Making HAWAII your second HOME

Everyone wishes to visit Hawaii at least once in their life time…others wish to move to Hawaii and others already live here…Everyone has their own perspective of what Hawaii means to them…for another group of people, Hawaii just becomes a second home. Today we talk Story with the Garcia FamilyJay Garcia and Christina Harrison-Garcia…

These two as well as friends and family have been coming to Hawaii on a yearly basis making Hawaii their second home. They spend their time here in Hawaii like any local family enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer from the beaches, the hikes, the great food, as well as activities here in Paradise.

The both of them and their friends and family have seen so much of they world, but Hawaii has a special place on their hearts…a place they always return to…Their hope is to move for good and retire one day in Hawaii. Today we talk about their journey, hopes and dreams on living in Hawaii for good!

Why you MUST visit HAWAII at least ONCE

Imagine going your ENTIRE LIFE never seeing a glimpse of what Heaven may be…That would be HAWAI’I NEI.

The Worlds not a perfect place…people are short on time…short on money…fearing one thing or another…but there is one thing everyone that has every dreamed of HAWAII must do…MAKE TIME…SAVE YOUR MONEY & put away your FEARS!

Everyone who has HAWAI’I NEI on their BUCKET LIST must get to HAWAII!

YOLO…”You Only Live Once”…so LIVE YOUR LIFE and make every effort possible to Live your dream and vacation in Hawaii at least once…and if you do, do it when you are younger instead of older…You will never regret that you did!

Hawaii will never be perfect…Bruce and I will bitch and complain on how the mainland has fucked up parts of Hawaii and the politicians are full blown douche Bags…but that doesn’t mean Hawaii isn’t paradise or that Hawaii won’t welcome you with open arms.

Hawaii is a special place…so when you are on your death bed…and we all get there…don’t be saying “WHAT IF” I took that Trip to Hawaii…know you saw Hawaii, you loved Hawaii and you move on knowing there’s a place out there as beautiful as Heaven itself…that’s Hawai’i Nei.




Living on HAWAIIAN Time

I’m sure many of you have heard of it…those who have visited Hawaii…and many have experienced it if living here…HAWAIIAN TIME is a daily event for people here in Hawaii…We tend to call it LAZY TIME as well…although it’s not really “lazy” it’s just the way things get done here in Paradise…Why rush in paradise…Chillax, no worries!

But what does HAWAIIAN TIME really mean?

HAWAIIAN TIME” could mean many things…but the best definition is  a popular Island expression suggesting a relaxed indifference to precise scheduling: 8 o’clock concerts start at 8:15, parties planned for 8:30 often begin at 9:30, the 10 o’clock newscast seldom appears before 10:10, and sports events may be televised with a three-hour tape delay….and that’s just the beginning of what it means…

Late for work, late for a party…late to fix someones car, to fix someones house, late to get your nails done or hair, late to meet up for a BBQ, late to pay your bills, late to do this, late to do that…there is every excuse in the book why people are late in Hawaii…but most, if not all, are invalid…lol.

Hawaii seems to be the only place in all 50 States that it is not only accepted, but expected that you won’t show up on time…shit, you may not show up at all or call till days later…and the crazy thing is…people will be ok with that! lol