Time to wake up out of your HAWAII FANTASY so you can enter REALITY…HAWAII REALITY that is…This isn’t a Negative show…We just want you to be well aware of the reality of living in Hawaii and the things you should know about…We do have some issues here you should educate yourselves on before you come here as well as when you visit or move here…

Buy LOCAL…we have a serious Food problem here and the future of our Food Security is at the center of it…be AWARE and help the islands out.

We need to ensure Hawaii will have a Sustainable future.

Hawaii and the Native Hawaiian people have a MOVEMENT…Learn and Respect it.

We have SERIOUS Energy problems and they are the HIGHEST in the United States!

HOUSING is one more major concern and problem we have been talking about since we started this show years ago and it’s only getting worse. You will have a very hard time affording a home on OAHU and others are figuring this out and either moving back to the mainland or the other islands pushing the cost of homes and property higher on those islands.

Don’t get sick in Hawaii or don’t BE sick in Hawaii…the HEALTHCARE in Hawaii is not the best and may cause you some major issues or problems if you have a health problem…you may need to move to deal with heart or cancer issues and if you live on any other island than Oahu…you may need to fly into Oahu weekly or monthly to deal with your health problems…you may even need to move to Oahu for good if you have a major issues.

This is a warning and a heads up if you move to Hawaii…there are a million reasons to move to Hawaii, but there are also major concerns on why not to…as long as you know what you are dealing with and are prepared you should be able to manage Paradise 😉






No one wants to talk about LEAVING HAWAII…but at some point we all should or must leave…may it be for vacation, a trip back home, for work, or unfortunately because we can no longer make ends meet in Hawaii. Even those BORN & RAISED sometimes leave Hawaii because they are going off to school or can’t make ends meet anymore in Paradise. It happens…it happens to the best of us and at some point we need to all face it for one reason or another.

We’ll be the first to let everyone know…Leaving Hawaii is a hard thing to do and there are many reasons why someone would leave…No matter the reason…leaving Hawaii is NEVER EASY…but we’ll be the first to also tell you…returning to Hawaii ALWAYS IS!

Why you SHOULD move to Hawaii


Yes…We are real about Hawaii…We tell you the good and bad about Hawaii and sometimes that can get people down…The truth is people have this fantasy like idea that Hawaii is some Heavenly Paradise where God himself resides…where no evil or bad things happen…Well…last time I looked we are still living on earth and we wake up when we are pinched…So, it’s not heaven just yet folks…Hawaii has it’s issues, but…but…even so Hawaii is still the most beautiful and amazing place to ever live and be a part of and even if Hawaii isn’t perfect it’s sure a hell of a lot place better than any other place on Earth and so today we discuss just that….Why you SHOULD move to Hawaii and there are many positives reason to do just that!