Why you should BOYCOTT HAWAII #boycotthawaii

#boycotthawaii…Let me say that again HASH TAG BOYCOTT HAWAII!

It’s about time we look into this Travel Ban our President has put forth as HAWAII is once again front and center with the 9th circuit court of appeals as they have BLOCKED the attempt to make this Travel Ban a reality once again!

Its seems like people feel we should be BOYCOTTING HAWAII because Hawaii’s courts have Blocked a ban to stop the EVIL MUSLIM TERRORISTS from entering our Great United States of America!

Sounds legit right? DAMN RIGHT…and we AGREE! There SHOULD be a BAN…and you SHOULD boycott Hawaii….We give a S#IT load of evidence on why you SHOULD Boycott Hawaii! Hawaii is a nasty vile place of scum and villainy…Don’t come here Mainlanders…it’s an evil, evil place of Sun, Sea and Rainbows where Birds sing to you, Palm trees sway in the trade winds and pineapples and coconuts grow a-muck all around you…trust us…no one likes too much of that kind of CRAZY S#IT!

Hopefully with this podcast we’ll save every HAOLE from ever having to travel to Hawaii again!





30 Things only People in Hawaii Do

Yeah…there is a GOOD LIST of things only people in Hawaii do…damn…the list could go ON and ON, but we’ll probably only have time to go over around 30 of them…


Talk story with someone you run into at the gas station for an hour

Feel guilty about not going outside for the day

Only OAHU—
We are more concerned about how long it will take to get somewhere, not how many miles. With traffic it’s not the miles that matters its that hour in traffic we dread.

We don’t go on the H1 Highway during morning or evening rush hour unless we have no choice

We pay no attention to time in Hawaii unless it involves work and even then we are usually late.

Most of us don’t consider ourselves part of the United States and we refer to Hawaii as the Rock or God Country and the other 48 States as the Mainland…We consider Alaska its own Country and call it Alaska.

We love Spam and make anything and everything with it while the mainland thinks its gross.

We don’t give directions, we use land marks…like park your car at the Kahana fish pond, walk across the street, walk past the yellow shrimp truck then go left at the yellow no hiking sign.

We are very selective when it comes to eating dessert. Malasada’s, Shave Ice, Mochi ice cream, Coco Puffs…etc

When it gets to be in the 60’s in the Winter people in Hawaii are freezing and so they get their winter cloths out like boots, socks over our slippahs, jackets, hoodies, pullovers, sweaters and beanie hats

We don’t watch the sports news or weather in Hawaii as our sport teams suck…but if there is a big swell, we’ll check the weather for the surf, but the rest of the year why bother our weather is always perfect out.

When on the beach getting a tan and it starts to rain we stay and wait it out for 10-15 mins while everyone else packs up and we have the beach to ourselves after the quick shower stops.

We call anyone older than us Auntie or Uncle even though they are not related. We also call friends Cousin, Braddah or Sistah

We don’t have Flip-Flops…we have Slippers cuz we slip them off and on all day and when we go in and out of the house.

It’s not called Soy Sauce here in Hawaii…it’s called Shoyu

It’s a constant struggle arguing with your friends on which beach to go to…the struggle is real.

We just don’t go to the Movies and get Buttered Popcorn…We get the Hawaiian Hurricane Crunchy Mochi seaweed and Buttered popcorn mix.

Here in Hawaii we don’t care what we wear as long a it’s comfortable and laid back and we don’t care what you think either

There is no LEFT or RIGHT in Hawaii only MAUKA or MAKAI…Toward the mountain or ocean

We live with Geckos in our homes…they eat all the bugs and they are good luck cuz the Gecko comes from the Mo’o, the Lizard Aumakua and spiritual protector

We gather our own food, from friends, family and our aina may it be while hiking or in our backyards or hunting or fishing. The rest we shop for. It’s just too expensive.

We eat Rice and Mac Salad with most our meals

I haven’t been to the beach in forever means you haven’t been to the beach for a week.

We run our cars in Hawaii on empty and try to push the limits on that.

We replace tires, brakes and suspension parts on our cars more often than anyone because of our horrible roads and potholes.

We bitch and complain we’ll never see our favorite band in concert…and we won’t…they never come to Hawaii…never!

We know down to which day of year Ants, Roaches, Centipedes and Millipedes come out of the wood work to haunt us

We call ants the Black Ninjas of the night and Sharks the Tax collector

Only we know how dirty Waikiki beach is and so we don’t swim there

Only on OAHU can we not find parking and when we do it’s for COMPACT CARS only when most of us have SUV’s or Trucks

We’ll eat whatever is on sale during $5 Friday and make every effort to eat as many tacos as we can on $2 Taco Tuesday

We don’t share secret spots with our friends cuz they will tell their friends and then no more secret, but we’ll tell visitors cuz you’ll never find the place on your own when you come back


It’s 2017THANK GOD! 2016 for many of us had been a Shit-show and we couldn’t wait for it to end, but what do we have to look forward to? On this Podcast we discuss some recent news, comments, but we also get into some things that we ALL should change for 2017…maybe some of us have gotten lazy, maybe some of us have been assholes or maybe we have been major procrastinators…What if we continue to push things off because we just fear the idea of taking chances and failing…Everyone fails at some point, but one can’t succeed unless you take the risk of failure…It about time we change our ways and start making some changes in our life and put a positive twist on 2017…because after 2016…can it honestly get any worse?