HAWAII…it’s sorta perfect, right?…WRONG!

Hawaii has its list of Controversies…mostly because we have an inept government and Political system that is so one sided that nothing ever gets done. The political side that always gets in office here in Hawaii has so little to worry about that the only thing they have to do well is TALK!

This is the real controversy  when it comes to Hawaii and the problems we have had 20 years ago we still have today because nothing had been done all those years ago and still nothing has been done today.

From the RAIL to NOWHERE, to HOMELESSNESS, DRUGS, A BALLOONING BUDGET , the COST OF LIVING LACK OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING, OVERPOPULATION and the pathetic renaming of the  AIRPORT to get away from actually redoing it because they lack the funds for a new airport. Nothing is being done to change these problems for the better…The State and the Politicians have become lazy and complacent. Until fear is put into their hearts of these politicians nothing will ever change here in Hawaii except for things to get worse for those who live here.

Why you MUST visit HAWAII at least ONCE

Imagine going your ENTIRE LIFE never seeing a glimpse of what Heaven may be…That would be HAWAI’I NEI.

The Worlds not a perfect place…people are short on time…short on money…fearing one thing or another…but there is one thing everyone that has every dreamed of HAWAII must do…MAKE TIME…SAVE YOUR MONEY & put away your FEARS!

Everyone who has HAWAI’I NEI on their BUCKET LIST must get to HAWAII!

YOLO…”You Only Live Once”…so LIVE YOUR LIFE and make every effort possible to Live your dream and vacation in Hawaii at least once…and if you do, do it when you are younger instead of older…You will never regret that you did!

Hawaii will never be perfect…Bruce and I will bitch and complain on how the mainland has fucked up parts of Hawaii and the politicians are full blown douche Bags…but that doesn’t mean Hawaii isn’t paradise or that Hawaii won’t welcome you with open arms.

Hawaii is a special place…so when you are on your death bed…and we all get there…don’t be saying “WHAT IF” I took that Trip to Hawaii…know you saw Hawaii, you loved Hawaii and you move on knowing there’s a place out there as beautiful as Heaven itself…that’s Hawai’i Nei.




HAWAII’S Melting Pot


Hawaii is a special place and one of the things that makes it that special is the MELTING POT that exists here. These islands are known for it’s ALOHA SPIRIT as well as it’s diverse mix of friendly people living  on an island paradise. Hawaii’s culture may be a rainbow of colors, but beneath that are deep-seated ethnic and racial tension between the the different diverse communities.

Everyone in Hawaii is a Minority. We have the LARGEST minority Population at 75% in the US.