Surfing in Hawaii

SURFING IN PARADISEWhen you think of Hawaii one of the first things that comes to mind is SURFING. From Pipeline to the Big Wave surfing of Waimea to Jaws on Maui…Surfing goes hand and hand with Hawaii like Palm Trees or Pineapples. It’s part of the Soul…the Aloha spirit of Hawaii and another reason once again to feel lucky we live Hawaii.We’ll cover several topics before we get into our main topic of surfing and the Life of Dr. Rob. We’ll cover a few questions from listeners, go over our Podcast from last week and cover the new issue hitting Hawaii…GOOGLE choosing to FILM our HIKING TRAILS on a MASSIVE GLOBAL SCALE…BAD IDEA!

THE DUKEThe History here in Hawaii about Surfing covers the Greats from DUKE KAHANAMOKU to EDDIE AIKAU…Both Great swimmers and Surfers of their time. They had been the pioneers of Surfing from Waikiki to Waimea where Eddie would ride the biggest waves out there…when no one would go…EDDIE WOULD GO! Want to Learn about THE DUKE:

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