THANKSGIVINGIt’s that time of year again…The HOLIDAY SEASON and this is the time of year to be GRATEFUL for the things you have…no matter how little or how much. THANKSGIVING has always been a time to get together with family, ohana or friends and just eat, laugh, play, watch movies, drink and enjoy each others company…it’s about friendship and love…the smells, the sounds…we should be thankful for such simple things because there are those who don’t even get to enjoy a hug from a loved one or a slice of turkey with gravy or candy yams or even a warm place to sleep…Yes…YOU ARE THANKFUL…and I hope for those of us who have family, friends, love and friends we take a moment to do something wonderful for those who have less…there is nothing like giving of yourself to those who have nothing…Here in Hawaii many of us are just thankful we wake up each day in the most beautiful place on Earth…We are thankful for the birds that sing in the morning, the smells of the Plumeria flower that floats in the air, the sounds of the ocean waves as they pound the power sand beaches, the sounds of the wind through the palm trees above…So simple, but we are so thankful for such things…We are all lucky to live here in Hawaii…Blessed indeed and to give back to the communities that have given us so many memories is truly an honor…We live in a very special place…


WINTER IN HAWAIILots of people from around the world come to Hawaii and most come during the winter months…well, more than likely it’s Winter in Hawaii as well, but what does winter mean in Hawai’i Nei??? Unpredictable weather…This means it could be sunny one day and rainy another. Winter in Hawaii will give you cooler temps, more rain, more wind, more waterfalls, more waves and more rainbows…it can also give you an extended Storm front that could hang over Hawaii for your entire vacation! If you happen to choose to come to Hawaii for Winter, between Dec-March you have a 50/50 chance something like this could happen…it’s just reality. Dealing with a storm front your entire trip can be upsetting and even more so depressing, but lets turn it around…Winter for us in Hawaii is the most beautiful time of year and will bless us with things you can’t see or do in Summer…So please…take whatever weather comes your way and see it as a blessing and make the most of it, rain or shine…In the Winter there are endless activities…See waterfalls, do ridge hikes in the clouds, go to botanical Gardens, do shopping, go to museums, see rainbows, see whales and dolphins, see the big North Shore surf and enjoy what nature has given you for the season…Winter here is the greatest time of year…everything is full of life and alive…singing and inviting you to listen and watch…Don’t see this time of year and the weather that comes with is as a curse, but as a blessing…for us here in Hawaii…it’s one more reason we are so LUCKY and BLESSED to live here!


HOLIDAYS IN HAWAIIHolidays in Hawaii is a huge thing, but with most well known Holidays they usually come during the winter season here in Hawaii. As most know Hawaii has TWO SEASONS…Winter and Summer…that’s it! No coming into FALL or going into SPRING…it is what it is…and without transition seasons it can be a sort of SHOCK for many who are use to four seasons which allow us to have an easy transition into Winter and into Summer. The truth is Holidays are different here and you need to get excited about them or you could just go on living in paradise and just watch them go by without notice! Now there are 14 Holidays in Hawaii and 4 of them are Holidays on in HAWAII so it’s nice to get these days off, but it’s also important you understand why you get them off…it’s about respecting the culture here and the History of Hawaii. Continue reading