Talking Story – WE’RE BACK!


We both took some time off last few weeks…much needed, but here we are back once again to talk a bunch of shit about nothing because we have been 110% NOT prepared to do a podcast this week…but fuck it…You want to hear a podcast right? So we did one talking about absolutely nothing at all…it’s called TALKING STORY and we just shoot the shit about the NEWS and COMMENTS you guys left…Next week we will be back in full form to talk about something…who knows what, but I’m sure it will be Fucking Fabulous!





Today we are going to talk about our Favorite Movies filmed here in Hawaii…

From Lilo & Stitch, 50 First Dates, Blue Crush, From Here to Eternity, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, A Perfect Getaway, Descendants and the movie called Hawaii to 50 other movies filmed here…We discuss our favorite 8 films and do a short list about a bunch others…


We also have a few special guests in Studio…The Old Socialist Jew Sanders and The Arrogant Orange Orangutan Trump! Lets all have some FUN with this!

ALSO…Watch the VIDEO below to really get a LAUGH!!!!

Below is a list of films SET in HAWAII…there are many more, but the settings wasn’t Hawaii like King Kong, Jurassic Park, Avatar etc.

This is a list of films set in Hawaii.




Is ALOHA for Sale? Is it Respected? Do we as outsiders use it at will? Is it being used as “KANAKA MAOLI” (Native Hawaiians) have used it or wish it to be used by others?

To the Haole, outsider of the aina, many of us don’t always look into the DEPTH of ALOHA as much as the people of Aloha, the Kanaka Maoli. There can be a HAPPY MEDIUM…but it muct be done with Respect!

This week we discuss the HAWAII NEWSRACE in HAWAII and what it means to be Hawaiian and what it means to have ALOHA and use ALOHA…We discuss the Newly Released Movie “ALOHA” as well as the Movie “THE DESCENDANTS” and explain the difference and just the overall films in general.


Kaleo CJ Pilanca stops into the Studio to give us a different side…and one that should be respected when it comes to Hawaiian Culture…Kaleo talks of respect, understanding and for outsiders of Hawaii to listen, because Hawaiian culture and the local way of life DOES MATTER today!