone a Mele Kalikimaka and Happy Holiday Season and New Year!


11 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS in HAWAII Special 2017

  1. Aloha! Your podcasts are currently keeping me and my husband entertained while we drive home in a blizzard in New Jersey! Anyway wanted to drop a comment and say I love the show and it makes me miss Hawaii even more then I do! My husband and I were in Maui and Oahu in 2016 for our honeymoon. Kinda hated Waikiki but loved everything else! Trying to save money and go back soon and will def book with you guys. We are an active couple so don’t want to be stuck at a resort the whole time. Keep up the good work!

  2. I need a Bruce and Wayde rant on the false nuclear attack alert. Here on Kauai, we had no police going around with bullhorns letting people know it was a false alarm, so a lot of people freaked out until the all clear text almost 40 mins after the first one. And the person responsible was just reassigned and not fired? And no consequences for the head of the emergency management agency in the state? WTF?!?!? Our neighbors were hiding under their mattresses, people were freaking out in Safeway, and a whole lot of people floored it up into Waimea Canyon, probably planning to live off the land back country in the event of an attack. What a mess! Happy New Year guys!

  3. On a positive note, I loved Wayde’s comment on putting lights on King Palms – I saw one here on Kauai not as obvious as the picture you guys posted, but still pretty funny.

  4. Finally got around to listening to your Christmas show and came here to say thanks. WTF! No comments? Well here ya go guys, thanks for the tunes, thanks for the show, happy new year.

    Oh yeah, tell Your governor i said way to go with the missle alert. Remind him that twitter and Snapchat are for dick picks and cat videos not canceling erroneous nuclear attack messages.

  5. BRUCE!!! WADE!!! Aloha from the UK!!!

    Are you still drunk from Christmas? Missing the podcast in my life!! Hope you both had a great Christmas. My wife bought me a Uke which made me very happy.

    Your comments in regards to your Christmas episode being boring are ridiculous. Christmas is a time for tradition and nostalgia. You guys talking about Christmas in Hawaii has made me interested. Bruce is it too early to book 2019 Xmas, if not i might be in touch.

    My parents are so fed up with me talking about Hawaii they have extended a trip by 6 days to visit. I have put them in touch and they will make contact shortly in regards to a jeep tour.

    I am desperate for a car sticker. Is there a way that you can get me one sent to the UK.

    I like many of your listeners want to keep in touch with the islands. I have heart radio and HNN news now and your podcast but i want to hear what the locals do for media. What radio do you listen to? Can you either talk about this or even better do a hawaian media podcast?

  6. Happy New Year gents. Hoping everyone is safe and didn’t get too worked up with that stupid ass mistake, I can only imagine the rant that Wayde is going to have when you guys return soon.

  7. Aloha Bruce and Wayde,

    Love the podcast, can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. Making my first donation, I hope to hear the first podcast for 2018 soon!

    I first visited Hawaii 5 years ago, now its the only place I want to be. Bought a vacation condo on Kaua’i, its holding my place on the island for when I will be able to move there full-time.

    Much respect, and all the best in 2018 from your friend in Green Bay.


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