*Update…Lots have contacted us about the FULL FACE MASKS…although we have used them and they had worked efficiently, we CAN’T recommend them until MORE testing takes place in Hawaii waters concerning them. Mahalo~

Over the last TWO WEEKS Hawaii has lost 8 vacationers to Snorkeling related Deaths…that’s over a death every other day for the last two weeks!

Unimaginable honestly…but it happened and we just lost one of them again at Hanauma Bay just YESTERDAY!

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING and how can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you, your wife, your parents, or children….THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!

We discuss TRADITIONAL SNORKELING equipment and the NEW FULL-FACE NINJA MASKS that some say are AWESOME, like myself, and others say could be causing a problem…Of the 8 people who died the last two weeks several of them had been wearing the NEW FULL FACE MASKS…for me I enjoy them much more than traditional masks, you have much more vision, can breathe out of nose and mouth and best of all if you have Facial hair, like I do, it doesn’t leak for me like the Traditional Mask…I discuss my personal feelings for both and why I like one over the other and my experience with them both…but Bruce does bring up a good point on the RESEARCH on these NEW FULL FACE MASKS…do they have issues with TRAPPED CO2? Could they actually be making people pass out? I never had an issue except that I don’t go more than 15 feet down with them because of the pressure on my entire face…but that’s be my only issue and I don’t often go down that deep for snorkeling anyway….There are good and bad about both I guess and it’s really what you prefer…but PLEASE DO THREE THINGS:


2.) BE IN GOOD SHAPE…Snorkeling is NOT for someone that doesn’t exercise…You don’t notice because you are just floating, but Snorkeling is like riding a treadmill. 

3.) IF YOU ARE 40-50 or into your 60’s…before you go to Hawaii and snorkel…ask your Doctor is you should be doing it…WE ARE NOT JOKING HERE!

DON’T LEAVE HAWAII IN A BODY BAG….that’s not how we want your dream vacation to end.



10958083_10153046887714530_3845158742639108572_nHawaii may be a vacationers Paradise, but don’t think for a moment something tragic can’t happen to you here in Hawaii. There are many DANGERS when visiting so as long as you are prepared and know what to look for you will be SAFE!
Vacations and Locals die here all the time…almost all of them because they are not properly prepared to deal with the AVOIDABLE DANGERS. You need to know what can and can’t kill you…When people hear that there is no animals/fish that can kill you here except for the Tiger Shark people sometimes let their guard down while out in nature…However Hawaii is WILD in it’s own way and if you don’t watch it and know what to look for and avoid…NATURE WILL bite you and you may just die from that bite.
So what are the biggest dangers in Hawaii you all need to be cautious of here in Paradise…
Of all the reasons people come to Hawaii is for the Ocean and Sun. The Ocean has killed more people than anything else in Hawaii and it’s because people just don’t understand what the dangers are.
WAVES are a KILLER… CURRENTS, RIP TIDES and the CORAL REEF can cut you in HALF…Drowning is the TOP KILLER here!
These are top concerns when visiting Hawaii…if you don’t understand and know the Hawaii Ocean…you shouldn’t be going in it.
The Ocean here can drop off quickly, the Waves and Currents ARE POWERFUL and they don’t always have to be BIG to hurt you. Certain Beaches are Dangerous all year and others only certain times of the year. You need to know your limits and what beaches you can and shouldn’t be going to. ALWAYS LOOK AT BEACH SIGNS and TALK TO THE LIFEGUARD on the current beach conditions to be safe! do not SWIM in Waters that have strong currents, white water and no Lifeguards to be safe. NEVER go in the ocean alone…NEVER…always have a swim buddy! WINTER brings Large Dangerous swells to the North Shores while the south shores are safer…in the SUMMER the North Shore is calm while the South Shore is more dangerousALWAYS watch for the Surf and weather forecast and look for the High and Low tide before you go out for the day…BE SMART…the more INFO you have…the SAFER you will be! If you are ever in trouble and you happen to get caught in a rip current never swim against it…always swim parallel to the beach and out of the pull current…once you don’t feel the pull and it gets weaker swim into shore!
REEF DANGERSAlways wear PROPER GEAR when swimming, surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving…wear protective clothing…don’t be foolish…Do your research on what to wear…a rash guard is essential…board shorts, fins, mask, snorkel, gloves, reef shoes, bright colors etc…Do your research because the CORAL REEF can cut you and open you up like a pig and the last thing you want to do is start bleeding in the ocean…you don’t want something else coming after you! Always be careful on any reef…above or below water…above you can slip and get knocked out or cut badly…under the water the current and waves can toss you into the reef cutting you up as well…you must be prepared for such things and if you get cut by the reef you must see a Doctor ASAP…Coral is ALIVE and can infect your skin and start to grow under your flesh…YOU DON’T WANT THAT HAPPENING! Knowledge is power and education keeps you safe!
CLIFF DANGERSOCEAN ROCK WALLS AND LEDGES are another big killer…If you are Ocean level on a rock lava wall or an ocean ledge…you have a chance to die…simple as that…If you see water on the walls or ledges you are standing on…it’s time to wake up and get off those WET areas…if it’s WET under your feet…Waves are reaching that area…and if Waves are reaching that area you will get swept away into the ocean and once you enter the ocean…you got less than a 50% chance of living. If you are near the oceans edge when it comes to rock walls there is a Good Chance you may come in contact with a BLOW HOLE or a Lava Tube that connects to the open ocean shoving water up through it….Tourists think this is fun to stick their Heads near the hole or walk over them or get only a few feet away and get wet…Well…if you think this is fun…you’ll have a 50/50 chance of seriously getting hurt or even killed!
CLIFF JUMPING is for the STUPID and DUMB…or the Daredevil Teen who doesn’t have the wisdom to realize they are risking their lives…Don’t be stupid in Hawaii and jum to your death!
TURNING YOUR BACK ON THE OCEAN….it’s right up there with turning youR back on a GRIZZLY BEAR 3 feet behind you…DON’T DO IT!
HIKING DANGERSHIKING VALLEY and RIDGES…Both can be dangerous for different reasons, but if you know the Dangers you can remain safe! We break down all the Hiking Dangers in HIGH DETAIL on an earlier Podcast called ” HIKING SAFETY” so please check that Podcast out here: //luckywelive808.com/hiking-safety-the-ins-outs-of-an-eroding-hawaiian-landscape/#more-227
VALLEY DANGERSVALLEY HIKES can be dangerous for many reason…some of them are the fact that Valleys are Humid as well as Wet and Muddy…slipping and falling is very possible on valley Hikes and the major concerns with Valley Hikes are: FLASH FLOODS, ROCKFALLS and MUDSLIDES. When it comes to entering Valleys your main goal is most likely reaching the Waterfall at the end of it…but one of the biggest mistakes people make is when they reach the waterfall at the end may it be a standing pool below it or a swimming pool below it…YOU DON’T want to spend more then a Minute or Two taking Selfies or pictures with you under the Falls…Being under a Waterfall is one of the MOST DANGEROUS places you can be in the valley…Just remember this…a Pebble the size of a Quarter or bigger falling from a very tall Waterfall wiLL crush a hole in your skull…so just remember that…If you want a seriously tragic case of this…please look up the Tragedy at Sacred Falls on Oahu. Still to this day…Rock falls happen there as well as many other waterfall locations…Also…Jumping from High Waterfalls with Large pools below…DON’T DO IT…if you jump and enter the water where the water is flowing into the pool below…yes, the water will be deep and that’s not the problem…the problem is the power of the falls can be so powerful that it can hold you down and even get you stuck somewhere under the falls…again…don’t be stupid!
RIDGE DANGERSRIDGE HIKES are even more dangerous…mainly because the Ridge is HIGHLY EXPOSED to the ELEMENTS from the Sun, to the Wind to the Rain…The Hawaiian Islands are created by Volcanic Rock…This Volcanic Rock is HIGHLY POROUS and Highly Porous rock is very EROSIVE…meaning the Ridge terrain of Hawaii’s Mountain range is never the same and always changing and eroding…You must deal with the elements and the erosive landscape…Many have died simple walking and hiking the ridge as the volcanic rock would collapse right under their feet. You also have to deal with rain and wind storms that can come and go across the top of the mountain range within minutes depending on the wind currents and trade winds.
Bottom Line HIKING is a SPORT…and with all Sports there are dangers, but when you are up against Mother Nature in Hawaii the only way you can win or stay safe is with Knowledge and Education…KNOW HIKING and Know it in HAWAII because Hiking in Hawaii is unlike hiking anywhere else because of the erosion of the Hawaiian landscape. If you are not prepared to Hike the Hawaiian Landscape and don’t educate yourself on the dangers of Hiking…You could be on the 5 o’clock news…you don’t want to be on the 5 o’clock news folks.
So lets go over a quick list of other dangers to be careful of in Hawaii…
You may laugh, but Locals don’t and many have lost friends and loved ones because of it…If there is something to worry about after the Ocean…it’s other Human Drivers driving and not paying attention to pedestrians…You need to be on the DEFENSIVE and follow the laws when it comes to crossing the street and basic road rules. We see too many deaths these days from pedestrians on our streets.
Always stay Hydrated at ALL TIMES while out across Hawaii…it could save your life. Strenuous activity, excessive sweating, or a fever are common causes of dehydration. So are staying in the sun too long, not drinking enough fluids, and visiting or moving to a warm region where it doesn’t often rain or hve moisture in the air. Alcohol and Caffeine only  increase dehydration. Sometimes only WATER isn’t the best idea when it comes to losing water and sodium from your body during strenuous activities so have some Sport drinks with you like GATORADE and even Sports Gels like GATORADE ENERGY CHEWS,  as well as GATORADE FUEL for before your activity and GATORADE RECOVERY for after your activity…The Gels are to be taken during your activity along with Whey Gatorade Protein Bars along with you Gatorade Thurst Quencher which is the regular Gatorade most people get.
Never over estimate your Abilities…there is no reason to show off or act cool…if you do that you’ll be six feet under…know you can always turn back….never be a tuff guy and show off…BE YOU…it’s ok.
DON’T ATTEMPT TO WALK  LAVA FIELDS or WALK on HOT LAVA. There is little to no chance you will find your way out of a Lava field…there are no markers and getting lost or coming close to flowing lava, vents or Tubes is a sure way to be sent home in a Body Bag, that’s if they find you…DON’T DO IT unless You have a Professional Guide and Volcanologist!
Go ahead laugh again…DON’T MAKE IT A HABIT of SLEEPING or RESTING under a COCONUT TREE that have Coconuts on them….150 PEOPLE die a Year from Falling Coconuts30 times more likely than dying from a Shark…You’re not laughing anymore are you?
NO JOKE…even I got degree burns from the Hawaiian Sun after falling asleep on the beach one evening after being drunk…I only woke up when it was too late…3 hours sun exposure put me in the Hospital…Don’t be me…I’m waiting for that cancer to show up…no joke!
Drinking exposed water to the elements or from Farms up stream can give you Lepto…Open Cuts can also give Lepto when exposed to running water from Streams or Waterfalls…
Boars, Sharks,  Centipedes, Cane Spider, Black Widow and the Jumping Spider, Cane Toads, Fire Ants, Poison Dart Frogs, portuguese man of war, Lion Fish/Scorpion Fish, Sea Urchins
*There has been words tossed around that you need to be careful at night around the islands and Honolulu and Waikiki…That people do bad things at night in HAWAII…This is just NON-SENSE…in fact Hawaii is ranked 36th out of the 50 states form crime rates…and by City of HONOLULU is in the TOP 10 at #5 for lowest Crime Rates for a City, but if you want to make a point…Yes…Humans are the most arrogant, ignorant and violence species on Earth, so yes…I would watch my back around other Humans…but I’d watch my back around them no matter where I go or what state or country I live in.